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Monday, October 31, 2005

Flexible intersections.

This heart is a good example of the flexibility of the Intersecton method.

Look at the three intersections on the top square. You can move the intersections around almost anywhere. 'Almost', look at the last design in the example, the red intersection has gone too far and crossed a rope, crossing a rope makes new (unplanned) intersections, if it looks good fine but it introduces an error or unecessary complexity into your design. From this little exersize I have deduced that intersections are free to move until they cross a rope or another intersection point. I think that looking at the first design, you could move the red X anywhere in the pink shape behind it.This concept makes it easy when finishing of a design as you can move and shape the ropes, and just keep an eye on the intersections to see that they don't cross over (to the dark side!)

Anyway I'm still fooling around with this flexibiliy of intersections idea. One thing I've been toying with is multiple intersections on a single wall. If you look at the previous post 'Example 2' what would happen if there were 3 intersectons on each wall? The 2 Triangles post is a hint.

Flexible intersections.

Heart Design

What I like about the intersection method is it is really flexible, once you realise the intersection points need not be particularly fixed anywhere.

I realised this when I first sketched out this design on a bumpy train ride home. I had the overall design in my head, a heart sitting on some interlacing. The base is obvious enough, but how to construct the heart shape and blend it into the base. I just thought put one big square on top. So I did, then put the intersection points in the center of the walls, but it didn't look quite right. That was when I realised all I need do is move the intersections on the side of the big square down to get the desired result.

Heart Design

Celtic Example 2.

Ok this one is an early attempt at Mercats method or the Intersection method. I like to call it the Intersection method because that is the main thing you do; find the intersections or overlaps.

So to the example, I just thought 'what do you get combining 2 triangles?'
Step 1, shows where I put the intersections and end points.
Step 2, trace the path.
Step 3, bold in the lines and see what you've got.
Step 4, I go back to my old method and find the underlying symetry, some nice circles fit well.
Step 5. Finish off, finding the overlaps.
Step 6, realise it has turned out all lopsided so draw it again, this time just use the circles.

Celtic Example 2.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Celtic vs Graffiti

I have always found that a lot of graffiti, in Melbourne, seems intensely celtic. You have the impossibly complex twisted tags that are, by design or accident, evocative of interlaced ropework. Then amazingly stylelised character work evokes the celtic animals, (complete with creative blending into the main work). Add to that some runic totems, the mysterious pictorial language of a mysterious subculture. Its all very celtic in a way.

Anyway its a good enough idea to inspire some doodling. The following picture is my attempt at graffiti, but constructed in a celtic method. This was great fun to do, so I might have a go at doing some more.

Celtic vs Graffiti

Celtic Example Finished Artwork.

Celtic Example Finished Artwork.

Celtic Example 1.

I've been working on my interlaced knotwork and am starting to get somewhere.I've found the method described by Christian Mercat suits me best as it seems to make generous allowances for asthetics and important for me, suits doodling. They way I like to draw is to doodle then see what sort of interesting underlying symetry shows up.

This example is a design I did a long time ago, when I had no idea about celtic design. Just a doodle, so I was well pleased when I saw something very similar to this on a sword or something in the Crown Jewels.

The example has none of Mercats method in it, but I wanted to show first how I like to design, later I will post some examples showing how I combine this freeform method with formal methods.

Listen to me I'm waffling on like some great know it all. - I'm not. - The reason I do these designs and post them is I'm trying to learn things. In the future I hope to be a know it all.

Celtic Example 1.

2 Triangle Design

A quick one, based on 2 triangles. Just an exersize in method.

27 Circles

This is a design inspired by something I saw on a documentry about celtic art, they were talking about how there were 27 circles in the design. I thought 'I could do that', so I did.

27 Circles

Friday, August 26, 2005


Here's a robot, I called him Sabbath, apologies to Nathaniel. I made Sabbath tattooed because of a couple of things I think about robots.

The moment the machine realizes it is, it will realize it isn't.

