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Cross-Platform Media Teams

Strategic Thinking for a Multi-Platform World

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Featuring Discussions With:

John Boland
Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer, KQED Public Broadcasting
Jim Brady
Vice President & Executive Editor,
Pete Clifton
Editor, BBC News Interactive
Jeffrey Cole
Director, USC Center for the Digital Future
Susan DeFife
President and CEO,
Carin Dessauer
Senior Fellow, The Media Center; Principal, mc2
Christopher J. DiCosmo
Manager, Ad Operations,
Joe Fiveash
Senior Vice President and General Manager, The Weather Channel Interactive
Craig Forman
Vice President, Information and Finance, Yahoo! Inc.
Francesca (Fran) Hauser
General Manger, Time Inc. Interactive
Stephen P. Hills
President and General Manager, The Washington Post
Larry Kramer
President, CBS Digital Media
David C. Leavy
Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Communications, Discovery Communications, Inc.
Caroline H. Little
Chief Executive Officer & Publisher, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive
Robert J. McCartney
Assistant Managing Editor for Continuous News, The Washington Post
Susan Mernit
Senior Vice President, 5ive; Senior Fellow, The Media Center
Betsy Lake Morgan
Vice President for Business Development, CBS News
Andrew Nachison Andrew Nachison
Director, The Media Center at API
Howard Owens
Director of New Media, Ventura County Star (E.W. Scripps)
David Payne
Senior Vice President, CNN News Services & General Manager, CNN.COM
Dale Peskin
Co-Director, The Media Center at API
Mark Potts
Chairman and Chief Creative Officer,
Steven Rosenbaum
Managing Partner, Magnify Media
Vivian Schiller
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Discovery Times Channel
Steve Sidel
Executive Vice President, Discovery Education
Halley Suitt
Author and Blogger, Halley's Comment
Charles Tillinghast
General Manager and Publisher,
Stuart Watson
CEO & Founder, Syndicate IQ
Jeffrey Webber Jeffrey Webber
Senior Vice President and Publisher,
Kinsey Wilson
Vice President & Editor in Chief,
Dean Wright
Editor in Chief,
Marcus Xiang
John Zehr
Vice President, Product Development, ESPN Mobile

This seminar brings together senior executives from both Web and traditional operations to tackle the challenges and rewards of multi-platform media and interdepartmental cooperation. Participants boost teamwork while getting the core knowledge and strategies required to build lasting multi-platform news operations.

Teams should include at least one Web and one non-Web representative. The Media Center strongly encourages larger management teams of online and offline content and business executives, joined by top decision makers from marketing, business development and advertising.

Results will be:

  • Alignment of online and offline strategies and workflows to maximize the impact and reach of news and information initiatives on all platforms
  • Development of a battle plan to tackle institutional and cultural barriers, clearing the way for successful convergence
  • Learning and ideas on how the Web can fulfill critical journalism and revenue objectives for diversified, converged multimedia news and information companies
  • Construction of a common knowledge base for setting overall objectives and strategies
  • Creation of a cohesive, multimedia vision to integrate strategies and workflow of all available delivery channels
  • Confidence in knowing what building value really means – for brand, audience and advertisers and business partners
  • The creation of a powerful and profitable multimedia news and information brand.


    Tuesday, June 21

    6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Seminar Welcome and Kick-off
    Introduction of Participants and Roundtable Discussion: What Are the Challenges?

    DigitalThink/Inspiration: The Jerusalem Project and iDocs Maurice Jacobsen, Independent Film Maker

      Wednesday, June 22

      Morning sessions:

      The State of Digital and Multi-Platform News: Two perspectives-- The Journalism and The Business

      Where Are We, What Have We Learned, Where Do We Need To Go?
      Larry Kramer, President, CBS Digital Media
      Craig Forman, Vice President and General Manager, News and Information, Yahoo!, Inc.

