Jews In The Spanish Civil War

By Martin Sugarman, BA (Hons.), Cert. Ed. (Assistant Archivist AJEX Jewish Military Museum)

For reasons best known to themselves, most adherents of the Left - both old and new - and even the Jewish Community itself - have been, till recently, loathe to acknowledge and recall the dominant Jewish role in the International Brigade's struggle against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War. Stereotyped as timid and submissive, thousands of Jews from 53 countries in reality went to fight and die fighting Franco, firing the first shots against Fascism. Some went openly as Jews, others took aliases; some fought in the battalions of their country of birth, others with other national groups; some went via other nations, others came directly to Spain; some were refugees from anti-Semitism or political oppression already, others came freely from the democracies. In addition thousands more Jews worldwide were active in solidarity campaigns, fund raising and refugee rescue, on behalf of the Republican Democrats. Most non-Jewish students of the conflict, however, have no problem emphasising the major part played by Jews in the IB, and the Black actor Paul Robeson even sang and recorded Yiddish songs for the Jewish soldiers in Spain (see reference to O'Riordan, below)


I would like to especially thank Joe Garber, Sol Frankel, Lou Kenton, Simon Hirshman and Major Len Crome, MC (Jewish veterans of the Spanish Civil War) and Bill Alexander (Former Commissar of the Atlee Bat.) for their help and encouragement in compiling this list. Dr Saul Issroff of the Jewish Genealogical Society of the UK was also very helpful. Fred Dellheim - a former Jewish Kindertransportee and WW2 D-Day veteran, and current secretary of the German anti-Fascist Association and Veterans of Anti-Fascism - presented to the author a list of hundreds of German veterans of the Spanish Civil War at a meeting with the author in London in June 1999. A huge number were Jews and this list exists separately at present in the AJEX Archives.

I was able to add considerable detail and names by consulting many files in the International Brigade (IB) archive at the Marx Memorial Library (ML) in Clerkenwell, and thank the librarian there (Tish Newland) for her assistance One particular list in these files was compiled by either Peter Kerrigan or Ted Edwards, the Atlee Battalion secretary, during or soon after the war and contained many British Jewish names not found elsewhere. Special thanks also goes to James Carmody who supplied me so generously with extra material from his own researches on the IB over many years at both the PRO and with correspondents abroad, including many names from David Diamint's (DD) rare book (see below) which I also consulted at the British Library. James also pointed me to a book by Marcel Acier, "From Spanish Trenches" written in 1937 (Modern Age, NY) at the ML, containing many personal memoirs of Jewish Brigaders.


It is estimated that up to 25% of all the (IB) Fighters were Jewish (Alberto Fernandez, "Judios en la Guerra de Espana" , Tiempo de Historia, Madrid, Sept., 1975, "Los Judios Luchadores de la Libertad" by Gina Medem, Madrid, 1937 and Josef Toch "Juden im Spanischen Krieg 1936-39", Zeitgeschichte, Vienna, April 1973) - up to 10,000 men and women. Whilst 20th century history documents well the mass murder of Jews, Jewish resistance by comparison is feebly recorded. This included in Spain the following approximate numbers of Jewish fighters and participants in the IB - Poland - 2250 (of 5,000 Poles - 45% - Jews only 10% of Polish population)

USA - 1250 (38% of total USA Volunteers - Jews only 4% of US population)

France - 1043 (15% - Jews only 0.5% of population)

Britain - between 200 and 400 (11 - 22% - Jews 0.5% of population - DD)

Palestine - 500

Hungarian, Austrian (120-150 volunteers based on research by Hans Landauer and others in The Leo Baeck Year Book 1995, footnote page 17) , Czech, Yugoslav (34), Bulgarian (17), Canadian (71 Jews from Canada - in The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion) , Italian, Scandinavian, German - all totalling 1095 (work by Arno Lustiger in "German and Austrian Jews in the International Brigade" published in Frankfurt 1989 - and also "Schalom Libertad - Juden in Spanischau Burgerkrieg", also published in French - and the Leo Baeck Year Book No. 35 1990, shows at least 4-500 German Jews fought in Spain), Belgian ( a study by Rudi van Doorslaer "Belgian Jews in the International Brigade" is mentioned in the IB archives at the ML box D4, dated 17.7.86 and is in the AJEX archives, describes 200 Belgian Jews in Spain (30 of them women) , 31 of whom were kia and a further 20 more kia in the Belgian Resistance in WW2). Most of the European volunteers went on to fight in the Resistance groups in WW2, many of them being captured and murdered by the Nazis.

Soviet Union - 53 (a vast underestimate - new research in the archives in Russia will reveal a huge number of Jewish participants)

Virtually all the Romanians (see the article by Lending in the Jewish Workers Circle (JWC) journal, "Horizons" - see below)

40 other countries - 1602.

59 of the 124 American medical team were Jews (48%) - Prago, see below - and virtually all of the 40 Polish doctors. Of the estimated 66 American Jews from Brownsville in Brooklyn, who went to Spain, only 25 returned (Prago).

In fact the Polish Dombrowski Brigade (part of the 13th IB) formed a Jewish Company from the 2nd Palafox Bat. (named after a Spanish patriot from the Napoleonic invasion), called The Botwin Coy., on Dec 12th 1937 at Tardadientes, and named after Naftali Botwin (a famous Polish Jewish radical, executed in 1924 for assassinating a Polish Secret police agent). Their orders and banner was written in Yiddish, Polish and Spanish and they issued a Yiddish written newspaper ("Botwin"), first published on Dec 30th 1937. In fact the first edition of a Yiddish newspaper called "Der Freihaits Kempfer" or "Fighters for Liberty", appeared at the Front on Aug 7 1937. Jews also spoke Hebrew and Ladino as a lingua franca among themselves within the different national groups and the Republic also allowed radio broadcasts in Yiddish too. The Botwins included the only two Arabs in the IB, one of whom was from Jerusalem and spoke Yiddish! The last stanza of the company hymn was " …how Jewish Botwin soldiers drove out the fascist plague! No Passaran! " (see "The Jewish Naftali Botwin Company", J Rothenberg, Jewish Frontiers Journal, USA, date unknown, at IB archive, ML;it includes references to several books written in Poland by Botwin and Dombrowski Jewish veterans). Trained at Albacete, the Botwins went into action on Feb 12th 1938 in the Sierra Quemeda near Belal Alcazar, then fought at Belchite March 12-16th 1938. They were virtually wiped out at the battles of the Ebro/Estramadura at Hill 281(18 out of 120 survived !) and received the "Medalla de Valor" from the government (see Hirschmann below). All four successive commanders were killed in action - first Carol Gutman on Feb 13th and then Moise Micha Sapir on April 2nd at Lerida. Hirschmann also provided extracts from the books, "Poles in the Spanish Civil War", Ministry of Defence, Poland, and "International Solidarity with the Spanish Republic", Progress Publishers, Moscow 1975, containing numerous references to the Botwins. The newly reinforced Botwins later formed the rearguard for the IB as they withdrew into France as the fighting ended and it is ironic that the first IB casualty was Jewish (Leon Baum, from Paris) and the last (Haskel Honigstern; the Spanish poet Jose Herrera wrote of him "…Haskel Honigstern, Polish worker of the Jewish Race, son of an obscure land, killed in the light of my homeland". He was given a state funeral in Barcelona on Oct 6th 1938). Later, most Botwins joined the Maquis and other Partisan groups in WW2, many dying in fighting the Nazis. In Poland, however, after the 6 Day war in 1967 and the anti-Jewish purges, all the memorials to the Botwin men that had been erected, were wiped out.

