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 12:00 AM, 23-SEPTEMBER-05
Star Angles For Millennium Film

Lance Henriksen, who starred in the defunct Fox SF series Millennium, told SCI FI Wire that he would love to return to the character for a feature film. "There's many reasons why I would be [interested]," Henriksen said in an interview. "I remember when we shot the pilot, I thought it was a movie. It took us a month to shoot the pilot, and it was great. It was a great experience. Doing a film you'd have more language. You wouldn't be straddled by the network censors, and it would be very interesting to get into more detail about certain things."

In the Fox TV series, which ran for three seasons 1996-'99, Henriksen played Frank Black, a former FBI profiler with heightened sensitivities, who joined a shadowy group trying to forestall the apocalypse. Henriksen said he's even spoken with Chris Carter, who created the show as a follow-up to the more popular The X-Files, about what the story of the film would be. "We've broached the subject quite a few times," he said. "That's like offering somebody a tremendous amount of work. But he's smart. He could make it work."

Millennium was canceled before the actual turn of the century, but Henriksen's character did make an appearance in a millennium-themed episode of The X-Files during its seventh season. Still, Henriksen feels that his character never got a proper sendoff. "The episode was about zombies," he said. "And I didn't really know what Chris was thinking when he said it would be closure. You know what I mean? I mean, the only closure was that the ball dropped, and it was now the year 2000. The zombies didn't have anything to do with it."

With the third and final season recently released on DVD, Henriksen hopes that the fans will show enough support for the series to justify a film. "I wonder if the sales of these will tell us how many people loved the show and whether or not the movie ought to be made," he said. "I mean, the guy still is alive. Maybe it's a good thing there was no closure for Millennium, because now if we did a movie it would be good closure for me."

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