[59] Curse of the Mummy

Beware the Curse of Akharis!

Cover Illustrator: Martin McKenna
Map Illustrator: Jonathan Green
Map: Black & White
ISBN: 0140375538

"Helping an eccentric archaeologist unearth an ancient tomb in the Desert of Skulls seems like an easy task for a heroic adventurer like YOU. But when that tomb turns out to belong to Akharis, a legendary ruler from a previous age, and when you discover some of his followers are trying to return the evil pharaoh to life, YOU must act quickly. Soon YOU will have to learn the true meaning of The Curse of the Mummy! It will take a real hero to defeat Akharis and win the treasure. Dare YOU take on the challenge?"

Curse of the Mummy is a Blessing

For those of you who don't know, Curse of the Mummy is the final installment in the Fighting Fantasy series of books. And, though it is unfair, it will forever garnish the title of the Final Fighting Fantasy book. After all, book #60 Bloodbones never materialized. And so, we have a desert expedition as our final foray into Fighting Fantasy.

In short, your quest is to defeat Akharis, an evil ruler from a former age, before he is resurrected. If you don't, he will enslave all of Allansia. And so, you search for Akharis' tomb in the Desert of Skulls. And you are not merely up against Akharis. You're up against time. Can you do it? Hey, you have 58 adventures under your belt. What do you think?

Curse of the Mummy has a strong "Egyptian" feel. It is a thouroughly enjoyable adventure. It incorporates all of the Livingstonic and Jacksonian techniques, including adding numbers to references, acquiring certain artefacts, and the traditional maze. Though it is not a classic, it is a
worthy conclusion to the Fighting Fantasy series.

Rating: 7.0/10
<Robert La Vallie>

Location: Allansia

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