As Simon Hirshmann said, Jewish youth of this period - especially in eastern Europe - were living under anti-Semitic regimes and chose to fight back by joining either Zionism or Communism; many chose the latter and Spain gave them a chance to take up arms in the cause of working people and democracy, and with much herosim and self-sacrifice. They are a group much to be admired. But Zionists were equally anti-Fascist and many of the Jewish volunteers from Europe and of course Palestine were Zionist Socialists.

Joe Garber testifies to the fact that there were hundreds of Jews in the German and Austrian Thaelmann battalion and hundreds with the French. He and Sol Frankel also are quite clear that George Orwell was an MI6 agent informing on British Volunteers whom he visited in hospital when wounded, and that the author Laurie Lee vastly exaggerated his part in the conflict.

There are several important published works on this subject (see below) supporting these facts of the immense Jewish contribution. Listed below in the first section are some of the known British Jews who went to Spain together with those of many other nationalities. THE FIGURES ARE FAR FROM COMPLETE as many world-wide did not identify as Jews and used aliases, and most witnesses have died before being able to testify. On this issue Joe Garber was an inestimable source of information and I thank him enormously.

Reference to MSCW is to the book "Memorials of the Spanish Civil War" by Williams, Alexander and Gorman, Alan Sutton, UK, 1996. BVFL is "British Volunteers for Liberty" by Bill Alexander, Lawrence and Wishart, 1982. CTC is "Cheetham to Cordova" by Maurice Levine and Neil Richardson, Manchester Jewish Museum, 1984. PI is Personal Interview held whilst at the 62nd Anniversary of the start of the War reunion at Jubilee Gardens, London on 18.7.98, carried out by Martin Sugarman with Jewish veterans, or whose names were given at the reunion, to him by other veterans. Lou Kenton also sent names from the roll in Bill Rust's book "Britons in Spain". LBYB is the Leo Baeck Year Book which has contained articles about Jews who fought in Spain and is published by the Leo Baeck Institute in London.

Other important works on this subject include "Combattants Juifs dans l'Armee Republicaine Espagnole" by David Diamint, Editions Renouveau, Paris 1979, in French - describing the massive contribution of Jews in the IB and containing names lists, numerous first hand accounts by Jewish fighters and a section on women fighters; Alfred Prago's "Jews in the International Brigades in Spain", Jewish Currents, New York, Feb and March 1979. Also G E Sichon, "Les Volontaires Juifs dans la Guerre Civile en Espagne", Les Temps Modernes, October 1988 and A S Rockman, "Jewish Participation in the IB's in The Spanish Civil War", MA thesis California State University, Fullerton. Much information and several photos were also found in "The Book of the 15th Brigade" pub. by The Commissariat, Madrid 1938 and republished by F Graham, Newcastle, 1975 - abbreviated as "B15B" below. Also more details came from "The Shattered Dream" by Alek Szurek, Columbia University Press 1989, abbreviated as TSD and "Apprentices of Freedom" by J Cook, Quartet 1979 - especially on George Nathan and Maurice Levene. Mentioned also in the latter book is the brief description of discrimination made against Jewish POW's; Bob Doyle (page 119) noted that after his capture (with Maurice Levitas, Dave Goodman and others) at Calaceite near Gandesa on March 31st 1938 Italian and Gestapo guards "ordered all Communists and Jews to step forward"; this is described in more detail in a long article "Irish and Jewish Volunteers in the Spanish Anti-Fascist War - 50th Anniversary lecture" pp. 25-28 by M. O'Riordan of the Irish TGWU at the Irish Jewish Museum in Dublin, Nov 1987, found in the ML Archive. Gary McCarthy (Cook, p.123) noted that "at San Sebastian prison in 1938, Spanish and German guards took photos of those lads who were obviously Jewish, and of Negroes too and when Jimmy Goldstein/Goldsmith was singled out I stepped forward too!" In fact Jews were constantly slandered in Spanish fascist radio broadcasts and newspapers - even though virtually no Jews lived in Spain! - and their large presence in the IB was often a target for fascist newspapers all over Europe.

The list of KNOWN British KIA is in the appendix of MSCW (with a Star of David against those known to be Jewish in the author's copy only) - there are 43 of them and another 7 probables. Many others had non-Jewish aliases (as Joe Garber and others have told me) and we may never know their religious affiliation or origin. Some American, Polish and other names are found in the first section immediately below, but the bulk are in a separate list further on. Spellings, especially of Polish names, may have lost accuracy in the transliteration. Finally, some further details have come from an LSE PhD, by Richard Baxell (Bax), on the British Volunteers, which he kindly sent me. It includes some of the actual ID numbers issued to the men and women ho went to Spain.

The British Atlee Battalion - this consisted originally of 600 men formed in Jan. 1937 at Madrigueras as part of the 15th IB; before that the British were No 1 Company of the Marseillaise Brigade. Of the approx. 2,000 volunteers as many as 2-400 were Jewish (11-22% - DD)

Some other nationalities are included here due to the order of the original interviews with Joe Garber and others.

