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Claymont Society for Continuous Education

"The purpose of the Claymont Society for Continuous Education is to create an educational environment in which children and adults acquire the skills and understanding needed to live in a sustainable way on a finite planet. Continuous Education is founded on the principle that human beings are capable of unlimited development. Based on the research of J. G. Bennett and G.I Gurdjieff, there is an emphasis on balanced development of our body, mind and emotions. For the past 22 years the Claymont Society has offered courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, and retreats for adults, and an elementary and preschool for children."

The DuVersity

"The DuVersity is a network of activities and information linkages associated with Anthony Blake. It draws primarily on the Fourth Way teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff and John Bennett but also uses new emergent methods such as the Dialogue Process of Bohm. It runs events such as seminars and dialogues, publishes material relating to its principles and links with other allied or complementary people or networks in such fields as music, management, biospherics, psychotherapy, Native American tradition and many others."

Bennett Books Catalog and Educational Programs

Bennett Books Catalog offers a full line of in-print books, tapes, and music in the Gurdjieff and Fourth Way Tradition, including the J. G. Bennett Tape library compiled from talks given at the Sherborne Academy for Continuous Education. Bennett Books also organizes and sponsors educational programs. Bennett Books specializes in books & tapes by and about John G. Bennett. The accumulated wisdom of J. G. Bennett's life-long search for the meaning and significance of human existence is communicated through these publications.

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Alle geistigen Schulungswege beruhen auf dem direkten Erkennen der Wirklichkeit. Die Schule des Augenblicks nahm im Laufe der Zeit unterschiedliche Formen an, die unter Namen wie Zen, Sufi und vielen anderen weiterbestanden.

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