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November 24, 2005

8km Run

Hi All,

8km run

I got in my 8km run with 2km splits of 12 miutes, 11 minutes and 10:30 minutes averaging 5:30 per km.

I have been using Nick’s ipod for the first time and listened to three Enduro Sports Podcasts while I ran. One was on a Western States runner, a runner turned event organiser and an adventure racer. This was quite a different experience. I have never done this before. I found I ran and judged pace well over 2km intervals.

Meanwhile, I came home to register for the Canberra Half Ironman and found they have extended the early entry date though I did note there are over 500 competitors already.

Cheers Plu

Swim and more tonight I hope

Hi All,

1.5km Swim

I did a 1.5km swim.

9.40 19.51
9.50 29.42

I decided to pick it up a bit in the middle 500m to make sure the whole swim was under 30 minutes.

I hope to run tonight.

Cheers Plu

November 23, 2005

A mucked up 6km run

Hi all,

With Jenny away I decide to go for a run at lunch. I do not normally go during the day I feel guilty.

Anyway I took off towards Oatlands and after about about 1.5kms in I realised it might be the Wednesday that I have lunch duty. So I turned straight away ran back, checked my timetable and I was on in the second half. So I continued onto an oval behind the school and the did a few laps for another 10 minutes, raced back, showered and and was in the yard on time.

The run was shorter than I wanted but I got out.

Cheers Plu

November 22, 2005

52 km cycle, okay here is the plan and a camera

Hi all,

52km Cycle

I have pulled up very well as I thought I would. I was not trashed after the race. I have decided to ride today, run tomorrow and swim on Thursday and I should be in a position to put in an entry for the Canberra Half Ironman before the late fee.

My main hesitation is that like all of you I am very busy and cannot put in the training I need. I want to use the three sessions this week to gauge how I feel. I also don’t want to be a wreck like I was after Port but I do feel I am fitter and I feel I can now manage the pacing better.

I did not feel like going for a ride today but I picked up the kids took them to a cafe and talked about the day. Really pleased with both of them as they have done well in their examinations. Yeh exams at there age.

Anyway I strolled to Hornsby and joined the cycle shop group. I went out to Pie in the Sky with them and back home. It was 53 km with a solid 45km in there at 28.2km per hour and 45 km in 1:36:00 which is a good solid pace . The whole ride was 1:50:00 or so. I have pulled up fine and even though I lost contact a few times I was able to get back and once again came back by myself pushing pretty hard.

Jenny is on an outdoor education walk for two day between Berowra and Crosslands in Hornsby so it is me in charge. Should be interesting.

I am looking into a digital camera. All the phtos I have taken for Cool Running have been with a school one - don’t tell anyone. I think it is time to make an investment. This is the one I am looking at.

Ricoh Caplio R3

I have found a good blog with honest reviews HERE

Anyone with any tips. Here is my criteria. Point and shoot. Be able to get people moving …like runners, a bit of a zoom so I can get the kids on the sporting field.

I don’t ask for much!

cheers Plu

November 21, 2005

Just one more thing today

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you that I feel really good about one part of my run. When my chest was hurting at 2km into the run I slowed down and for the first time in a while I was able to hold it together and not slow down for the rest of the race.

In fact after a while I was able to pick it up again. This sense of pacing and being able to shift gears is something I have never really done is a sensible way before. I think it has something to do with not knowing the distance travelled and watching the clock. If I can manage to do it after a hard ride I feel, as I improve my fitness and confidence in my running again, I will be able to get my time and down and and my rnnkings up in my age group.

Cheers Plu

November 20, 2005

Nepean Triathlon 2005

Hi all,

Nepean Triathlon 2005

Swim 0:19:22 337 (overall) 35 (category)
Cycle 1:05:01 398 (overall) 42 (category)
Run 0:54:33 443 (overall) 49 (category)

There were 70 in my age group.