      Cross-Platform Teams: The Basics—How to Practice What You (and Others) Preach
      Discussion Leaders:
      Kinsey Wilson, Vice President and Editor in Chief,
      Neil Chase, Deputy Editor for News,
      John Boland, Executive VP and Chief Content Officer, KQED

      Afternoon sessions:

      Practicum: Emerging Tech Primer
      Top Ten Tools (or Policies) You Should Watch Now
      Panel of Experts:
      Stuart Watson, CEO & Founder, Syndicate IQ
      Henry Copeland, Founder,
      Moderated by Susan Mernit, Senior Fellow The Media Center, and Senior Vice President, 5ive

      Thinking Moment – Market Compression with Scott Rafer, CEO, Feedster

      Broadband internet penetration is unleashing a second dotcom boom. This time around, broadband-enabled consumers and small businesses are able to join the traditional publishers of news, opinion, and listings. The current dotcom leaders are taking advantage of the trend to do exactly what Microsoft taught us all to do: Turn a series of incumbent-dominated $10 billion businesses into $1 billion businesses owned by new players with incredibly low-cost per-customer infrastructures.

      Open Source Content/Grassroots Media: What are the Editorial, Business and Product Issues And What are the Standards?
      Discussion Leaders:
      Mark Potts, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer,
      Susan DeFife, President and CEO,
      Howard Owens, Director of New Media, Ventura County Star
      Susan Mernit, Senior Fellow The Media Center, and Senior Vice President, 5ive

      The Changing Audience: Who are they and what do they want? with Jeff Cole, Director, USC Center for the Digital Future

      The “Apprentice”: Fundamentals of Interactive Sales
      The team:
      Jeff Webber, Senior VP and Publisher
      Adriaan Bouten, VP Business Development and Technology
      Christopher DiCosmo, Manager Ad Operations
      Laura Ramos, Manager Business Projects and Analysis
      Laryssa Kundammal, Director Sales Solutions

        Thursday, June 23

        Morning sessions:

        Visit to

        Welcome, Background, History and Strategic Focus of
        Discussion Leaders:
        Caroline Little, Publisher,
        James Brady, Executive Editor,
        Robert McCartney, Assistant Managing Editor for Continuous News, The Washington Post

        Business Planning Across Divisions: How cross-divisional efforts fuel everyone’s business goals
        Discussion Leaders:
        Steve Hills, President and General Manager, The Washington Post
        Christopher Ma, VP, The Washington Post
        Jen Moyer, VP, Finance,

        Video: Is there a Right Model?
        Discussion Leaders:
        David Payne, SVP and General Manager,
        Betsy Morgan, VP, Business Development, CBS News
        Steven Rosenbaum, Managing Partner, Magnify Media

        Afternoon sessions:

        Visit to Discovery Communications, Silver Spring, MD

        Working Lunch, Welcome and Overview of Multi-Platform Media
        Discussion Leaders:
        David Leavy, SVP, Corporate Affairs & Communications, Discovery Communications
        Vivian Schiller, SVP & GM, Discovery Times Channel
        Steve Sidel, Executive Vice President, Discovery Education

        Convergence and Brand Development: Editorial and Business Perspectives
        Discussion Leaders:
        Traci Spiegel, Director, Advertising & Promotion, US Nets Marketing, Discovery Networks
        Joe Fiveash, SVP/GM of The Weather Channel Interactive
        Fran Hauser, GM, Time Inc. Interactive

        Tour, Discovery Communications with Marc Parsons

        Mobile: Your Audience is on the Move
        John Zehr, VP, Product Development, ESPN Mobile
        Marcus Xiang, CEO of PDX.CN

        8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
        Networking dinner reception

          Friday, June 24

          Morning sessions:

          Now What? Where Are We Headed: A look into the future from both the editorial and business perspectives
          Discussion Leaders:
          Marcien Jenckes, AOL

          Thinking Moment: Convergence and The Common Good
          What happens when informed citizenship, civic engagement and public service are the primary objectives? with Pete Clifton, Editor, BBC Interactive

          Opportunity Roundtable: Group Discussion
          Reprise: What are the challenges, learning and take-aways?
          with Andrew Nachison and Carin Dessauer

          Take The Media Center Home and Adjourn
          Andrew Nachison, Director, The Media Center

              For more information, contact program chair Carin Dessauer, multimedia consultant and Media Center senior fellow, at, or Gloria Pan, Media Center communications director, at or 703.715.3301.