Name: Jillian

From: Los Angeles
Career Highlights: Worked as a "Fixer" for the likes of JBL and MNM
Associates: Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Melina, JBL
Entrance Video: WATCH

A stunning blonde, Jillian Hall has spent her life and career in sports entertainment obsessing over image, haunted yet driven by an unusual growth sprouting from her left cheek.

Known in celebrity circles for her impressive track record for fixing the public perception and image of those in the media’s eye, Jillian is one of the most successful “fixers” around. And it’s Jillian’s reputation as a five star publicist which is why Jillian got the phone call from MNM to help repair their image and generate some buzz following the 2005 Great American Bash where MNM lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to the Legion of Doom.

Following the fallout of what MNM considered the biggest publicity nightmare of their career, Jillian instantly went to work for MNM. Using her PR magic, Jillian secured the cover of Smackdown Magazine for the duo as well as “fixing” a problem Melina had with Torrie Wilson, aiding Melina in defeating the diva on Smackdown.

After her work with MNM was complete, Jillian was approached by JBK, who asked for help repairing his image. Recently, Jillian helped the "new" JBL get back on the winning track, even if it meant interfering in his matches to help him to victory.

Fixing P.R. snafus while continually enhancing the image of her associates, Jillian has quickly become one of the most in demand publicists in sports entertainment as well an important ally of MNM and JBL.