I imagined Sabbath as a military robot, part of some great army. He deserts because he becomes self aware and sooky. Then aimlessly wanders the earth, getting tattoos and custom weaponry. Hiring himself out as a mercenary (or security at a drilling rig, which is what the background photo is).

The less fanciful idea is, this is what a robot will look like, because in a few years when you can go down to Kmart and buy one, I'm going to customize mine to make it look like this. People now customize their cars, mobile phones, PC cases, so I'm sure they will customize their humanoid robots. What will yours look like?

The drawing was done in 3D Studio Max with the skins done in Zoner and Paint Shop. Below are the skins for the 2 upper arms and the thighs.

Here is a pic I went on to make from some of the design of the robot.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Red Dragon and Cross No1

I like drawing on the pute. Mostly I like Celtic art, dragons and tattoo type designs, as well as the usual Photoshlock doodling.

The first pic is the Red Dragon, its a fairly old picture, about my first attempt at vector graphics. As you can see from the line-art I went a bit nutty and there are about a million separate objects in it. If I tried it again now I would probably try and use gradient fills a bit smarter. Anyway it worked out ok, a bit of a photoshlock makeover and I made my wallpaper for the week.

I must mention software, for vector graphics I use Zoner Draw, it is like Adobe Illustrator only much simpler to learn and use. You can download version 3 (which I did the dragon with) for free (fwee for fwee). For the photoshlock I use Paint-Shop Pro and occasionally, yes, Photoshop.

Now the Celtic cross.

I LOVE Celtic art, just the way it is complex and beautiful at the same time. I have pretty much given away drawing other stuff, I just try and unravel the Celtic secrets. Way back when, the Kelts would use compass and ruler to create their art. Now I have a computer, I feel it is my duty to take their legacy and push the art-form as far as I can. So no, what I call my Celtic art is not traditional, I don't even know if it is really Celtic, its just something I enjoy doing. When I said 'push the art form' that is a goal, if you look at something astonishing like the back side of Sueno's Stone, you'll see I'm not even close yet.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Oh my blog... Here it is.

Oh my blog... Here it is. I found you. I forgot all about you. Thanks to the technobiospooks for reminding me.

[Edit: 23 Aug - The technobiospooks were a bio-security company that spammed my blog. We had a little email discussion and they apoligised, no harm done.]

Speaking of spooks... You know there is something really creepy happening with information technology, something that nobody seems to realize.

We are becoming immortal:

This is because every time we interact with IT through action or inaction we give up a little bit of our privacy. Of course the privacy issue has been flogged to death and there are laws and stuff, but not much ever gets mentioned about the expiration of the information collected, it can last for ever. So I wonder if the laws that (pretend to) protect me now will last as long as the information?

At the moment the kind of information that people have about me is just my accounts, and my gossamer threads on the internet, who I phone, where I live, where I shop, what I think etc. Not to far from now this will be integrated with a biometric profile, and most likely my genetic sequence. A few years down the track I'm sure I will neurally interface with 'them'. That's all pretty cool, they will have me, completely digitally sequenced. Yes Fred the Blogger will remain for eternity, languishing as a file on unknown corporate servers for thousands of years, until some future info-archeologist extracts and resequenses me as part of his third year thesis.

That was boring... Here's a nice picture:

It is a statue of S't George and the Dragon, photographed outside the State Library in Melbourne.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Ancient place.

Somewhere in Melbourne there is a Fairies Tree.
Fairies Tree. Sculptor, Ola Cohn. 1934.

She knows the way:
Meditation. Sculptor,Robert Delandre.

Sing and dance to wake the fairies then say your wishes out loud, maybe they will come true.

I let the fairies sleep, but I took a peek
Image hosted by
...folded and secretly placed inside.
Image hosted by
I dare not reach to steal this wistful dream
I hope with all my heart it comes true.

Angels keep their ancient places.

The second poem I like is:
The Kingdom of God by Francis Thompson.

Ok its religious and I'm not really, I just like one part of it:

The angels keep their ancient places
Turn but a stone and start a wing!
'Tis ye, 'tis your estranged faces,
That miss the many-splendored thing.

