Hey Glen Echo!
Double contra, also called four-face-four or Portland Fancy formation; double progression
by David Kirchner

In circles of four, circle left 3/4 (8)
Ladies chain; maintain courtesy turn hold (8)

Half hey for four (couples act as if they were a single person) (12)
Square through (pull by partner, pull by neighbor) (4)

Balance and swing partner; end facing original direction (16)

Forward and back in lines of four (8)
2's arch, 1's dive through to next (4)
With next line, 1's arch, 2's dive through to next (4)

Notes: It usually takes dancers a couple of times through the music to figure out how to time the hey properly. Note that those reaching the ends must instantly turn as a couple and face back in, since the dance is double progression.

The dance was written for a benefit dance for the wonderful Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park, just outside of Washington DC; I don't believe the event ever occurred.

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