To All Valued Reader


He was a man who believed in humanity with the right for truth and justice, Joe believed that the few who wished harm and dispair to man kind should be exposed to the world

I would like all who had valued him and his courageous work to wish his wife and children all the strength and courage to live their life in peace and to know that people around the world do know the truth that his very hard and long efforts would not go in vain

Joe was an independent writer with little or no funding and all research conducted by him was done at his own cost

I would like all who believed in him and his work to pay their respects to his family by way of email listed below, the email will be opened for 14 days from this posting

On a final note from a personal friend, Joe lived as life treated him, Joe loved his wife with all the passion and commitment that a true husband could be, he admired and loved his children for their determination and commitment and was always there for them even though he was suffering from sickness and ridicule from politicians and governments around the world.

In Joes famous words "People, People, People, look at the evidence the truth is there you just have to look for it!!!!!"

You Will Be Sadly Missed


Please email your best wishes to his family at:-