1056 Sgt Samuel/Sydney Aarons - Melbourne, Australia (ML)

201 Joseph Albaya (?)

Jack /Jacob Alexander - Bethnal Green and Australia - POW 3/38 (ML)

736 M Aaronberg - Sheffield, 43, Wolstenholme Rd - KIA Feb 27th 1937 at Jarama.
Nathan Abramson - Bow, London - KIA April 1938 - Gandesa/Calaceite
Paul Abrams - POW Feb 1937 for 3 months - exchanged for Fascist POW's
Sidney Avner - over 6 feet tall from London, attended Davenant Foundation School - KIA Boadilla Dec 20th, 1936 - from 55, Clapton Common, Upper Clapton.
Abraham Abrahamson KIA Brunette, Hero of the Soviet Union (Prago)
Abe Arnowdin(?) USA (letter)
1309 Basil Abrahams, aka David Minsk, 15th Brigade Staff - POW 13/2/37 and repat. 5/37, later returning to Spain to fight again! - 187, Mare St, Hackney, London/3, Cecil St., Mile End - baker BVFL p 185 - died 1/6/95
175 Lt Harry Aubrey/Horbury - B15B

Leon Baum - French - KIA Irun (Prago) - 1st IB casualty!
Louis Babot - Shoreditch (?)
Babetski - USA - PI J Garber
Nicholas Barblinger - possibly born Russia - later fought in French Foreign Legion, interned Oran, the joined PC in British Army and fought in North Africa, Italy and at Arnhem with 21st Indep. Paras.
Cyril/Charles Bloom - London - WIA Jarama - PI J Garber
Julian Bell - ambulance driver, nephew of Virginia Woolf - to be confirmed.
598 Cyril Bowman - Cheetham, Manchester
Sam Baron - newspaper correspondent - Crook diaries at ML
Emeric Biederman - b. Romania - 44/4a Birch Lane, Longsight, Manchester (ML) - after WW2 lived in Romania.
O Brinckman (?)
1445 Thomas Arthur Bielstein - Scunthorpe (ML)
David Baumgartner/Baumgarten - aka Bennett - Manchester
43 Zelig I. Bronstein - Paris (ML) - mechanic with 15th Brig.
Dave Buffman - Leeds - KIA Sept. 1938 Ebro
Charles Sewell Bloom - 54 Imperial Avenue Stoke Newington N16 - served Badalona Hospital (ML)
Bert Becker - USA
Karl Boden - Salford - Signals (ML)
Reginald Bayer - Highbury
Harry A. G. Bayer/Beyer - 16 Barclay St., St Pancras (ML)
L Boyarski from Jo'burg, South Africa
Morris Breier/Brier - USA
105 Jack Braverman PI - 44 Cromer St Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch, E2 (ML)
Ronald Burgess - son of Charlotte Guest, second wife of Prof Haldane - of Jewish origin PI J Garber. Charlotte Haldane was a War Correspondent in Spain.
Dr Edward K Barsky - ML - USA - a Chief MO of the IB - 127 West 86th St NYC
Alec Bernstein - Manchester
1141 Arthur Blackson/Blackman - London and Winchester “to be confirmed”
Else Behrens - photographer - ML.
Capt. Dr Bernstein/Berstein ML
David Blick/Black ML - aka Block/Bloch, pilot KIA WW2 on the 1st 1000 bomber raid on Cologne - Runnymede memorial - brother Sam also KIA RAF WW2
Bill Briskey kia Jarama 12.2.37 - Hackney

Ralph C(K)antorovitch/Cantor - 142, Waterloo Rd, Manchester -KIA Mosquito Hill, Brunete July 1937
Phil Caplan aka Richards - 83, Shirland Gdns, Maida Vale, W7, London, boxer by profession - KIA July or Feb. 1937 Brunete - J Garber says Jarama.
Sidney/Solomon Chaginsky aka Moreland - POW 3/38, repat. 10/38 - Hackney, London PI
Fred Chaike - WIA Brunete 7/37 (ML)
H. Carrass (?)
Alfred Capps - Hackney, London - KIA Jan 20th 1938 at Teruel
Nat Cohen PI - MSCW p 126/7 - Streatham.
1311 Nathan Cohen - Stepney - Tom Mann Centurion
Vic Cohen ML
Harold Ceiternbaum aka Bourne/Sittingbaum - Westcliff on Sea
Sgt. Max Cohen/Colin/Collins aka Myer/Meir Cohn - WIA BVFL p 138 - born 1912 in Stepney, of 82 Kyverdale Rd. N16 and 73 Wigan House Warwick Grove E5 - ambulance driver and mechanic, WIA by Italian planes at Brunete and evacuated and then returned for a second tour! Drove ambulance from London to Barcelona. Detailed diaries at ML
101 Simon Cohen - 2, Leander St., Mt Pleasant Liverpool - (ML)
S. Cohen - 2 Overton St Liverpool - Builder, WIA in head (ML)
748 Sidney Cohen - 51 St Thomas Rd Hackney E9 (ML) - fought with Mac-Paps.
Edward Coleman - Manchester
A. Cohen (?)
Jack Cohen - WIA - Manchester/Leeds
Jack Cohen - KIA by a strafing aircraft - Feb 1937, Jarama - Old Haymarket, Liverpool
Leon Cohen - KIA (ML) - Liverpool.
Larry Cohen aka Collier - ambulance driver and WW2.
Stafford Cottman - alias - London
Reuben A. C. Cohen - 43 Dunk St E1 - furrier
Cochrane - alias info. from Joe Garber
492 Julius Jud Colman - 3, Lytton Ave., Cheetham, Manchester - CTC page 30 - served on Cordoba front (info. from K R Bradley, author of "International Brigades in Spain", Osprey 1984) with Nathan in 14th Brigade at Lopera where Cornford was killed, and at Jarama in the 15th Brigade at Morata De Tajuna. Booklet by him in ML archives "Memories of Spain" 1995.
"Camille" - alias of a Palestinian Jew David Kamy (?) later in the "Red Orchestra" spy ring (Prago) - see Israel section
Jack Cooper - USA
Major Dr Leonard Crome, MC (WW2, Colonel RAMC - Cassino) - CO Medical Services IB and later 5th Army (MSCW p24) PI. Russian, born in Latvia, educated in UK - WIA.
David Crook - lived in China with his two sons - PI J Garber - spent 7 years in solitary during Cultural Revolution and in 1990 was still in Beijing. Detailed diary in ML archives.
752 Percy Cohen - info.from JG - 83 Cotswolds Gdns., Hendon - ambulance driver.
Pincus Cohen - London
893 Myer Cohen - 1 Gold St., Stepney.

Lt David Diamint - French - lost both legs at Jarama
Danielis - Czech medic - ML
753 Moishe Davidovitch/Maurice Davis - of 24, Teesdale St, London, E1/ 638, Seven Sisters rd, Tottenham - KIA Feb 12th 1937 Jarama - (brother in law Max Lewis) - "Leader of the 1st Aid Section, a hero throughout that terrible day of Feb 12th….up, down and across shell-scarred and bullet swept slopes, he and his men carried the wounded in stretchers….and when they gave out, blankets. He escaped death a hundred times until in the late afternoon, while running to help a wounded man, he himself was fatally wounded" B15B page 62.
Ted (Edward) A. Dickinson (an alias, originally Austrian Jewish) - Forest Gate, London - murdered as a POW - Feb 2nd 1937, Jarama - after protesting the murder of two other Jewish POW's, Elias and Stevens - he was tied to a tree and shot through the head.
R Daniels - 92 Ernest St Stepney (ML)
Joshua Davidson - Salford/Manchester
243 Henry Daniels - c/o Mrs Bellow, 24 Barnsbury Pk, NW1 (ML)
John Diamond - ML - Canada (?)
Sam Dobraolski - Camden
Gustav Daubenspeck - Hackney
Gershon Dua-Bogen - Polish (Prago)
Andre Diamint/Diamond - Anglo-Egyptian French Jew, 17 Antikhane el Masrich , Cairo - BVFL p 98 - lost his leg but served in French Resistance in WW2, and was executed by the Nazis. His diary is in ML archive.
Sam Dobralski - c/o Alec Horlich, Quebec - POW.
Leslie Daikin (named by Levitas in O'Riordan article)