This was my 11th Nepean Triathlon and the first since 1995. Triathlons, besides the obvious, are quite a different experience to just running. I started the run and just felt really good pushing along after a good ride and swim. It is good for the self esteem and wellbeing. There is no better feeling than finishing each leg safely and making it through the next one.

I came to Penrith on Saturday because I was not sure of where to go and picked up the race kit. My previous 10 events were in the Nepean River and I just wanted to make sure I knew where to park and where to go. The timing was good because I dropped Nick to cricket at Ashfield drove out to Penrith and back and even got back in time to see him bat. How good was that? I arrived at 5:30am the on race day and pulled up next to Spud and we went to the transition area and met a few more cool runners. I finally met Pod Runner for the first time. I could see ion the distance they were setting up the Hornsby Tri Club tent.

With a good wetsuit now the swim leg is my favourite. I could probably push harder but I just enjoy the swim. I take my time and just cruise it out. On this course I lined up the lane markers for the rowing and followed the rope under the water between each buoy. Just before the race, in the water, I shook hands with one of the competitors who has done all 24 odd Nepean Triathlons. We were speaking about the 1987 event when the water was freezing because the day before the let some water out of Waragamba Dam and the water came from the bottom and it was freezing….like really cold. I used to live and train in Bowral pool and lakes near Bargo in those days. I commented how I have seen league footballers at the race in the past and realised I guy I thought I knew was in fact Robbie O’Davis the past Newcastle and Queensland player

I got to the ramp in 18:00 minutes which for me is a very good time and I was pleased that no one from the group behind had caught me (well I don’t think so) and there were still a fair free green swim capped swimmers behind me. I expected to enter the transition area from the bottom of the transition area. We had to run up to the top of the hill and then down to the bikes. It is always a relief to get to your bike and not have a flat tyre!

I am no where near as fast on the transition as I was 10-20 years ago. Looking at my official time it was 19:30 minutes, which is about right, by the time I got to the transition mats. I got the wetsuit off quite well, helmet on, top on and spare tube in the back of the shirt but I had trouble with the shoes. Eventually I got to the mounting area for the bike ride at 22 minutes. So I spent a full 4 minutes in transition.

I had not been over the cycle leg but expected it to be fast. I have been slowly getting used to the tri bars and this is the first event I have used them in. I must admit that they do make a difference. Before long I was cycling at 33-35km per hour and thought “don’t go to hard” but it felt wrong to slow down. I rationalised that I never train in a flat area and I was still spinning normally and my legs felt fine so I kept it up.

I am still not used to the gears. I should have been on the lower chain wheel for more of the ride but I just cannot keep the cadence up and keep the speed. So there is a lot more to do on this front. For example on the turn out to the road when leaving the regatta I lost pace as I was in a high gear up the slight slope to the gate.

Once outside the Regatta Centre we went right for a few km and turned around and went past the Regatta Centre and out for a few more km and back and did it all again. I was looking for all the competitors that are normally in front of me in runs. This is what I mean by tris being different, especially those with wave starts and the older 45-55 competitors starting earlier. A couple of Striders and Strider singlets went by. I mainly saw Spud. We essentially saw each other 4 times on the course at roughly the same place each time. It was pretty clear that we were on a similar cycle pace. He seemed to be about 1.2km behind me as I measured from the turnaround to when I saw him and doubled it. He seemed to have a good swim and was faster in the transitions. He started in the group 2:30 behind me. The only other competitor I saw was Steve Lennox. He had had a faster swim than me and I passed him at about 27-28 km we were in the ame wave.

All through the cycle I felt I was going too fast but the legs felt good. And I thought I would keep it up even if it meant I trashed my legs because I knew I would be run down in the run. So I made the goal not to be caught on the bike. It is good how you can do this in a triathlon. As far as I know I did manage to hold everyone I knew off. After a while I was confident I would do under an hour for the 30km which is really good for me. So every now and then I held it at 33km per hour, though on the second lap I found my self pushing 37km an hour at times. It got a bit hard mentally in the second half of the ride because some riders would fly by me and I could see on their calves, where the ages were written on our legs, they were younger. They were the front riders and gee they were fast. When I looked at the times the winner did 12 minutes for the swim, 48 minutes for the cycle and 30 odd minutes for the run for a total of 1:36…WOW.

