Bands to add

Last modified on June 27th, 2004

Here are a bunch of bands that I know exist(ed?), but I have little to no info about. Some of them I'm not even sure if they are metal or belong on the site (see the ? marks)! If you know anything about any of these bands, then by all means add them, or let me know (if they don't qualify) and I'll remove them from the list. Some have links in case anyone is interested in adding them but requires more info...

You may also request a band (or more info regarding the band) in the metal forum.
(Sorry for the lack of polish for this page, but it's just a temp page anyway :))

- Arlequin, Armistice, Asgarth, Ashtray, Auzhia

- Blacksmith (Finland?), Blinding Light, Blood Thirsty Death, Breadwinner, Breakdown, Brick Dawn, Broderick Gray, Brothers of Conquest (?)

- Calibos, Cavity (?), Chapel Blaque, Charisma (Ex-Lemur Voice?), Citizen X, Crown of Thorns (?), Cybernetic Erosion, Cyberchrist

- Damnation (Canada), Dark Avenger (80's), Dark Legion (Canada), Darkened Dreams (US), Darklands (doom, Swedish), Deathrider, Defunctorium (black metal, one-man band, Portugal, Throne of Midnight 1999) Demented, Dragon Green, Dreamlike Horror

- Endoputrescence (Beijing, China, brutal death), Enthrone (Norwegian black, NOT Belgium band, 1992 9-track demo "Black Winds"), Eriador (Http://Www.Eriador.Org/), Eterne (goth metal?), Evilthorn (Beijing, China, Raw Black), Execution is Everything

- Facecrime, Fallen Angel (black metal), Fleshcrawler, Frankenbok

- Greyhaven (80's)

- Hades (Beijing, China, Death metal), Halo Suffocation Machine, Hamadryad, Head of David (UK), Hectorite (?)

- IHVHLXXII (Beijing, China - darkwave ?), Incarnator (Norway, black, 1993 demo "Nordic Holocaust"), Infester, Integrity/Integrity 2000, Iron Giant (?), It Is I

- Kilcrops, Korgus (South America)

- Le Mans

- Mastic Scum (?), Mnemic, Mortala, Motores, Myriad (US)

- Necromanicide

- Ont˘s On, Orchriste, Orphan

- Parasite, Phantom House, Polysics, Potential Threat, Project ALCAZAR/Chris Steberl (?)

- Regicide (Beijing, China, Grinding Brutal Death)

- Sacred Denial, Savage Death (?), Screamingunderwater (metal?, US), Seraph (Beijing, China, Gothic/Doom), Shubend (?), Spelldown, Sol Niger Within, Soulforge, Sudden Death (Zheng Zhou, He Nan, China, brutal death), Suffocated (Beijing, China, Death/thrash), Superhighway Carfire (metal?), Symphony of Grief

- Talisman (metal?, Frontiers Records), Templario, Tenet (?, Virusworx Records), The Dream Is Dead (?, Escape Artist records), Theory of Ruin (?, Escape Artist records), Tiwanaku (?), Tortured Dogs, Toten, Twisted Method (?)

- Unhuman (?), Universe

- X-Hero (?)

- Yellow Machineguns