Our Mas Domnik  has been called the Caribbean's Most Original Carnival

  Our Festivals and Events


The Dominica Festivals Commission (DFC), a Division of the National Development Corporation (NDC), has special responsibility to further promote, market and manage Carnival and the World Creole Music Festival in October/November. The DFC also gives support to selected special events in Dominica.

The DFC aims to create the proper atmosphere and avenue for Dominica’s music, arts and culture to be showcased at these festivals, and for export to the wider regional and international market.

The DFC aims to advance Dominica’s cultural industries and cultural tourism product associated with the business of entertainment domestically through educational programs, workshops, lectures and the like, and regionally and internationally through proper promotions and marketing. The DFC aims to ensure that Dominica’s artists are prepared to take advantage of these avenues and present themselves, their materials and their product in the highest standard for maximum exposure on the regional and international market.

The DFC is expected to maintain a very close working relationship with the Cultural Division and the National Cultural Council. That relationship is necessary to provide the continued development support for the performing arts.
 Our Carnival

 Welcome to the Caribbean's   Most Original Carnival, Mas   Domnik. Dominica's carnivals   a pre-lentern celebration   which runs from December  right until Ash-Wednesday

 World Creole Music Festival

The World Creole Music Festival is a festival of the highest level of Caribbean and world entertainme

 Village Feasts

Enjoy Dominica's   traditional Feasts   that runs year long in various Villages throughout the Island.


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