Apple Activities

Pictures of different varieties of apples.
Graphing favorite color apples
Label a bulletin board: "Apeeeeling Work" or "You are the Apple of my Eye"
Apple estimation vs. marble estimation: try to estimate how many seeds are in an apple and how many marbles are in a clear jar. Which is easier to estimate, and why?
Apple circumference - measure the circumference of different sized apples;  line up the apples from biggest to smallest. Try different types of apples (apple tasting party) have dried apples, applesauce, apple juice, fresh apple, apple pie --- which do they like the best? Graph the results.
Make sequence cards for the kids - seeds, tree w/ flower, tree w/ apples, basket of apples, apple pie
One of the new Creative Teaching Press Learn to Read Books is "Who Will Help?" It is like the Little Red Hen

Sing Apples and Bananas
Each child brings an apple. Count, sort, and graph them on a big floor graph. Weigh some of them using a balance scale and teddy bear counters.
Eat red, yellow, and green apples and graph the favorites.
The kids use words to describe apples and the teacher writes them on a big apple shaped chart.

Tell the story of the Little Red House before using the big book. This is from The Color Box, too. You can make an apple: kids cut out a big apple shape from red construction paper, a smaller one from white and this one is glued on the red one. Draw seeds and add construction paper stem and leaf.
 Little Red House with a Star Inside

Another fun apple activity is to have the children estimate how many bites it will take to get to the core of an apple. They can count as they eat! This is done in pairs with one child behind the other. The one in back does the work, then they can reverse directions, and repeat with the other child doing the "work."

Criss-cross applesauce (make an X on the child's back)
     Spiders crawling up your spine (finger walk up child's spine)
     Cool breeze (blow on child's neck)
     Tight squeeze (gently squeeze the child's shoulders)
     Now you've got the chillies! (You get a funny feeling like goose bumps)

Apple Divider Art (taken from the book "Oodles and Doodles of Art' ----- Siegler & Torgenson, Teaching & Learning Company, 1994. This is a GREAT book for hands-on, process-oriented art experiences) - Collect paper apple dividers from the grocery store, gather glue and tempera paint. Authors say there are several ways to use items: (1) mix paint with the glue and then let students drizzle on the inside of the dividers or (2) have students paint outside of the apple dividers with lots of different colors. Authors suggest also using dividers for collages with various materials added.
Magic Picture - Make a stencil for apples and worms and let the student make a rubbing over the stencil with crayons to make the magic picture appear.
Let the students draw a picture of a tree and then allow them to place their thumb on a red stamp pad (washable). Next, have them stamp their thumb print on their tree and then they draw green leaves. Can be done individually or as a group for a mural. Allow your students access to collage materials to see what they can create. You could have students write/dictate a stories, write the various numbers of apples they stamped, or write simple sentences like "I see ___  apples" for a class book.

Have the students work in small groups to design their own 'Mini Apple Orchard". Fill a pan with dirt, twigs, toy tractors, green sponges for apple trees with red tissue for apples, or anything the children can come up with as ideas for their orchards.
Make Dried Apple Wreaths. (Note: Directions on how to make dried apples follows in cooking). Cut a wreath shape from cardboard. Glue dried apples rings around the wreath overlapping them. Gather some dried flowers & leaves to fill in the wreath. Add a bow at the top if you like.
Read Apples on Top (a Dr. Suess book). Apples on top project: (great for beginning of year to get to know names). Cut out a skin colored oval out of construction paper -Color in face -Glue googly eyes and yarn for hair. Cut several pieces of 12x18 white construction paper in half On the top of each write "4 Apples on top of Jill" or whatever the child's name Make apple prints (apple cut in half) to make the appropriate number of apples for each letter of the child's name. Hand them around the name. Looks great for displaying a piece of work from everyone at Open House!

Mailbox individual monthly books (I think it was September) just had a great ideas of painting children's hand and part of their arm to make a tree with branches.  We did it today in preschool.  Even my most sensory defensive child agreed.
We "stenciled" this tree 4 times on a piece of 12 x 17 inch paper folder in fourths for a book entitled "The Seasons of _________ (child's name) Apple Tree".  The books is programed to read each season and what you would find on an apple tree during the four seasons.  The book suggests a bare tree for winter, tissue paper blossoms for spring, sponge painted leaves (and using a finger dotted apple) for summer, and torn paper fall colored leaves.
Make a large floor graph and place our apples in the appropriate column according to color.

Talk about the different products made from apples.  Taste some (cider,  pie, juice, applesauce, etc.)
Draw a picture of the outside of an apple.
Describe our apples and list our responses on a chart paper.Cut the apple open and find the surprise inside (a star shape).
Use apple halves to stamp paint apple prints.
Children use plastic knives to chop up the apples to make applesauce.
Visit an apple orchard

Apple printing
Examine apple seeds with a magnifying glass.
Plant some apple seeds and observe.
Incorporate some A is for Apple alphabet activities.
Apple shaped booklets to use at the writing centre.  Some of my children are printing the colours of an apple (red, yellow and green) , or copying some of the apple words posted at the writing centre.  Others are drawing pictures about things they know about apples.

Make an apple tree using plastecine.
Lace apple shaped cards.
Webbing thinking Map with the word Apple in the inner circle and words the kids think of about apples in the larger outer circle.
Johnny Appleseed story-color a picture of him with the pot on his head -or make a Johhny appleseed out of a person shape.
Apple taste test-use 3 different kinds of apples:  Delicious,Granny Smith, and Golden Delicious give each child 1 small wedge of one type at a time to eat.remind them of the name of the apple.
Make a graph visibly showing the colors of the apples-red,green and yellow.  Vote using colored small squares of the same colors. Utilize counting and graphing skills-such as which apple had more votes/less votes? How many did the red(delicious) apple get? and so on...
Do a "what I think I know, what I know, and what I have learned" chart write down what they think they know before you start the unit, in the middle of the unit do the what I think I now,then at the end of the unit -what I have learned.
Large branch in a big pot- I have a big branch in a pot in my roo, We traced red circles last week and cut them out. I showed them how to glue pre-cut stems and leaves. We  put the apples on our Fall apple tree visibly showing how the apple tree looks in the fall when the apples are ready to be picked.
Apple name tags and apple name plates
Apple booklet
Apple Prints: I have discovered a few things about doing apple prints so they come out looking like apples and not just circles. Cut the apples the day before you will use them for printing. Also, it is helpful to put the paint on a piece of paper towel in a tray. It becomes more like a stamp pad and the apples print better.
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