Tasha Andrews

Played by Isabel Lucas

Natasha was first known to Summer Bay as a mystery girl, "Jane Doe". She was found on the beach, unable to speak and appeared to be in a state of shock.

It is revealed that Natasha had an unorthodox upbringing, she was the daughter of survivalist parents who had dropped out of society, preparing for Y2K. They lived in a fortress camp in the bush, and when her parents died trying to arm their camp, Tash was traumatised and fled. She was later found on the beach of Summer Bay.

Irene won Tasha’s trust and took her into the Beach House as a foster-child. Flynn became Tash’s legal guardian and Tash spends some time living with Sally and Flynn and then returns to live with Irene. She quite quickly becomes at home in Summer Bay.

The truth of Tasha’s real parents is revealed. She is the daughter of a very wealthy man who had an adulterous relationship with Angela Russell. To avoid scandal at the time, he paid Angie a considerable amount of money to go away. She did go away and put her baby up for adoption.

However, Angie did one good thing, she made a provision for her daughter and put $30,000 aside for Tasha. With a letter to her daughter to be opened when she reached the age of eighteen the cash and letter were put in a box and given to her adoptive parents.

Tasha often worried that perhaps she carried the "bad seed" that was in her mother but she desperately wanted to find her. She is shattered when she learns that her mother was accidentally killed by her son Dylan (Tasha’s half-brother).

She sees her mother in a dream, who tells her about the letter and where the box is hidden. Tasha retuns to the camp and finds the box with the cash and the letter from her mother.

The letter reveals Tasha’s father is Ian Osborne. She tries to form a relationship with him, but he decides to cut all ties with her. Her mother’s cousin, Josie Russell buys the Caravan Park for her, which she later sells to the Macklin Corporation.

Tasha is a free spirit and feels perfectly at home with nature. She sees the good in people and reacts very strongly if there is a sense of betrayal in people. She and Robbie are similar free spirits ...

When Robbie and Tasha fall in love, she composes a commitment ceremony of marriage between Robbie and herself. In a beautiful scenic spot in the bush, surrounded by nature and bedecked with flowers, the young couple pledge their love and loyalty to each other. Needless to say, Beth is shocked to hear of their 'marriage', but has now come to terms with the fact they are committed to each other and are living together.