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101 things you probably didn't know (or want to know) about me.

  1. I was born in Croydon.
  2. I currently live in Hampshire.
  3. I work as a computer consultant.
  4. I have one sister and no brothers.
  5. I have 10 O-levels.
  6. I've appeared on ITN's Ten O-Clock News.
  7. I once had a letter read out on Terry Wogan's Radio 2 morning show and gained a WUTWAC.
  8. My favourite county in England is Cornwall.
  9. I hate Microsoft.
  10. I despise Microsoft Windows.
  11. I love RISC OS.
  12. I don't mind Mac OS.
  13. I bought a BBC B in 1982.
  14. I have short, dark brown hair.
  15. I'm 5'11" tall.
  16. I used to be the chairman of Portsmouth North Young Conservatives.
  17. I'm a member of Liberty Human Rights.
  18. I'm a pagan.
  19. I believe in life after death.
  20. I investigate conspiracies and coverups.
  21. I'm a qualified Windows NT administrator.
  22. I understand Linux system administration.
  23. I'm against national ID cards.
  24. I believe Princess Diana was assassinated.
  25. I'm against the war in Iraq.
  26. I'm a member of the Conservative party.
  27. I write RISC OS software.
  28. I'm interested in superstring theory.
  29. I went to Horndean School.
  30. I like rock music.
  31. My favourite bands are Pink Floyd and The Moody Blues.
  32. My main computer is an Iyonix.
  33. This website is run on a Sun Sparc 20 running Linux.
  34. I once witnessed a UFO at a range of 6 feet.
  35. I've been inside crop circles.
  1. I've been interviewed on local and national radio.
  2. I prefer wine to beer.
  3. My starsign is Scorpio, with Scorpio rising.
  4. I do white crane kung fu.
  5. I have a PGP key.
  6. I passed my driving test first time.
  7. I was born in the Chinese year of the Dragon.
  8. I'm interested in ancient history and wisdom.
  9. I can buy books quicker than I can read them.
  10. I campaign for free speech, privacy and human rights.
  11. I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  12. I have an electric guitar.
  13. My ambition is to be able to play Comfortably Numb.
  14. I used to manage a rock band and still promote live music.
  15. I prefer tea to coffee.
  16. I listen to Radio 4.
  17. I don't watch TV.
  18. I can program in perl.
  19. I've read David Icke's books.
  20. I've read The Celestine Prophecy.
  21. I've read The Da Vinci Code.
  22. I'm allergic to nuts.
  23. I like almond slices (minus the almonds).
  24. I can play chess.
  25. I don't like football.
  26. I like olde worldy pubs.
  27. I like deserted countryside.
  28. I've been on anti-hunt demonstrations.
  29. I'm a freelance journalist.
  30. I've dreamt of entering the Hall of Records.
  31. I investigate parallel dimensions and the unexplained.
  32. I'm not very good at art.
  33. I find it hard to express emotions.
  34. I tend to be quite secretive.
  35. I'm extremely trustworthy and dependable.
  1. My friends can trust me 100%
  2. I have a UK passport.
  3. I played the violin at school.
  4. I've paddled in the Dead Sea.
  5. I've never been through the Channel Tunnel.
  6. I've leaned out of the side of a plane, taking photos of crop circles.
  7. I've demonstrated for UFO awareness outside the Houses of Parliament.
  8. I hope to finish writing a book one day.
  9. I like Cajun, Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Thai food.
  10. I prefer a full English to a continental breakfast.
  11. I prefer brown bread to white bread.
  12. I prefer Earl Grey to PG Tips.
  13. I'm a member of the Institute of Directors.
  14. I know what a frood and a babel fish are.
  15. I once appeared in an adult movie.
  16. I'm a hacker in the original sense of the word.
  17. I admire Steve Jobs.
  18. I have a computer virus named after me.
  19. I'm right-handed.
  20. I can think with my right-brain too.
  21. I once delivered newspapers to Sir Patrick Moore.
  22. Prince Philip once said hello to me.
  23. I used to be in the TA.
  24. According to Mensa, my IQ is 176.
  25. I believe that the speed of light is not a finite constant.
  26. I have a family of Flat Erics and a 3' tall cuddly grey alien.
  27. I never answer the phone unless I know who is it.
  28. I publish a quarterly journal on mysteries and the unexplained.
  29. I refuse to eat GM food.
  30. My favourite meal is a traditional Sunday roast.
  31. My favourite view is sunset over Avebury.

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