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Current Projects > Multipurpose Facility > Newsletter > Arena Update - Vol. 3 No. 3 - April 14, 2003

Demolition of the arena structure is complete except for the rink slab. This part of the work will be coordinated with the soil remediation component. The old column footings were well entrenched and blasting was necessary to assist in their removal. As previously reported, much of the waste concrete building material will be recycled. It will be stored on site in a bermed area until needed. A portable concrete batch plant may be assembled on site for the manufacture of concrete. Concrete samples made from the processed material is currently being tested for suitability.

Site Contamination:
The hazardous building materials removal program is essentially complete. At this point, that portion of the work is within budget. Air monitoring of further waste concrete processing will continue to ensure worker and public safety.

Test pits have been excavated to determine extent of soil contamination. Analysis is ongoing and the final soil remediation report will be completed in early April.

Project and Contract Documentation:
Work on construction drawings continues. The developer's design team is now complete. Local firms are well represented.

Mechanical: Keen Engineering, Victoria
Refrigeration: R. Strong and Associates, Vancouver
Structural: Pomeroy Engineering Ltd., Burnaby
Electrical: Robert Freundlich and Associates, Victoria
Landscape: Lombard North Group, Victoria
Architectural (local support only): John Neilson Architects Inc., Victoria
Geotechnical: Trow Consulting, Victoria
Soil and Stormwater: Aquatex Scientific Consulting Ltd., Kimberley
Surveying: Focus Intec, Victoria
Engineering Testing: C.N. Ryzuk and Associates, Victoria

The project team did not present to the Advisory Design Panel as expected in March. This will occur at a mutually agreed date and will include an update on the landscape plan.

Public Art:
The Project Public Art Committee held its first jury meeting at which fourteen individuals and artists' groups were selected as semi-finalists. The art committee met with them and the architect in late February to ensure that the artists understood the scope and significance of the site. They will be submitting site specific proposals for review in early May. At that time the jury will select the five (maximum) finalists, with a final determination to be made by the end of June.

Veteran's Multiplex Committee:
The concept design of the memorial inside the main lobby has been approved in principal by the Veteran's Multiplex Committee. The committee is now developing its marketing and fund raising campaign. The memorial design, which includes the original plaque, four new marble plaques, a Maarten Schaddelee sculpture and five large flags, will be made public shortly.

Greater Victoria Sport Hall of Fame:
As part of the support agreement with the municipality of Saanich and the developer, the Greater Victoria Sport Hall of Fame was to be relocated from Commonwealth Place to the new arena. A number of design meetings have been held with the project architect to develop a vision and design concept for the hall. The community entrance lobby located at the east side of the arena will form the focal point of the Sport Hall. The GVSHF has engaged a curator and a designer to assist in the development of their plans. It promises to be innovative and exciting.

Interdisciplinary Committee:
The Interdisciplinary Committee continues to meet regularly. Topics discussed include transportation management, greenways, surface parking areas, and the Canadian Baseball League. The traffic demand management consultants hired by the City met with the North Park board recently for a productive two hour workshop.

Neighbourhood Issues:
The developer's construction team continue to work with their immediate neighbours, the police station and the curling rink, to ensure minimal disruption to their operations. The new underground electrical feeder to the curling rink is in the design stage and discussions will be held with rink management once design is complete.

The Dowler Place access route to Pembroke Street and Island Farms will be closed sooner rather than later to accommodate excavation and forming of the north west arena stair tower. City engineering staff are designing the new right turn onto Pembroke Street which will need to accommodate Island Farms truck traffic. The work is expected to be completed by early May.

The North Park Neighbourhood Association is represented on both the Interdisciplinary Committee (off site and operational issues) and the Arena Green Group (design and construction issues). Their recent newsletter provided positive feedback on their involvement to date.

Arena Greening:
The developer recently conducted a day long charette with his design team which includes a LEEDTM certified architect and mechanical engineer. The City's Quantity Surveyor and key project staff were also participants in the process. The stated intention of that meeting, facilitated by another LEEDTM accredited professional, was to inform the developer and the City on the best approach to achieving sustainability objectives based on the LEEDTM model. The developer intends to present the audit report and its findings to the City's "Arena Green Group" in early April. As agreed to in the Design Build contract, the developer and City will work together as partners in ensuring that best efforts are made in building an environmentally sensitive facility within the budget provided by City taxpayers. This commitment is demonstrated for example, by the innovative reuse of concrete waste, the extensive site sedimentation control procedures, and the shared responsibility in developing these and other initiatives.


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