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History of the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade
(Corps) (Airborne)

Last updated: 10/02/03

The 525th Military Intelligence Brigade (Airborne) is the only rapidly deployable Military Intelligence Brigade in the United States Army. It provides direct and general support the XVIII Airborne Corps.

Its mission is to provide all-source, predictive intelligence and electronic warfare in support of world-wide contingency operations. It consists of three separate battalions; the 224th Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) is at Hunter Army Airfield Georgia; the 319th Military Intelligence Battalion (Operations) (Airborne) and the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion (Tactical Exploitation) (Airborne) are at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The 525th Military Intelligence Brigade traces its lineage to World War II: the 218th Counterintelligence Corps Detachment and the 525th Interrogation Team. These units were deactivated after World War II.

On 21 February 1948, the 525th Headquarters Intelligence Detachment was reactivated and assigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It was later redesignated the 525th Military Intelligence Service Group, in December 1950.

During the Korean War, elements of the Group participated in seven campaigns and earned a Meritorious Unit Commendation and two Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations.

In December 1953, the Unit was redesigned again as the 525th Military Intelligence Group, and was transferred from Fort Bragg to Fort George G. Meade , Maryland. 525th Military Intelligence Group Vietnam Veterans

Upon arrival in Vietnam, in November 1965, the 525th Military Intelligence Group was assigned to the U.S. Army, Vietnam. There, the Group provided advisor and intelligence support to include; aerial reconnaissance and surveillance, counterintelligence, interrogation, technical intelligence, and area intelligence.

After Vietnam, the Group moved several times. On 16 September 1978, it returned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina where it was redesigned as the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade (Airborne).

In December 1989, the Brigade participated, once again, in a rapid deployment operation, providing critical intelligence support to Joint Task Force (JTF) during Operation Just Cause. Brigade soldiers interrogated key Panamanian Defense Force members, screened documents, and served as the nucleus of the JTF Panama J2. The soldiers who served with JTF Panama, J2, received the Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation award.

Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm deployments began in early August 1990. The Brigade sent over 1,600 soldiers in support of XVIII Airborne Corps. Missions included all source analysis to Corps Headquarters and subordinate units, interrogating over 5,000 enemy prisoners of war, flying over 550 combat intelligence collection missions, collecting signals intelligence, providing communications jamming support, conducting long range surveillance operations, and augmenting the 6th French Light Armored Division.

The brigade also deployed to Haiti in support of Operation Uphold Democracy. The brigade task force conducted split-based operations which provided signals intelligence and direct support teams to the maneuver brigades. The brigade also provided imagery support, intelligence analysis support, signals intelligence analysis, and national imagery support to the headquarters of both Joint Task Forces (JTF) 180 and 190. The task force also utilized its counter-intelligence/human intelligence teams and established and ran the joint detainee facility in support of JTF-190.

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UNIT CREST 525th Military Intelligence Crest
The gold lion rampant on a black background was taken from the coat of arms of Heidelberg, Germany where the 525th Intelligence Group was first activated. The triangular shape alludes to the delta in Vietnam and symbolizes the unit’s service in that country. The triangle and lion with the checkered rows allude to tenacity, flexibility and secrecy and represent the combined intelligence programs of the Brigade. - Fast Factual Faithful

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Past Brigade Commanders

LTG (Ret) Sidney T. Weinstein --- 16 Sep 78 - 17 Jun 79

COL (Ret) Owen B. Seaton --- 17 Jun 79 - 15 Jan 81

MG (Ret) William E. Harmon --- 15 Jan 81 - 15 Jul 83

MG (Ret) John F. Stewart --- 15 Jul 83 - 17 Jul 85

COL (Ret) John A. Pattison --- 17 Jul 85 - 2 Jul 87

COL (Ret) Delton R. Morris --- 2 Jul 87 - 23 Jun 89

COL (Ret) Ross C. Goode --- 23 Jun 89 - 27 Jun 91

COL (Ret) Thomas F. Young --- 27 Jun 91 - 25 Jun 93

BG Richard J. Quirk III --- 25 Jun 93 - 30 Jun 95

COL Keith B. Alexander --- 30 Jun 95 - 30 Jun 97

COL (P) Richard P. Zahner--- 30 Jun 97 - 22 Jun 99

COL James T. Faust --- 22 Jun 99 - 24 Jul 01

COL Thomas G. Francis III ---24 Jul 01 - 16 Jul 03

COL Michael A. Fant --- 16 Jul 03 - Present

Past Brigade Command Sergeants Major

CSM (Ret) Willie Applewhite --- 78 - 82

CSM (Ret) Ed Helms --- 82 - 85

CSM (Ret) Eddie Mullins --- 85 - 87

CSM (Ret) George Lovings --- 87 - 92

CSM (Ret) Victor J. Robinson --- 92 - 95

CSM (Ret) Kevin L. Campbell --- 95 - 96

CSM (Ret) Victor J. Robinson --- 96 - 98

CSM (Ret) Kevin L. Campbell --- 98 - 99

CSM Lawrence J. Haubrich --- 99 - 00

CSM Michael M. Hebblethwaite --- 00 - 03

CSM Martin W. Glenn --- 03 - Present

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