Republic YF-96A
Republic YF-96A The Republic YF-96A (S/N 49-2430) was the early and brief designation for what became the F-84F. The aircraft was built by taking an F-84E fuselage and adding a sweptback wing and tail assembly. The aircraft's first flight was on 3 June, 1950. The YF-96A, because of its -E model fuselage, was powered by the Allison J35. Two additional prototypes were built as XF-84Fs (S/N 51-1344 and 51-1345). These aircraft had a 7" section spliced into the fuselage to make room for the larger Wright J65 turbojet which also required a larger volume of intake air.

The YF-96A was later modified to test the feasibility of bomber aircraft carrying their own escort fighters in the bomb bay. The FICON (FIghter CONveyor) project never passed beyond the test phase because in-flight refueling proved more practical and efficient for long-range escort of bomber aircraft.

Number built/Converted
Became XF-84F
Span: 33 ft. 7 in.
Length: 42 ft. 11 in.
Height: 14 ft. 4 in.
Armament: Designed for four .50-cal. machine guns
Engines: Allison J35-A-25 jet engine of 5,200 lbs. thrust.

Maximum speed: 670 mph
Cruising speed: 600 mph.
Range: 1,800 miles
Service ceiling: 45,000 ft.

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  • In flight - S/N 49-2430

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This aircraft information is from the USAF Museum Archives.
The YF-96A which became the YRF-84F FICON
is on display in the Museum Research and Development Hangar.