I finished they cycle in 1hour and 30 seconds on a long course (33km). Once again the transition time for this leg had my time 1:05 so by the time I put on my shoes and socks and ran into and out of the transition area I had used up 4 minutes. It is a bit hard to track times in tri as there are no markers but I knew the rowing course was 2km long and it had markers. I have always found the transition to the ride fine. And I always like the feeling of running straight after the ride. I just feel like a real athlete. On the other side of the rowing course Spud caught me between 1 and 2 km. He had a good ride finish and another fast transition. He quickly disappeared into the distance. You know how I said I transition to the run well. Well I forgot to mention that I do slow down a bit and I did at about 2-3 km when my chest started to hurt and my breathing got laboured. The mind made the body run a bit faster than it should have. At this point Steve Lennox passed me again and asked if I was okay. I slowed up a bit and felt a bit better at the end of the straight and on the way back I spotted some drinks in the distance and decided to have a gel.

I have forgotten to mention my nutrition strategy. On the cycle I started to eat a power bar at 15km and continued to do so at 20km and 25 km in the cycle. I am sure my energy levels would have dropped off earlier without these nibbles. Anyway I had a gel and washed it down with a drink. That got me through to the end of the race. I cannot believe I used to do this and other longer events on a water bottle that would run out on the cycle. At this point PodRunner and Highway man passed me and a few more Striders.

Soon after I was feeling a lot better and I noted that on the first lap I was less than 30 minutes for 5km. I had started the run at 1:24 so I felt I was on 5:30 pace which is my normal training pace. Now I started to use the metre markers of the cycling course and was able to track the 500m and 1000m sections and I was on about 5:10 pace and felt alright. I did this along the stadium side on the other side and back on the stadium side. I was finishing the first lap and the leaders were finishing. I felt a lot stronger on the second lap and fewer people were passing me suggesting that a lot of the runners passing me on the first lap were actually runners on their second lap. Boof who started in the last wave passed me on the second lap. Except for that little patch at 2-3km the run was good and I finished it in 54:30 which is pleasing but I know I can work to get this time down. My total time was 2:18.

It is a perfect distance for me. I finished feeling fine and with petrol in the tank. The times are comparable to my times from 10-20 years ago even if the course is different. My swimming is definitely better. My cycling is a bit slower but the groups were so big in the old days that drafting was inevitable and I am not sure how much of those times I could have done by myself. One year in the 1980s I did the 40km in an hour!!

As for my running I knew I was completely underdone. For those who don’t know I did 6 foot track race and Canberra marathon this year and spent the next 6 months not running. In fact it was this injury that brought me back to triathlons because I remembered I never got injured when I trained for tris. In addition, after last Sunday’s training ride I skidded on my cycling shoes in the bread shop after the ride and rolled my right foot which I have had to rest all week.

Anyway the foot held up well and I am running out of excuses for not entering the Canberra Half Ironman on the 11 December. When I mentioned to Highwayman I was undecided he correctly suggested that I have made the investment (bike and wetsuit) and my fitness levels are continually peaking. It would be a pity to let it drop off. In addition there is a good spacing between Port Macquarie Half Iron man which I did, Canberra and Jervis Bay in February.



November 18, 2005

More rest and Podcast Research

Hi all,

I have been doing stuff on podcasts and there is some great material. I am going to develop it more but to start with here are some podcasts on running and endurance events.

Cool Running Podcasts CoolRunning is just trying out some examples to see whether to do anything in the longer term. Some CoolRunners will listen to these on their commute to work, at the gym, on a bike or even out running.

