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The Gay Homeland Foundation is an international organization dedicated to the idea of establishment of a self-administrated territory for all GLBT people. Our organization was established in Cologne, Germany in 2005.

While gay and lesbian people in many European nations and Canada enjoy freedom from discrimination and rights equal to those of their heterosexual co-citizens, most GLBT people elsewhere are subject to harassment, humiliation and government-endorsed discrimination. In many nations, our civil rights are violated by prohibition of same-sex marriage, professional restrictions and social oppression, and in other countries, homosexuality is persecuted by criminal laws which frequently result in long imprisonment or death sentences for those engaging in the expression of their personality, love and for simply being who they are. Even in countries such as the United States — long believed to be liberal and taking positive steps towards GLBT emancipation — a severe backlash may be in the offing.

We recognize and applaud the efforts of the many international and local gay and lesbian organizations in the world such as ILGA, HRC, LSVD, Amnesty International, and many others. While their efforts have resulted in tangible progress including such major advances as civil partnership and even gay marriage in some nations, there is still much to do for GLBT people in nations where such rights and freedoms are not forthcoming.

Consider that while daily life for heterosexuals in some countries is wrought with hardship, the lot of homosexuals in those places is much more severe. For many, there is only one way out, one beacon of hope for an end to government-imposed tyranny — migration to a welcoming, embracing nation with a fundamental legal commitment to equality for all GLBT people enshrined in its founding principles.

As no such nation exists and none of the leading liberal countries offer guaranteed immigration or asylum for persecuted GLBT people, we believe that there is great need to establish a territory somewhere on this planet for GLBT people in which they would find refuge, protection and welcome among their own kind.  To realize this dream of safe haven and refuge for those currently at risk — a gay homeland — will require commitment and long-term, significant efforts of many, but well are absolutely sure that in the end, our accomplishments will far outweigh the sacrifices, risks and exertion which still lies ahead.

We invite you here and now to join our efforts today by exploring our web site and then clicking on our “join us” page.











© 2005 Gay Homeland Foundation, Cologne (Germany).