Matilda Hunter

Played by Indiana Evans

Beth and the late Jack Hunter's youngest offspring are 15-year-old twins, and going through a 'difficult phase'. Until a couple of years ago, they were simple country kids who lived on a farm and went to the local school. They loved horses, farm life, board games, sleepovers, camp-outs and all the things other country kids love.

When Jack decided there was no future on the land, he knew his kids needed to go away to the city to boarding school but chose schools which were really out of his price range, frequented by the children of people out of his social status.

Matilda was at boarding school with her twin brother Henry (Tobi Atkins) and visited her mother Beth (Clarissa House) and siblings Scott (Kip Gamblin), Kit (Amy Mizzi) and Robbie (Jason Smith) during school holidays in Summer Bay.

This became more of a permanent arrangement than just a holiday when their father dies. Beth just couldn't afford to keep Matilda and Henry at boarding school.

Matilda was seen as a bit of a snobby brat but her nature isn't necessarily mean. She was just upset about coming to Summer Bay and the fact that her mother had found another man to share her life with. It hadn't been all that long since her dad died and she was angry.

Matilda soon settles down to life in Summer Bay. She has some very desperate crushes on a few of the boys in the Bay. These are all learning curves for Matilda who can be a bit of a 'drama queen' in her approach to life.

Her friendship with Ric blossoms and she is indeed a friend to him, despite being at first jealously aware that Ric's feeling for Cassie are developing into more than a friendship.

Matilda is in Year 10 at high school and is doing well academically. She LOVES music, movies and horse riding and has a weak spot for animals of every kind.

When Matilda meets Lucas Holden, the boy next door, Cupid fires his arrow and it is love at first sight.