24 ways

to impress your friends

  1. Improving Form Accessibility with DOM Scripting

    Ian Lloyd looks at how DOM Scripting can help out with an uncomfortable accessibility issue. Form field labels can be tricky to implement in some cases, but with a little ingenuity Ian demonstrates how a balance can be struck.

    Impress your friends with your fully inclusive flair

  2. An Explanation of Ems

    Richard Rutter offers an insight into that oft-misunderstood unit of measure; the em. Do you know your ems from your elbow? Dazzle your dinner guests with scintillating silver talk of CSS.

    Impress your friends with your typographical finesse

  3. Easy Ajax with Prototype

    Drew McLellan talks us through how to get going with some quick and easy Ajax using the freely available Prototype JavaScript library.

    Impress your friends with your 1337 Ajax sk1llz