[8] Scorpion Swamp

Nightmarish creatures lurk in the slimy depths of Scorpion Swamp!

Year: 1984
Author: Steve Jackson (2)
Illustrator: Duncan Smith
Cover Illustrator: Duncan Smith
Map: No
ISBN: 0140318291

"You're no fool. All your life you've heard tales of Scorpion Swamp and how it is criss-crossed with treacherous paths leading to the haunts of its disgusting denizens. One step out of place spells a certain and lingering death. But now, the swamp holds out the lure of treasure and glory - and you cannot resist the challenge!"

Scorpion Swamp Stench Stinks

I have all 59 books in the Fighting Fantasy series. I have read them in consecutive order. Currently, I am perusing through book #44 -- Legend of the Shadow Warriors. So, I have read every book from 1 through 44, with the exception of book #8 - Scorpion Swamp.

I cannot complete this book. Not because it is so difficult, but rather because it is so boring. Here is the premise. You can choose to be either a good, neutral, or evil character. Depending on your alignment, you have a particular quest, which can only be completed -- IN THE SWAMPS.  So, you move your tuckus through the various regions of the swamp, solve your quest, and the book ends. That's it. 

Now, I would be lenient, considering that when Scorpion Swamp was written, the Fighting Fantasy line of books were in their infancy stage. However, this book was preceded by "Warlock of Firetop Mountain," "Citadel of Chaos," "City of Thieves," and "Deathtrap Dungeon" -- all classics, in my opinion. This book is inexcusable. It should never have been written. And it is boring. You honestly do not care if you sink beneath the quagmire of the absorbent mud of the swamp. 

Someday, when I solve every Fighting Fantasy book, I will return to Scorpion Swamp, and trudge through this book, both as a character and a reader. By the way, this is not the same Steve Jackson who penned the classics. After reading this, you'll see why.

Rating: 2.0/10
<Robert LaVallie>

Location: Khul

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