Joseph Epstein - WIA, French - fought in partisans in WW2 - shot by Nazis.
1298 Samuel Epstein - South Africa (ML)
Hans Eisler - Crook diaries
I. Ehrenbourg - ML - Russian writer
Lewis Emmanuel - 102 Clapton Common - arrested 7/37 entering Spain illegally - returned later.
Elstob ML - pilot, arrested, released
Emrich ML
424 Lt. Herman Ehlert - aka Theo Edward Mann - German born anti-Nazi refugee - c/o Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel (ML) - also fought with Lincolns.
420 Sydney Edelman - 17 Wellington Row, E2, London - KIA/ died of wounds April/Aug. 1938 Aragon/Tarragona
Sid Philip Elias - 17, Camp Rd., Leeds - murdered by machine gun with Stevens as a POW Jarama, Feb 13th 1937, when asked permission to smoke and lowered his hands.
421 Jack Ellis - 116 High St Whitechapel (ML)
Vera Elkan - 14a, Manchester Sq., W1 (ML) - nurse, b. South Africa; served all over Spain; details at ML
1103 Lt. Otto Esterson/Estenson - MSCW page xxv - German seaman from Stockton/ Halcroft, Redcar Rd., Ormsby, Middlesborough? - cited for bravery at Belchite.
Willy Engels - Thaelmann bat. Intell. Officer.

Penny Feivel/Feiwel - b. 1910 London and married to Michael Feivel - was a nurse in Spain, aged 93 in 2003.
1514 Sol Frankel PI 9.5.99 and tapes and photos at AJEX archive - born Rothschild Bldgs. 31.3.14 son of Rose and Philip, Portugese Jewish Primary and JFS - usual route to Spain arriving Dec 1937 (see details and tapes at AJEX Museum). As a sgt. at Brunette saw first action against tanks with British bat. almost losing his head when a canon shell took off his forage cap! On 27.7.38 whilst attacking at Ebro crossing, was seriously wounded was invalided home Dec 1938.
Louis Feldman (ML) - b. Bethnal Green, lived Israel and NY City - British MG company.
Ronald Frankau
Solomon Frankel - Whitechapel
Ziloman Wolf Fishel - b. Stoke Newington, lived Antwerp/Israel
Jacob/Jack Flior - Jo'burg, S Africa, born Latvia - POW 3/38, repat. 2/39
Frank Frankfort/Frankford - Hackney.
Dr Louis Fischer - German - Crook diaries.
Fred Freedman/Frieman - 28 Duckett St., Stepney - kia 20.1.38 at Teruel with 57 bat., 15th Brig .
1580 Sydney Fink - Salford - KIA March/Nov 10-17th 1938 Aragon.
Joseph Farber - Polish - later in uprsing at Birkenau Auschwitz (Prago)
Irving Fajans - USA - later fought in OSS in WW2 - Prago
Milton Felsen - USA - as above.
1414 Joseph Fuhr MSCW page xv - Walworth, London - wia

1805 Ben Glaser - 25, Wellclose Sq., London E1 - KIA Sept 6th 1938 Ebro/Sierra Caballs - letters at Marx Library.
767 Benny/Bernard Goldman - 2, Brewery St., Strangeways, Manchester, upholsterer - Wia (ML) - cited for "displaying untiring work whilst bat. commissar".
80 Jack/John Goldstein - 17 St Cuthbert's Place, Gateshead/5, Smith St., Amble, Northumberland.
Kurt J Glaser, born 3.9.1918, KIA Germany in No 3 Jewish Troop, No 10 Commando, at crossing of Aller River 11.4.45 - aka Capt James K Griffith.
Alfred H. Gold - 8 Spelman St, E1, London/ 98 Bourne Hse., Shepard St E1 - KIA 27th Feb 1937/8 Jarama
Harry Gomm (probable) - 35, Amberley Rd, London W., KIA February 1937 Jarama
Phillipe Goodman - Anglo-French Jew - WW2 Royal Fus. Capt atttached Para Reg. - later met Joe Garber in Balkans SOE work. PI J Garber.
760 Phillip Goodman - 20 Mabfield Rd., Fallowfield, Manchester (ML)/Nottingham
426 Joseph Garber - born Bethnal Green 19.9.1911 and lived 7 Dunk St, Whitechapel, and attended JFS School - 1925 aged 14 years he was awarded the Royal Humane Society Medal for saving the life of a man who fell in the Thames at Tower Bridge - PI - WIA - later an Intelligence officer of the IB and a source of much information about Jewish lads in the IB. He manned a Heavy MG with Yank Levy at Jarama where he was wounded twice. He knew the enigmatic George Nathan and Churchill's nephew, Giles Romilly. He sadly witnessed the deaths of both Phil Morris and Nathan Steigman at Jarama. Served Merchant Navy 1928-31, then RAMC and RASC (3 coy. 6th Bat). number 7406801 in WW2. Due to maritime experience was in SOE smuggling arms to Balkans and Albanian partisans 1943-44 with allied Italian Commandos, working from Monopoly with FANY's assisting. Helped smuggle weapons to the Haganah during RASC service and was a member of Trepper's "Red Orchestra" spy ring giving information to Russia from Nazi sources. Memoirs recorded at IWM and AJEX - photo and AJEX Chaplains card.
David Tony Gilbert - POW 3/38, repat. 10.38 - Bethnal Green
Reuben Ginsburg aka Gainsborough - London and Carmarthen
A Gunter - Kennington
David Guest - KIA Ebro/Gandesa July 26th 1938 - from 12a, Charing Cross Rd WC1, London - educated Oundle and Cambridge (Maths 1st Class), son of Islington Labour MP Dr Hadon Guest and a Jewish mother, Carmel, who was daughter of Col. Goldsmid.
Angela Hadon Guest - S' Agoio Hospital - 199 Sloane St London SW1 - sister of David Guest.
Emma Goldman ML
260 Maurice Goldberg MSCW p 17 - from S. Rhodesia. POW, sentenced to death at a Spanish trial, commuted - held hostage with Leeson till after war - B15B p.199. Lived Bethnal Green and 120, Clarence Rd, Clapton, E5. Born Merthyr Tydfil ?
M. Goldberg - from Russia, 41 Clack St Stepney - JG PI
Charles Gavatzman aka Boyd - Stoke Newington
W. Gilman
Jimmy Goldsmith - "Appr. Of Freedom" p123.
R Goodman - 10, Newton Rd., The Park, Nottingham - KIA Feb 1937/8 Jarama
Alfred Goodman - 3, Kenmure Rd, Hackney (ML)
W R Goodman -18, Briggs St., Salford - KIA Feb 1937 Jarama
Ben Goodman - Manchester (ML)
Charlie Goodman - 8, Eagle Place, Stepney.
673 Bob Goodman - boxer from Manchester - CTC p 39 - mia/KIA Arganda Bridge olive groves, Jarama or POW - 12.2.37. Tank commander at Alamein WW2
Leo Green kia Feb 1937 at Jarama
Arthur "Artie" Goldberg aka Quentin Grogan (JWC) - Lincoln Brigade.
Maurice Green - Manchester - (ML) - KIA 3/38 Aragon
Dave Goodman, 14 Rockliffe Rd., Middlesborough, POW 3/38, repat. 2/39- (MSCW p 74)
Henry/Harry Gross/Groeser - 346, Commercial Rd., London - WIA 12.1.37/KIA July 16th 1937 Brunete - cousin of Louis Stoller of Leeds - from 346 Commercial Rd, E1 - father owned a small sweet shop. Was active in Jewish Lads Brigade and YCL. When his family discovered he was going to Spain they took and hid his clothes! He went anyway.
George Albert Gross - Hammersmith
Irv Goff - USA, Coney Island - operated behind enemy lines with Spanish Guerillas and OSS in WW2 - Prago - won the American Legion of Merit.
Sam Gonshak - USA - Prago
Edward Guerin - Hackney - KIA Quinto 25.10.37/25.8.37
D Grossart - Glasgow - died of wounds 4/37 Jarama
Mark Gura - 18, Sigdon Rd, Hackney, London - KIA Feb 1937, Jarama.

