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Make Your Own Holograms
Shoebox holography is the #1 selling laser and holography do-it-yourself book across the nation. Great for students, amateurs and hobbyists -- anyone who wants an easy and inexpensive way to begin making holograms. Endorsed by the Education Outreach Dept. of MIT.

20 Years / 20 Holograms
A selection of 20 holograms representing 20 years creating them at my studio/lab in Allentown, Pennsylvania: 1983-2003.

Enjoy a current broadcast of my laser and holography internet radio show. Now in its eighth year.

Hologram Portraits / Stereograms
An in-process, step-by-step guide for amateurs and hobbyists for creating your own hand-made hologram portraits and stereograms.

Diode Laser holography
Diode Laser holography began here at HoloWorld. You can read my lab notes of the development of this technology from start to finish.

Workshops and Presentations SUMMER 2005
Make your own hologram in my laser lab in Allentown, PA. Also outreach programs and speaking engagements are here.

La audiencia del show aprendera acerca los ultimos desarrollos en la tecnologia del laser y sus multiples aplicaciones en carreras como medicina, communicaciones, y las ciencias y artes. Con su presentador Frank DeFreitas. Traduccion del Ingles al espanol por Mario Andres Munoz.

A special web page devoted to my younger visitors . . . they are the future of this emerging technology.

Holo FAQ
A section which contains frequently asked questions regarding lasers and holograms.

How Holograms are Made
A multimedia presentation on making holograms. Requires RealPlayer.

Collecting Holograms
A primer on beginning your collection of holograms and other laser and holography related materials.

Brain, Mind, Universe
A previously published paper of mine from LaserNews concerning the holographic principles behind the functioning of the brain and the structure of the universe.

One of the largest listings of web links for lasers and holography on the Net.

Awards that HoloWorld has won and comments from visitors.

Mailing List
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Contact Information
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