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Terry, Roxie, & Simon ...Three Aussie's dance on tour in Malaysia!
"Penang, Malaysia is a very popular tourist destination with lots of beach resorts and a relaxed tropical feel despite the chaotic traffic. Again, it was a fun evening and we were made to feel very welcome by the friendly locals who really seem to enjoy their dancing and the social aspect of it. The tropical theme added to the atmosphere of night and we were presented with beautiful lei's made from local orchids.
On Monday after a day seeing some of the local sights, visiting temples, 2 beautiful and ornate old Chinese houses and another wonderful meal, this time at the Penang Swimming Club, we had our final and smaller workshop in Penang while lightning flashed over the ocean. We just made it back to the hotel as our first tropical storm hit"... Terry Hogan's report/photos.

The dances taught on the workshop tour to 4 Malaysian cities were: Somebody Help Me & Michael's Two Step (both choreographed for this tour), & Bluegrass Waltz - Terry Hogan. Shimmy Shack - Shuttleworth/Ward, Shoop, Shoop - Simon Ward, Globetrotter - Smith/Ward, Starstruck - Roxanne Smith, Careless Whisper - Paul McAdam

New Dances
All Night Boogie Paul McAdam
Be Strong Audrey Watson
Bomshel Stomp Marshall/Hedges
Careless Whisper Paul McAdam
Come Tomorrow Michele Perron

Double XL
Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs
Last Man Standing June, The Lady in Black
Louisiana Kick Bill Bader
Love Is In The Air Verdonk/Sarlemijn
Michael's Two Step Terry Hogan
Ocean Kath Dickens
Mister Right Andrew, Sheila & Simon
No Chicken Wings Larry Bass

Rhythm of the Falling Rain Teresa/Vera
Simplemente Kate Sala
Somebody Help Me!
Terry Hogan
Stupid Cupid Joanne Brady
This Little Light Jo & Rita Thompson
UUU Ugli Johnny Montana
Vegas Boogie Bill Bader
We Be Burnin' Bryan McWherter
Where Does It Hurt Maggie Gallagher
Yes It Is Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs

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