Alan Harris - Leeds PI
Sidney Harris - POW (ML) - Leeds
Stanley Israel Brentman aka Harrison - born in Southwark, London - Southsea, Hants.
Willy Heriberg - South Africa - POW
Augustus Harris - Bootle kia 7/37 Brunete
Jack Harris- Leeds (ML)
Dr Tudor Hart (TSD) - 16 King St (?) London - Chief Doctor at Motoro Hosp.
427 William Harvey/Horwitz - USA - Prago.
763 Martin Hempel - Leyton, London - KIA July 1938, Ebro.
"Jock" Charles Hyman - 123b, South Portland St., Glasgow - KIA March 30th 1937, Jarama
Jacob Hyman/Hyman Jacobs (?) (ML)
L Hart - 1, Stanmore Rd, Burley, Leeds (ML)
Simmy/Simon Hirschman/Hirshman (Simanis Hirsmanis) - born 14.2.12 in Auce, Latvia, son of Wolf and Lily nee Weinberg from Latvia) - memoirs recorded by Cyril Silvertown and Martin Sugarman PI. Simmy lost all his family in The Holocaust when Latvia was overrun. Served Latvian artillery 1932-3. He served in Spain in a Balkan heavy artillery group (Kolarot), completed officers and commissars training, then in a German 11th Brigade anti-tank battery. Eventually he served in the Polish Dombrowski bat. and witnessed the Ebro battle where most of the Botwin Company were virtually wiped out; wounded 4 times; he crossed into France with many refugees on Feb 14th 1939, his birthday! From 1940-47 served in the Merchant Navy, as many IBer's were refused service in the Armed Forces. Separate info. and tapes in archive, with photos.
Sid Hamm - Cardiff Labour Party - KIA July 1937, Brunette - 32 Lisvane St, Cathays.
Joe Hershkovitch/Herman (?) - USA - known to Lou Kenton.

Morris Isaacs - Stepney, E1 - wia Madrid - (ML)

1393 Lionel Jacobs - Nottingham, c/o 5, Aspland Rd, Hackney, E8 - POW 3/38, repat. 2/39 - Gandesa - exchanged for Italian POW's 1939 - MSCW p 105.
Hyman Jacobs aka Harry Jackson, b. 1913 Stepney and described in his brother Joe's book "Out of the Ghetto", pub. by J Simon 1978 - (ML) - POW 3/38 repat. 2/39. Hyman witnessed many atrocities committed on Republican POW's.
Jacobs - South African - pilot
460 Lazarus Jacks lived at same address as Davidovitch, 638 Seven Sisters Rd.
431 William Frank Jacobson - 44 Winsford Terr., Edmonton, E18.
Arnold Jeans - Manchester - kia 19.12.36 Boadilla
Emmanuel "Manny" Julius - London - KIA 8/10 1936 Aragon/Alcubierre - born 25.5.1912 Westcliff-on-Sea, moved in 1925 to Brondesbury, London NW2, educated at Kilburn Grammar School. Went to Spain in late 1935 as driver and correspondent for the "News Chronicle" Ambulance Volunteers, joined the militia who went on raids behind the enemy lines and he was killed. Letter from sister Faiga Olins 4.1.99, with photo.

Kahn? KIA PI at reunion 1998 - not in MSCW
Dr Kahn - ML archive.
Arnold Kellan/Kallan - ambulance driver - ML archive
Kagan - wia Brunete 7/37
Sam Kaplan - KIA at Fuentes de Ebro, rescuing a wounded comrade - Lincoln Brigade.
Joe Kahn - Warehouseman, 37, Wellington Ave., Stamford Hill, N16, London - info. from Cyril Silvertown.
Stephen Kaminiski - London (ML)/Glasgow
Alfred Asher Keffenbaum/Kaffebrum (PRO index Foreign Office 1937) - Israel/London
1584 Jack Kramer aka John Kremner, salesman from Manchester/Bolton and Birmingham ML
Isidore Konigsberg - 106 Cheshire St Bethnal Green - POW 3/38 repat. 10/38(ML)
Herbert Klein - US news correspondent for "New Masses" - Crook diaries.
Jacques Kaminski (Polish/French) - Prago.
Alfred Kantorowicz - MSCW p 87 - German
Friedl Kassovitz KIA 4.7.37 at Navalperal- German - CO 3rd Coy 10th bat 14th brigade (Prago)
"K" Kavetsky - USA
Sid Kurtz - USA later KIA in WW2
Lou Kenton WW2 Merchant Navy PI - Holborn - wia as medic - see Ajex archives.
Lillian Kenton, wife of Lou - physiotherapist
P Kop, kia Brunete July 1937 (DD p392)
Peter Kroger aka Israel Altman aka Morris Cohen - WIA - 1910 - 1995 - 15th Abraham Lincoln Brigade/USA and London. Born in New York of Russian - Polish parents. Fought in WW2 in the US Army in Europe. Part of the famous Portland spy ring in 1961.
Dr Richard Kisch - London - WIA 9/36BVFL p51 - Tom Mann Centurion.
Arthur Koestler - famous author - captured and POW
Joachim/Joseph Kalkstein - born 21.7.20 in Berlin of Polish parents. Fought in Spain and after joined Palestine Police, Czech Legion and then the British SAS. KIA in France Aug 1944 and buried at the CWGC cemetery in Burgundy. A sister lives on a kibbutz in Israel and a brother in New Zealand. His grave originally had a cross but a non-Jewish comrade had this changed at a ceremony in 1999.
Krigel - Chief Medical Officer 45th Div, IB - later Deputy Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia until Soviet takeover - info. Len Crome PI.
Kraus - London PI
M Kuhen, Liverpool, KIA Jarama Feb 1937 (DD)
Issy/Isidore Kupchick Canadian KIA at Segovia 6/37 14th IB - BVFL photo p81