Running Injury Free a series of one off podcasts on running injuries

Phedippidations Thoughts, opinions, observations and rambling diatribes composed during distance long runs.

Endurance Radio Interviews on runing trialthlons and cycling This is the web feed that allows you to subscribe to the feed and be notified automatically that a new interview is available

Podcast Alley: Cycling, Ironman and Running Pods The Sports You Do Show is’s original Web-radio broadcast featuring interviews from the world of sports. Hosted by “Voice of Ironman” Mike Reilly, the Sports You Do Show is an interactive talk show featuring a variety of guests — coaches, athletes, nutrition and physiology experts, authors, race directors, and more — from the realms of endurance sports like triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming.

Runcast weekly The popularity of the sport of running is a result of the everyday runner not the elite athlete. This show is devoted to those individuals. Each week subjects are chosen with all amateur runners in mind, from beginners to veterans, relevant to their experiences.

iRunningRadio All types of running information with training schedules, food and nutrition, apparel, shoes, music, routes, injury prevention, events.

Family Runners Family Runners is a podcast focusing ostensibly on families that run and exercise together, but is really about family life issues. The show features a mix of runcasting, interviews with the children, tips on exercising together as a family, the Dads audio blog of race training, and essays.

This is what you do Jen Runs when you cannot run.

Cheers Plu

November 17, 2005

Another rest day and the world cup football

Hi All,

Another rest day.

I went on work experience visits to Pyrmont, Ultimo and Glebe this morning and enjoy seeing the real world. The blog must be getting older because I remember writing about this last year.

On the football I was on the edge of my seat. Don’t really follow it but this was one that I made sure I did. I remember what looks like Harry missing his kick and then there was a goal. And then the goal keeper holding his ground and not moving while one of the penalty shooters baulked twice and then saving the goal…brilliant. Being able to listen to talk back radio this morning revealed the unity and I feel this is a good thing.

Cheers Plu

November 16, 2005

Rest Days

HI All,

I realisied last night why my foot is sore (no you did not miss anything. I did not mention it.)

After the ride on Sunday I went into the Thai bread shop for a feed with the cycling shoes on and I slipped on the tiles corrected (even hit my head with the helmet on the wall). I think I twisted what ever is on the top of the right foot on the right hand side. So rest for me for the rest of the week to get to the start line.

Meanwhile I was at Monte Saint Angelo’s at North Sydney today for an ICT Integrators day of networking and during a tour of the school I saw my Mum’s name as School Captain on the School Captain’s Board for 1952. I had forgotten she went to school there in Year 11 and 12 as a Boarder. It was quite nice to walk through the old part of the school knowing that Mum was there as a school girl all those years ago.

Earlier I asked a question doing a presentation and the lady said I know you and it turned out she was at Santa Sabina when I was a St Pats as a kid and we had mutual friends and then later another teacher came up to me and I taught her in my first year of teaching in 1984 at Oxley College. Quite an interesting day.

Cheers Plu

November 14, 2005

Feet in the Clouds

Hi All,

I have just finished reading a book highly recommended by Cool Running readers…Feet in the Clouds.

The whole concept of fell running is new too me and I have worked with someone for 5 years who lived in the Lakes District and actually did one of the fell courses as a school based charity walk run over 72 hours.

I must admit to not really getting into the book for two reasons. I just did not know the areas they were talking about and I had no idea at all who the runners where. Also what was fascinating was the subtext of comparision between the professional unners and how they compared to the “amateurs” of the day. I had heard about the latter through the Olympics and Commonwealth Games etc.

I actually cannot remember who all the legends are but the fact remains it is amazing what these runners can do and how much pressure they put (and the injuries they have) on their bodies. However, I contend, no less amazing than the Aussies in Australia

After reading about the exploits of “our” ultra runners this weekend we are due for someone with talent to write a similar book.

I might not be able to write it but watch out ultra runners I might catch you with a digital recorder.

Cheers Plu

PS: Yes Tim I will get the book to you.

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