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Played by Lee Tergesen
Season 6

Beecher's emotional upheaval from season 5 returned again. He had to endure the death of his father at the hands of Winthrop. Later, he was given parole and began working on Keller's case while out. Unfortunately, his vulnerability with Keller resurfaced and he agreed to make a delivery for Keller on the outside. The delivery meeting was a set up arranged by Keller so Beecher would get arrested and returned to Oz. Later, Beecher signed up to act in the prison's production of Hamlet only to have to endure more emotional trauma from Keller. During the play, Beecher goes out to perform his scene with Schillinger. As Beecher goes to stab him, the knife (real not a prop) goes deeply into Schillinger and kills him. Beecher endures a brief investigation but gets off as there's no proof of intention. Beecher later confronts Keller about switchng the prop knife and tells Keller that they are finished. When Keller resists, Beecher pushes Keller back which forces Keller to fall over the rail. The fall breaks Keller's neck and kills him. Although Beecher's finally free from Keller, he's still trapped in Oz.
Season 5

Beecher's world continues to swim in emotional upheaval. Beecher admits that he misses Keller, so he's ecstatic upon hearing the Keller will be returning. He participates in one of Sister Pete's interventions with Said and Schillinger. Later, McManus assigns new inmate Adam Guenzel to Beecher's pod as Beecher knew Guenzel's family in the past. After getting a threat from the Aryans, Beecher gets the Italians to protect Guenzel from the Aryans. This leads to a major fight in the gym with Guenzel and Beecher escaping unscathed and the Aryans strenghtening their resolve. Guenzel's pal Winthrop, who's now become Schillinger's "girl", tells Guenzel that Beecher's gay and his protection will lead only to Beecher attempting to "convert" Guenzel. Furious, Guenzel confronts Beecher, they fight and Guenzel asks to be moved from Beecher's pod. Soon the slithery Schillinger offers to let Beecher deliver the daily mail so he can see Keller only Schillinger wants Guenzel for himself in trade. When Guenzel continues to refuse Beecher's attempts to help him, the agreement with Schillinger is settled. Excited to be seeing Keller, Beecher goes to deliver Keller's mail only Keller's been taken to the hospital due to the beating Howell delivered to him. After hearing about Guenzel's death, Beecher gives information that implicates Schillinger. This information leads to Schillinger's conviction major charges and subsequent transfer to solitary confinement.
Season 4 Part 2

Beecher's still in love with Keller but the two of them disagree on how to deal with Schillinger. Meanwhile, Beecher and Schillinger decide to participate in Sister Pete's victim offender program. Just when it seems as progress is being made, Schillinger finds out his son Hank was found dead. Schillinger accuses Beecher and swears revenge. Keller hears about this and takes the rap for the murder, when in fact, it was Beecher that arranged for the hit. When Keller gets transferred out of Oz, Schillinger makes a delicate pact with Beecher not to harm him anymore only that changes when Robson tells Schillinger that Beecher's having a parole hearing. This infuriates Schillinger who sends Robson to kill Beecher. Robson's attempt is unsucessful but Beecher is then kept under guard watch while awaiting his parole hearing. Beecher goes to his parole hearing and soon learns that he's been denied.
Season 4 Part 1

The pain continues for Beecher. After Keller gets shot, Toby worries steadily about Keller's recovery. Once Keller's released from the hospital, he and Beecher come to blows after Keller accuses Beecher of being weak for wanting to make peace with Schillinger. A fight ensues and Beecher's sent to the hole. Beecher still wants to make peace with Schillinger as he's tired of the conflicts.To do this, he arranges to have Schillinger's son Hank found and brought to Oz to visit Vern. Although done in earnest, Vern's suspicions convince him that Beecher is up to no good. Beecher then finds out that his children have been kidnapped. Naturally, he snaps and goes on an anger-filled rampage. To make matters worse, Beecher receives a mystery package containing a child's severed hand--the hand he soon discovers is his son Gary's. The final blow comes to Beecher when he learns that Gary's been killed. Sullen and solemn, Beecher decides on revenge and pays Pancamo to have Vern's son Hank killed. At the last minute, Beecher changes his mind only it's too late as the murder's already happened.
Season 3

Back and mended, Beecher returns to his pod with revenge on his mind. He starts his rampage by slashing Metzger's throat. Determined to get back at the guys who broke his arms and legs, Beecher forces Keller to admit he had something to do with the beating, but the confession doesn't change much. Beecher has a more devious plan for getting back at Schillinger. Vern's son, Andy, arrives in Oz and Beecher immediately gets chummy with him. Beecher lets Vern know how much chummier he and Andy could get, but Vern swears it will never happen. After Andy's overdose, Beecher says he wants to clear his conscience and seek forgiveness from Schillinger. Toby turns to Islam for redemption, and ends up joining Said studying the Koran. Soon the two become pod mates. Beecher forgives Schillinger for the past, but when Toby tries to make amends, Vern pulls a knife and a fight ensues. The result? Beecher gets stabbed and Keller comes to his aid. Once healed, Toby realizes his feelings for Keller are sincere and they embrace in their pod.
Season 2

While being forced to fellate an inmate, Beecher bites off the tip of the victim's genitalia. Promising to make Schillinger's life miserable, Beecher sets him up on a murder conspiracy charge which gets Vern more years added to his sentence with no parole. Soon Beecher gets a new podmate, Keller, who he begins to trust and soon falls in love with. However it's all a trick to weaken Beecher's defenses; he discovers this in the gym when Keller and Schillinger gang up on him and break both his legs and arms.(Yikes!)
Season 1

Beecher's sheltered life as an attorney provides no preparation for his new life as an Oz inmate. After being transferred from Adebisi's pod, he lands with Vern Schillinger a power-mad yet intelligent leader of the Aryans. Beecher's relief is short-lived when he realizes he must submit to Vern's seemingly endless abuses. To help him cope, Beecher turns to drugs and spends hours with O'Reily getting high. His drug use alters his personality and in a fit of rage, he throws a chair through the glass pod at Schillinger. The glass shatters and cuts Vern in an eye. Beecher's put in the hole and placed on psychiatric watch. Once he's returned to Em City, Beecher strikes out at Schillinger again by beating him in the gym. Beecher later confronts Schillinger and warns him of his plan to thwart Schillinger's parole.
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