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A Truly Grand Prize from Dream Arcades!

This is what the 2005 RetroBlast Prize Giveaways have been building up to: your choice of a side-by-side or head-to-head cocktail gaming cabinet from Dream Arcades!


This is a $669 value, folks! And this is a straight giveaway: no raffle tickets required. The winner will be picked on December 1st, so you only have a few more days to enter!

The Grand Prize: A Cocktail Cab from Dream Arcades!

Groovy Game Gear Giveaways New!

Yes, the goodies just keep rolling in: Randy Turner of Groovy Game Gear has generously donated a KeyWiz Eco No-Solder Keyboard Encoder Interface, a GP-Wiz No-Solder Game Controller Interface, and an LED-Wiz Lighting/Output Interface!

Groovy Game Gear
Groovy Game Gear's LED-Wiz (top), GP-Wiz (lower left),
and KeyWiz Eco (bottom right)

The Groovy Game Gear Giveaways will be held about every ten days: the KeyWiz Eco on November 26th, the GP-Wiz on December 6th, and the LED-Wiz on December 17th.

Quasicade Quasicon Control Panel Giveaways

Quasimoto Interactive has joined the RetroBlast giveaways with a bang: they'll be giving away three of their amazing QuasiCon control panels!

QuasiCon Control Panel

The control panels will be given away in three drawings: November 15th, November 30th, and December 15th. I'm very excited to be giving away these panels (see review), as they are absolutely fantastic gaming controls, especially when used with an XBox or PS2 console! (The panels ship with adapters for USB/PS2/XBox use)

MAME Marquees Cabinet Art Giveaways

MAME Marquees is jumping on board the giveaways with a great assortment of cabinet artwork: four marquees and a full set of cabinet art, all "winner's choice" for the specific artwork!

Monster Arcade Full Cab Artwork

We'll be giving away one marquee a month, and the full cabinet art set in early December.

Rollie Electronics Translucent Joystick Giveaways

Rollie Electronics (John Pipp, aka "Ponyboy" on the BYOAC forums) is joining in the giveaway frenzy, offering up four pairs of new translucent joysticks, which will be given away a pair a month!

Rollie Electronics offers a huge variety of arcade parts, including substantial discounts on Happ parts. If you've got an arcade project, email John via the BYOAC forums and ask for a quote: I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.

GameRoom Magazine Giveaways

Editor Tim Ferrante of GameRoom Magazine is offering several great prizes for the RetroBlast Giveaways, including a pair of "6 & 6" subscriptions (six back issues and six new issues), and several copies of the video "Pleasure Machines: The History of Pinball"

I love GameRoom magazine, and even have my own copy of "Pleasure Machines: The History of Pinball"!

"Pick 3" Games Giveaway from Alawar!

Just in: Alawar Entertainment has donated six "Pick 3" game packs! Basically, just browse through their games catalog, pick three games that you'd like, and if you win you'll get those games!

The contest begins right away, and the drawings will be held bi-weekly, with the first winner picked on Monday, September 26th. Check out their games, try a few demos, and pick your favorites — you just might win them!

X-Arcade Trackball Panels and Games CDs!

XGaming has generously donated five of their new Trackball Gaming Panels for the contest, as well as fifty copies of their Midway Games Pack CD!

We'll be giving away 5 of these beauties!

The X-Arcade Trackball units will not be shipping until November, but you can still enter the contest right away: I'll be picking the winners starting mid-November, one a week, and the winners will get their controller directly from XGaming.

The Midway Games Pack CD drawings will be held weekly, with the first drawing next Friday — each week 5 lucky winners will receive a games pack (and whatever other little arcade goodies I can think to include in the package!)

Bask in the glow of these cool SlikStik joysticks!

SlikStik has generously donated four pairs of their new lighted joystick handles (review coming soon!). The winners will get to pick the handle type and the color of the lighted balls. We'll be giving away one set each month from now until Christmas.

Lighted Joystick Handles from SlikStik!

"Pop-Up" Contests

In addition to the main giveaways, I'll be having random "pop-up" contests with assorted arcade-related items that have been collecting here in my "test lab" since the last giveaways.

This will include everything from game systems from Jakks Pacific to joysticks, trackballs, and more. There may even be one or two "big ticket" items, so it'll be worth your time to check in occasionally and see if a new contest has "popped up"!

NOTE: These contests will not use "pop-up windows" (which I hate): the announcement of the contests will be posted at random on the front page or the news page. They're designed to be fun little contests, such as "first person to correctly name what company produced Robotron: 2084 wins" (only they'll be harder questions than that one!) I might also just have "email #5 wins", who knows...it just depends on what mood I'm in. ;-)

An Ongoing Giveathon

I'm actually going to keep working on this contest while it's underway, seeing if I can persuade even more companies to donate goodies. My goal is to make this the biggest RetroBlast giveaway yet, and I'm confident I can pull it off.

(Speaking of which: if any gaming companies out there want to donate something for the giveways, just let me know! ;-)

Full contest entry details and rules are now available. Good luck!

The game is never over...

Dream Arcades Cocktail Gaming Systems


Dreams do come true: Dream Authentics

SlikStik, the Ultimate Game Controller

The Ultimate Console Gaming Solution

GameRoom Magazine

Build your own arcade cabinet with plans from MAMERoom.com!