On Monday, August 4, 2003 Outright in Portland removed a link from our website to, a resource for bisexual people. We were not aware that contains a link to an erotic website. We do not believe the link in question is appropriate on our website for the population we serve. We want to thank the media for alerting us to a link that we were unaware existed.

Many autonomous and loosely affiliated gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth groups throughout Northern New England have adopted the organizational name of "Outright". Outright in Portland is the first Outright organization, founded in 1987. Outright in Portland provides web-hosting services and links as a courtesy to other Outrights. The website was developed in February 2002.

Bishop-elect Reverend Gene Robinson has not been involved, at any time, with our Outright organization in Portland or our website and its content. This is clearly an attempt to discredit his important nomination.

Contact: Cathy Kidman, Interim Executive Director at

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