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Iraq Most Wanted Identification Playing Cards (PDF version)
Our Price:

Don't be fooled. Others are offering a 700K file. This is the high-quality digital press and camera ready CMYK artwork file (> 22 Megabytes!)

Click the button below to receive this file on CD.

Optionally, you can download this file now (as a 14 MB zip) and pay using the link below to receive the password to unlock the file. You should receive your password by email automatically. If you don't receive the password soon, please email me here (tokyofour@hotmail.com), and I will make sure you get the password.

Can't beat this quality!!

This is the high-quality digital artwork file produced by the government. It was briefly available on the Central Command website, but later they removed it.

It is greater than 22 MB and the images camera-ready for printing and are in CMYK which makes it ready for digital press. They are very high quality.

Other people are selling a low-resolution 700K file.

The deck features the IRAQI MOST WANTED, as displayed by Brigadier General Vince Brooks during media briefings Friday, April 11, 2003.

It is a 22.5 megabyte Acrobat PDF file on a CD.

Within the file are 55 pages, each with a card image perfectly centered on the 8-1/2" x 11" page.Cards 1-52 are images of Iraqi leadership wanted by the U.S. military. Cards 53-54 are 2 joker cards as glossary lists of Iraqi military rank terms and Arab titles to help our soldiers with the identification process. The last image is the decorative backside design of the cards: a desert camouflage design.

With this file you can print the identical cards issued by the U.S. military. These are the same cards being issued to U.S. troops in Iraq to pursue, kill, or capture top Iraqi officials.

Also included with each order is a pdf of all the cards in a handbill format (17"x22".)



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