George Leeson MSCW p 17 - POW Jarama, tried in Spanish court, sentenced to death, commuted, hostage with Goldberg till after war - B15B p.199 - 95 Dalyell Rd Brixton SW9 - possibly not Jewish.
Bernard Lampert
1349 Joseph Latus - 3, Grosvenor Ave., Wyndam St, Hull - trawlerman (ML) - cited for efficiency ML - possible??
436 Conrad Levine - 22, Shore Rd , Hackney - ML
Mathew Levin/Levine (ML) - Caerphilly
1395 Maurice Levy - Dalston - (ML)
B Levy - 319 Glengarry Ave, Windsor, Ontario
434 Alf Levy - 123, Stepney Green Bldgs., E1(ML).
Reuben Lewis - Stepney (ML)
Sydney Lewis - London - mia 7/38 Gandesa - (ML)
600 Cecil M. Louis - 14 Sandringham Rd, Golders Green - Air Force air mechanic (ML)
M Landau - London
1420 Alfred Litchfield - alias - kia Gandesa 7/38
Pincus Percy Ludwick - Chief Engineer of the 5th Brigade - born Oct. 1908 London, lived Manchester - father born Minsk and returned to Russia and kia 1920 in Civil war against Whites - after Spain Percy served in Red Air Force in WW2 - details at ML including his unpublished book. Married Sasha, lived Russia after WW2.
Edward Isaac Lending - Lincoln Brigade (article in Horizons, Journal of the Workmen's Circle, Jewish Culture magazine, Jan 1992 - now as JWC).
Samuel R. Lee aka Levy - 29 Norcott Rd., Stamford Hill, N16, London - KIA Feb 27th 1937 Jarama with Lincoln bat. - other sources say with the Irish Connolly column.
1207 Ariel Levine - Hampstead, London KIA March 1938 31st Aragon/Caspe
Aaron Lopoff - USA - Coy. Commander - Prago - wia 9/38 Sierra Pandols - died of wounds
Capt Leonard Lamb aka Lamchick- USA - Prago
1241 Lt Frank/Ernest/Ephraim Lesser PI - Hackney
Sam/Manassa Lesser aka Russell WIA ankle and back 28.12.36 (MSCW pp.23/4) - 39 Lauriston Rd, Hackney E9 - brother of Frank above
601 Maurice Levine - 63, Kings Rd., Prestwich, Manchester, a tailor's cutter - author of "Cheetham to Cordova" published by the Manchester Jewish Museum, 1984 by Neil Richardson. Levine was a veteran of the Kinder Scout Trespass, was twice WIA in Spain (firstly at Brunete) and was in WW2 - page 80 MSCW. Maurice was guard over Col. Delasalle the night he was shot for treason. He also saw Josip Broz (TITO) in Spain even though Tito denied being there.
Moritz Levy/Loewy, born 13.9.1921, Czech, fought in No 3 Jewish Troop, No 10 Commando as Maurice Latimer - fought Dieppe, Normandy, Walcheren.
Marcel Langer - Later in French Resistance in WW2 - Ch. de Leg. d'Hon, Med. de la Resist. avec Rosette ("Des Juifs en Resistance", Le Monde Juif Journal, Sept. 1994, Paris, p.92)
Morry Levitus/Levitas POW 3/38 by Italians at San Pedro Camp, repat. 2/39 - PI - 3, Durward St./78 Brady St Mans., E1. - originally from Dublin - only Irish Jewish volunteer from a tiny community. Son of Harry (b. Kovno and came to Ireland 1912) and Leah nee Rick, b. 1.2.17 at 8, Warren St, Dublin, educated at St Peter's Church of Ireland School. Family went to Glasgow 1927 and London 1931. Morry served WW2 RAMC Burma, became a plumber after and then lecturer, then taught in East Germany.
Sam Harold Levinger, son of a Columbus, Ohio Rabbi - Lincoln Brigade - kia Belchete with MG Coy.
Paul Lewis aka S Silver - 36, Hallswell Rd., Golders Green, London PI - veneer worker.
Arthur Lerner - Stoke Newington/Canada - POW 3/38, repat. 5.2.39
679 J Lobban - Alexandria, Glasgow - KIA Sept. 1938, Ebro.

Cecil Mennel - Canada/London, 1938, KIA Terruel - PI Joe Garber.
Alan Marks aka Jacsensky , tailor - 6, Craven St., E1 London KIA July 1937 Brunete
Sam Masters aka Morris Simon - 110, Newark St., E1 London - KIA July 1937 Brunete - one of the first British kia. Cited for "coolness and efficiency", ML archive.
George Mayer
Joe Maisters - Leeds PI
Martin Messer - Glasgow and 26 Lydon Rd SW4 - KIA Dec 20th 1936 Boadilla
1340 Maurice/Sam Miller - Hull - KIA Aug 1938 Ebro/Sierra Pandols, Hill 666
Jacob Nus Mendel, pilot from Jo'burg South Africa
Dr Minkoff - worked with nurse Goldin/Spiegel (ML) - Bulgarian
1348 Alex Marcovitch - tailor, 415 Eglinton St., Glasgow (ML)
Morris Mendelson - 135 Wellington Rd South, Stockport, Ches., Manchester (ML) - upholsterer.
Montague Mandell - 16 Aristotle Rd, Clapham (ML) and Manchester - kia July or Feb 1937 Brunete/Jarama.
Marcel Montague - London
David Mindline aka Danker - Finchley (ML)
1093 William Moses aka W Stewart (ML) - 127 East Rd, London N1 - plumber - army no 143424 - Canadian (?) - kia??.
Phil Morris - 33, Cambridge Bldgs., Darling Row E1 - London - KIA Feb 2nd 1937 Jarama - photo
Joe/ Charles Eugene Morse - USA - PI J Garber
Bert Masky - 167, Lloyd St., Manchester CTC p39. MIA/KIA Arganda Bridge olive groves, Jarama 12.2.37 or POW. Born Lithuania. Sister married to Sam Wild.
Anton Miles - Stoke Newington
G. Murray - USA
Isidore Lipshitz aka John Murra - JWC article - Lincoln Brigade.

