is Spielberg still planning to make a racist Geisha film?

  racist Geisha film by Spielberg?

	> from
	> 29 Views of Hwang Chin-I
	> Drawn from a patchwork of historical accounts and Korean
	> legends, Stephen Legawiecs elegant portrait of a 16th-century
	> kisaeng (the Korean equivalent to a geisha) subtly cracks the
	> emotional surface of one womans life.
	> [Would this be the Korean version of "Memoirs of a Geisha"?]

 i doubt if this play shares these characteristics
 with "Memoirs of a Geisha".

 1. the Geisha novel misrepresents its source (Mineko).
        has Mineko sued the racist American yet?
        	(elaborated below)

 2. the Geisha novel misrepresents itself as non-fiction to
        deceive readers.

 3. the Geisha novel was written by a viciously racist white
        American man.

 4. the Geisha novel's author invented the fictitious diabolical
        character "Dr. Crab" (a Japanese equivalent of Dr. Fu Manchu)
	to achive his ultimate goal: to promote
        anti-Japanese racism.  (elaborated below)

 5. in order to encourge American readers to identify with
        the main character in hating the Japanese, the Geisha
        novel's main character has green eyes and is discriminated
        againt for it.

 6. the Geisha novel presents "the almost pathological ugliness
        of almost all the men in the book"
                (from a paper by Prof Allison of Duke Univ.)

 Dr. Crab (a variant of Dr. Fu Manchu) invented by Arthur Golden

 Dr. Crab collects hymen blood in vials and enshrines them.

 from a paper by Prof Allison of Duke Univ.:

        "Dr. Crab who enacts what one reviewer calls the
        'creepiest' scene in the whole book of deflowering
        Sayuri and storing some of her blood in a vial he
        enshrines with others [...]"

 the racist American author is succeeding.
 from a paper by Prof Allison of Duke Univ.:

        "a young Anglo American woman who told Golden after
        his talk she had been sitting recently on a bus,
        dressed in a short skirt, and noticed a Japanese man
        sitting across from her.  Before reading 'Memoirs'
        she would have thought nothing, but after reading the
        book, the thought crossed her mind that the Japanese
        man might be sexually objectifying her with his look.
        'Memoirs' that is, inspired her to see Japanese men
        as sexual perverts."

 ''Memoirs of a Geisha'' woman may sue author

 Wednesday March 29 4:07 AM ET

 ''Memoirs of a Geisha'' woman may sue author -- paper

 LONDON, March 29 (Reuters) - The woman who inspired the
 best-selling novel ``Memoirs of a Geisha'' is threatening to
 sue its author, accusing him of libelling her, a British
 newspaper reported on Wednesday.  [...]

>Mineko Says 'Memoirs of a Geisha' Was Wrong
>By Doug Struck
>Washington Post Foreign Service
>Thursday , March 2, 2000 ; C1

 i wonder if the author of the sick, racist novel has aplogized
 to Mineko for all his offenses.

from the article
| After she complained about her name being made public in
| the acknowledgments, it was deleted from the Japanese version.

 her name should be removed from the English version and all
 other versions.  i think such a request would be more easily
 honored in Europe/UK than in the USA.

| "For me, personally, this is a libel, an infringement . . .
| also a libel against Gion as a whole," [...]
| "I never sold my body. Men never touched me." [...] "Everybody
| who reads this book thinks that it is based on my experiences.