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Follow The Leader

08/18/1998 3:00 AM, Yahoo! Music
Janiss Garza

1998 is when rock 'n' roll kicked up its heels and decided to have fun. Angst got left gasping in the dust of swing and nouveau ska. Even heavy artists, like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, rely more on entertainment than ire. And then there's Korn...

Follow The Leader, the L.A.-based group's third album, is as intensely tortured and savage as ever. But the pain in Korn's furious riffs, eerie noises, and ferocious vocals comes from a place far darker than your everyday neurosis. "Pretty" is a not-so-pretty tune inspired by a battered and abused baby seen by singer Jonathan Davis when he worked in a coroner's office.

Davis also delves into his own personal demons, both past ("Dead Bodies Everywhere") and present ("Freak On A Leash"). In addition to the group's now-classic neo-metal attack--best illustrated by the LP's first single, "Got The Life"--rapping is added by Ice Cube on "Children Of The Korn" and the Pharcyde's Tre on "Cameltosis." And in spite of all this distress and suffering, Korn does loosen up. The album's best track may very well be "All In The Family," in which Davis and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst trade hilariously outlandish insults, proving that even fury has its lighter side.

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