Wolf Nathan aka William - POW 3/38 , repat. 10/38 - fruiterer and seaman, Aubrey's Fruit Store, Newington Green N16/12 Challis Ct, Commercial Rd. E1
A S Nathan - London - KIA July 1937, Brunete
David Newman - Edmonton (ML)
1399 Max Nash aka Nunez - Sephardi from Hackney, London - KIA Ebro/Gandesa July/Aug 1st 1938
Dino Neri/Frank Nerry aka F Joseph Seligman - KIA - US Jew from 1415 Willow Avenue Lousiville Kentucky - PI J Garber - kia 12.2.37 Jarama
Major George Montague Nathan - famous WW1 Professional Guards Officer, Brigade Staff and Operations Officer, smart, pipe-smoking with clipped moustache - Bethnal Green, London, and Manchester , arrived Spain 1936 - KIA July 16th 1937 at Torra le Donas, Brunete, constantly exposing himself to enemy fire with his pistols, officers riding boots and riding crop. He was accused by some comrades for being with the Black and Tans in Ireland, but acquitted at an informal hearing of any misdeeds. WIA by aerial bomb shrapnel organising withdrawal at Brunete in Guadarrama hills, and died in Madrid. Nathan had been the first CO of the British No 1 Company (see above), Staff Officer and later Chief of Staff of 15th bat., CO of 11th bat. and of the 14th Brigade, and First Com. of the Dumonde Bat. on Madrid and Cordoba fronts (Fred Copeman, Brit. Bat. Roll of Honour, 1939, courtesy of Louis Stoller of Leeds)! Owing to his great popularity and well known contempt for danger, he was given a funeral with full military honours when buried.
Alfred H Needleman - 420, Mare St, Hackney/ 8 Junction Place, Amhurst Rd., Hackney, London - PI - POW 3/38, repat. 10/38.
Babrus (Baruch) Nissenbaum, of Warsaw, Poland , KIA - Prago
1379 Michael Nuns aka Emile Pezzaro kia Aragon March 1938 - Hackney

Nurse Jeanette Opman aka "Jadzka" and "Juanita" from France via Vilna - info. L Crome (Len says there were dozens of Jewish women fighters and nurses especially from Poland and Czechoslovakia- PI)

Ezekiel Pikar, Haifa, Israel - combat pilot ,Andre Malraux Sqdn - Prago - later in Israel War of Independence
Samuel G Paesta/Paster - Stepney/Hammersmith , WIA Madrid Nov/Dec 1936, No 1 Coy, 3rd Section, with Thaelmann Brig. (ML)
Avigdor Pickholz - b. 1915 in Poland and lived in Essen, Germany, and Paris. WIA and died Gibraltar 1938/9. Two brothers lived in Israel.
Marc Persoff/Perzoff/Penzoff - Swiss - kia 20/3/37 Jarama (ML)
Leslie Praegar - Manchester - Ambulance unit
Edward "Ernie" Paul - 71 Malham Rd., Forest Hill London - seaman - KIA Feb 1937 Jarama
Michael Pavlov - London (ML) - maybe Greek?
866 Richard Harry Pressman - 63, Higher Carbridge St, Manchester - Anti Aircraft bat. (ML)
Jaques Penczyna - one of 13 members of Palestine Jewish Hapoel who fought in Barcelona in June 1936; they were in Spain for the Workers' Olympiad, a protest against the official Nazi Berlin Olympics; when hostilities began they joined the Barcelona Militia - Prago and JWC.

Bert Ramelson - Leeds - MSCW p 92 - born Bachran/Baruch Ramelson/Ramilevich in, Cherkassy Ukraine, 22.3.10, lived first in Canada as a child in 1921 in Edmonton, Alberta - University law graduate, but went to Spain 24.8.37 as a Lt. and fought on the Ebro and Aragon fronts in the Canadian Macpaps (McKenzie-Pappinneau bat.) and was twice wounded. Returned to UK March 1939 toRoyal Tank Corps in WW2, POW at Tobruk in 1941 and in Italy, escaped after 2 years and then served in India. Later on executive of British Communist Party. Died April 13th 1994.

Benny Rothman - Manchester - ambulance driver - led the Kinder Scout Trespass in 1932

Phil Richards - an alias, after Richard St, off Canon St Road E1, where he lived - info. from childhood friend Louis Stoller of Leeds (letter Sept. 1999) - lightweight boxing champion - kia
Monty Rosenfeld/ Rosenfield BVFL p246 - Cheetham, Manchester - kia WW2
Herman Rosenstein - USA
A. Rubens - Cheetham, Manchester
Edwin Rolfe - USA - Prago - aka Fishback/Fishman