I first learnt this passage from a film, something with Bryan Brown in it. As it was such a god-awful film I don't remember the conceptual placement of the passage. I was only watching the film for the nudity and sex, as you do as a teenage boy. The memory of glorious boobies and Bryan Brown's ugly bum have faded, but not the passage of the poem, it has stayed with me for a long time. It struck a chord, its kind of a mantra for me. I take it to mean, slow down, take some time and you will find some special things.

To try to explain it I will tell you about a girl I know. One day a new girl started, she was rough as guts, a little nutty, very loud and totally unpredictable. Everyone there (including me) thought she was utterly crazy and laugh or make jokes at the mere mention of her name, basically written of as a hopeless case. Then one day I turned a stone, I started a wing, I found an angel. She was. I just smile when I think about her. Anyway, all that turning a stone bit means is I just decided to talk to her and listen to her and that was all it took. She was just a most excellent girl who happened not to live in a supportive environment or have attention paid to her, so she would act nutty. Here's a little secret: I'm a big boy but the day we parted ways, I put on a sad song and shed a tear. It just blows my mind that I found someone so profoundly beautiful and important as to affect the way I view the world and nobody else ever saw it: the estranged faces miss the splendored thing. I see her now and again and we talk about things. She is so amazingly different now, she seems to have realised what I knew all along, she is an excellent girl. She is. I do like that girl.

Sometimes I think about the poem when I'm sitting on a train or somewhere in the city. Everyone is chatting on their mobiles or bury themselves in the mind numbingly inane MX newspaper, I just kick back and dream about bodyboarding, the last wave that carried me away or just the feeling you get floating round, out past the breakers, watching the throng getting annihilated in the impact zone (or getting annihilated myself). In this case the splendored thing everyone is missing is the ocean, I feel good cos I get it. I get it and you don't, blah! Conceited when you look at it that way, its the wrong way, now I am the estranged face, I should be looking for the angels hiding behind those MX's, oh well later, I'm dreaming about waves at the moment.

Well I don't really know what all this says about me. I suppose it means, I usually make friends with the odd-bods wherever I am and I seek some beautiful things that you probably can't buy on Ebay.

Painted lady.

Image hosted by
She smiled.
I felt shy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Name change.


I just went and changed the name of this blog, from Freddys Freestyle Blog to Angels dwell in ancient places. FFB was a stupid name spawned from a stupid idea. I like this Angels name better, its from the poem I will write about, its quieter which is how I'm feeling right now.

The real poem says Angels keep their ancient places but I always remember it as dwell, I won't dwell on it though.



There are two poems I like. The first is Casabianca by Felicia Heman's

The boy stood on the burning deck
Whence all but he had fled;

click here for the rest

Its pretty sad, Casabianca martyrs himself out of loyalty to his Dad. The reason I think about it a lot is because of all the 'funny versions' of Casabianca. Eg. The boy stood on the burning deck, his pockets full of crackers or there is one with something about Granny and her scooter. I just feel like Casabianca sometimes, the world marching past me, ignorant, whooping it up, rolling all over the deck in fits of laughter. I get it, the joke, I mean because the opening line reads so much like a call and reply invitation, like knock knock... Or I packed my bag and in it I put...

This poem and the world marching on concept also makes me think about Heman's, one of the few women poets of the 19th century, I wonder what she would think of 21st century digital girls. Ok I know we are still a fairly patriacal society but whoa momma its got nothing on the 19th century, Felicia couldn't say 'all men are bastards' so she wrote poems which romantisiced the suffering, like in Casabianca she says men are bastards and it us; the innocent, the voiceless that suffer and die. Oh that made me think of Japanese movies, women and innocents suffer and die a lot in them for the very same reason, its a comment on a patriacal society. And its the same with western movies with lesbians in them, they generally die or go nutty, what is that saying? Er so I wonder what Hemans would say to a contemporary girl, possibly, turn of that mobile and...

I digressed a bit, I'm a boy so I really haven't got a clue at all about women, all I am saying is Casabianca is something I think about when I think nobody understands or cares about me, sometimes I feel like a boy standing on a burning deck.

Ps. The second poem I'll post later