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  "The Jewish State"

    by Theodor Herzl

"Colonies & Super-Families"

   by Jeff Koslik








The gay homeland movement includes, of course, not only the strive for a physical homeland for gay refugees. The self-consciousness as a people shall be sthrenghtened, a kind of "national identity" still to be created. It's true, we originate from a variety of nations,  but aren't we a a people of our own? What makes a folk - the genes, the language or the territory alone? No, that's the culture and the system of shared values that makes a people. We, the GLBT folks, are a unique people on this planet, a people with it's specific culture and customs - despite, or rather due to our diversity. We shall consider this diversity as something precious and learn to give our national identity a form.

Essencial elements of any national identity are the records of the national history, the national treasury of art and literature and the social solidarity amongst the nation.

If we are serious in our beliefe, we have to track our history in different cultures; we have to gather, classify and translate the works of literature and film art and make them available to our people worldwide. Gay people shall learn to appreciate the greateness and diversity of our culture, especially the youth is in need of positive role models and requires assistance to gain self-consciousness. We also shall spread our culture to the world in general, remember our artists and heroes and show our pride of them. The pride and solidarity amongst our people shall be integral parts of our culture, and our organization shall strive to support social projects in the community.

Therefore we think that at least following long-term projects shall be established and supported with our personell and financial means:

National Archives

Ancient and recent understanding of same-sex love and affection shall be gathered and recorded, different roles in various societies be investigated and made available. The history of modern GLBT emancipation shall be tracked and names of the mastermindes preserved for the future generations. But not only the deadly serious politics and oppression shall stay in our memory, the historical anecdotes shall please us as well. There are of course several projects in the US and Europe in progress, nevertheless we would need an all-inclusive approach for as many cultures and languages as possible. 

National Library

The poesy and prose as well as film art shall be collected in one place and be made available to our people. Translations from and to various languages shall be assisted by financial means and popularization of gay art work shall be supported. A central online- and various local collections of gay art work shall be created. Librarians cross over the world shall be adviced to adopt gay literature into their stocks, donations of gay books and film media to town and school libraries shall be encouraged. Young artists shall be motivated to create "queer art" and be assisted to find a publisher or a producer.

Social Network

There are older and sick gay people in need of care and assistance, many are lonely and have only few social contacts. On the other hand, there are many young gay people looking for an occupation and in need of advice and education. We could help to bring both parties together and strenghthen the social network in local gay communities. The wide-spread social separation of gay men and lesbian women shall be overcome, and lesbians being the "more highly evolved life form than gay men" shall be finally recognized by the gay male society. Certain financial aid to projects in developing countries shall be encouraged.

Local representations

Depending on specific circumstances in particular countries, our local representations shall assist political emancipation of the gay people and/or relocation of our people to secure environments. This can include creation of protected settlements, emigration aid or simple refuge accomodations for gay teens and adults set out of homes because of being gay.

UN representation

The goal of establishing an official representation at the United Nations Organization shall be pursued together with other GLBT organizations. Only joint efforts can be granted success on international stage. To date, we recognize the leading role of ILGA as the most numerous and representative GLBT organization. As long as no functioning territorial GLBT state is actually established, the all-inclusive claims from any other entities shall be refused as lacking legitimacy. When the goal of creation a self-administrated gay homeland is achieved, the legitimate government shall take over the representation of the gay people at the UN.

Repatriation service

In cases when gay people are in life danger due to homophobic persecution, the possibility of state-assisted "go-and-get-home" service to the gay homeland shall be taken into account.


The idea of issuing gay stamps, gay coins and "pink dollars" is very popular and makes the hearts of gay people beat faster. Indeed, it would be a source of joy to all of us to see some famose faggots (autsch!) decorate a letter or a post card, a beauty on a coin could make us feel very warm as well. Why not? In many countries it is possible for organizations to cooperate with the postal service and issue stamps with their own design. We can surelly find some artists among us and honour our famose people in this way. Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, Allen Ginsberg and Sappho would be for sure worthy individuals to be remembered of in this way, something kawaii with Ganymedes would sell like hotcakes, too. 

Something more? Tell us!

If you would like to participate or lead the projects or have some new ideas what could be done to strengthen our self-consciousness as a people, don't hesitate to submit your suggestions to us. We appreciate fresh input the most! 

If you would like to support some particular project, please notify us.











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