Gen Yakov Vladimirovich Smushkevich, ("Douglas"), senior Air Force Adviser and de facto Commander (Russian) - Stern, Shtern and he were all later recalled to Moscow and executed by Stalin (JWC).
Arthur Stakewski/Stashevsky - Polish/Russian - economic adviser to Republican Gov. - also later executed by Stalin.
Jacques Sokel/Sokol - 112 Carleton Rd, N7 - kia Cuidad de Barcelona - ML
Joseph Samson (ML)
David Samson
Alfred (later SIR) Sherman aka Theodor Vladimir Carmel - born 19 Median Rd., Clapton, London, 10.11.1919, POW 3/38, repat. 10/38, m. to Zahava nee Levin, also fought in WW2 - was journalist for Jewish Chronicle and Daily Telegraph post war, economic advisor to Israeli and British Govs., fellow of LSE, a member of The West London Synagogue.
Alan Sheller/Alick - Stepney - Tom Mann Centurion
Louis Shine - 4 Gardiner Ave., Cricklewood - POW (ML)
450 Alec "Tiny" Silverman - 4 Beaumont Sq, E1 - (ML)
Terry Silverman (ML)
Louis Silverstein - Hackney (ML)
Nathan aka "Nicholas" Segal OR Cohen - 7, Connaught Rd, E17, London -KIA 27th Dec 1936/37 Cordoba/Lopera, cut down by aircraft bullets.
R L Samuel
547 Victor Shammah - 116, Burton Rd, Withington, Manchester - KIA March 1938 Aragon - letters at ML archive.
J G Schwitzer, Czech born 8.3.1920, fought No 3 Jewish Troop, No 10 Commando in WW2 as Tommy Swinton
Salman Salzman - Israel/Palestine volunteer - also lived in Canada.
Jack Sherpenzeel/Sherpenell - London - KIA July 31st 1938 Ebro - from Maaschavenbib, Rotterdam.
Dr Randall/Randolph Sollenberger - from Baltimore USA and Highland Falls NY, St Mary's Hospital, London (Paddington), Manchester (Bury Infirmary) and USA - 11th Brigade, Edgar Andre bat., surgeon and anesthesist, short, stout, bearded, with a slight speech impediment. Refused to stay at base but kept in the front line with his men, often taking up arms to fight. Later served 15th Brigade, dressing many wounded in exposed positions at Mosquito Hill, Brunete. KIA tending wounded in his truck after running back and forth all day, rallying men all the time to fight, July 1937 Brunete; he pioneered the use of a mobile operating theatre.
Nathan Steigman, baker - 65 Greenfield St., E1, London - KIA Feb 27th 1937 Jarama
John Stevens - aka Moses Myer Nagelman - Norwood orphan - murdered whilst a POW Feb 1937 Jarama with Elias - 381 Mile End Rd.
David Smulevitch - Polish - took part in Auschwitz uprising (Prago)
Jack/John Sylvester aka Silverstone - 60, Church St, Bethnal Green, London, student at Shoreditch Technical College - KIA Feb 1937 Jarama
1171 Sam/Charles Spiller - London - PI J Garber
718 Sidney Silvert/Silver - 26a Hewitt St, Manchester (ML)
Solomon Simon - 17 Broughton St., Cheetham, Manchester (ML) - tailor.
163 Ernest W. Spenger/Sprenger - Muswell Hill, London - mia/wia (ML)
Moses Stang- Brixton (ML)
1274 Leslie Edward Starr - 41, Fairey Lane, Bury New Rd., Manchester 8 (ML)
Jack Stone aka H G Levenstern/Levenstein - London
David Solomon aka Lomon - POW 3/38, repat. 10/38 - salesman of 60, Gore Rd, Victoria Pk., Hackney E9
G Silverstone - Norveegan St, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Jack/George Stone/Silverstone - London ( Crook diaries ML)
Vladimir Sheraman, London
Gordon Siebert, West Ham
Rafael Schaltz wia (ML) - USA? Survived sinking of SS City of Barcelona 30.5.37
Maurice Stott - Rochdale kia 12.3.37 - Jarama
Maurice Swindells ("Eddie") - Manchester - kia 2/37 Jarama.
John Sommerfeld aka Sommerfield - London - Commune de Paris bat. 125th Brig., Madrid.
Julian Sanders/Saunders - Clapton, London - POW 3/38
Ronald A. Robert Symes - London - died of wounds Casa de Campo Nov/Dec 1936, Madrid - "to be confirmed."
Paul Schuster - S Africa - Thaelmann bat.
J Slavenberg
Conrad Singer - served Anna Paulker battery - battle of Teruel - lived in Blackpool after War (ML)
1426 Alf Salisbury - b 1907 Stepney - parents refugees from Riga - booklet at ML archive.
Isidore Springer - Polish - later in the "Red Orchestra" spy ring against the Nazis (Prago)
917 Jack Shaw/Schukman/Shore - 47, Fieldgate Mansions, Myrdle St, E1 - PI - born 1917 Stepney - retired cab driver.
C. Simmons - aka Charles J Fairbank, born Portsmouth, poss. not Jewish - kia 27/2/37 Jarama (?)
333 Andrew Sloss (?P
Sam Smil - WIA Jarama - Romanian lived in London - after was interned in France and then offered French nationality by General Weygand to join the Foreign Legion as did many Spanish Civil War veterans. Fought at Narvik, escaped by boat to UK and joined UK army.
Stephen Spender, famous British writer.
General Emilio/Emile Kleber CO International Bnigade - aka Morris or Manfred /Lazar/ Stern, born Czernowitz, Russia 1896, where there is a street named after him - captured as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army in 1916 in WW1 then fought against Whites in Red Army as commissar of a partisan unit 1921 - wia several times - then fought Japanese and Czechs in Far East, advised Chinese 1933 - advisor to Spanish High Command - lived Canada - charismatic defender and saviour of Madrid commanding 11th Int. Brig. and later 45th Div. June 1937 - murdered in Stalin's purges in 1954?
General Grigori "Grigorowicz" Stern - hero of Russo-Japanese war - supreme Soviet advisor to Spansh Gov - command. of Russian cadres in Spain - executed by Stalin in purges.
Yale Stuart aka Skolnick- USA Coy. Com - Prago
Misha Skorupinski - WIA/POW - Polish (Prago)
Harold Smith - USA Coy Com - Prago
Harry Schonberg/Schinberg - as above
Dave Smith - as above
Gerzon Eugeniusz Szyr ("Misza") - commissar, Polish Brigade (S Hirshman) and later member of Polish Politburo.
638 Lewis Stansfield - Newton, Manchester

873 J. (?) Samson Tobias - 6 Cricketfield Rd. Clapton, E5.
Phil Tammer /Tammar - 134 Vallance Rd, E2 - POW 3/38, repat. 10/38 (ML)
Louis Tanklevitch/Tankovitch - Liverpool - KIA March or July 1938 Ebro/Gandesa with Lincolns/Washingtons. Also of 15 Dardew Ct, N12.
Victor Tabbush - London
Abraham Trauber - Bethnal Green - KIA Sept. 1938 Ebro
Col. Henryk Heniek Torunczyk - b. 1909 Wloclawek, served Polish army - former Polish soldier and engineer, last commander of the Botwin Company, Chief of Staff Polish Dombrowskis Brigade - later a Polish partisan (Prago)
Joseph Toth (Prago)
Son of Joseph Toth - KIA Jarama (Prago)

Ena Vassie - Czech nurse - PI
Vittorio Vidali - Italy - alias Carlos - Commissar 5th regiment (Prago)

H Wise - London - KIA Jan 1937, Cordoba.
Claude Warsaw/Warson /Warsow- b. 9/10/1906 or 03 Southsea, Hants - son of Joshua Warsow who was a Turkish national living in UK- RAF 1926-31, FO 101 Bomber Sqdn in Palestine and Egypt - c/o Hampden Club, NW1 - Andre Malraux Sqdn in Spain kia 26.9.36 Toledo/Taluvera and given full Jewish funeral. Left a father and widow and daughter - see AJEX files from Daily Express and Foreign Office.
George Westfield - an alias - Liverpool/Manchester 8 (?) - KIA Oct 1937 Aragon/Fuente del Ebro
Jack S. White - 52, Myrdle St, E1, London -KIA Feb 13th 1937 Jarama
1055 Wilfred/Alfred Winnick - machinist of 8, Eastham Ave., Fallowfield Manchester (ML)
Albert Nehumi/Nahumi Weis - Polish KIA at Battle of University City (Prago)
Albert Wallace - Cheetham, Manchester
George Watt aka Israel Kwiatkowsky - last USA commissar - Prago - WIA later gunner in a B17 in WW2, shot down and escaped back to UK.
Sam Wagenheim - Leeds - MSCW p92-3
Mick White - brother of Jack KIA - 10, King John St, E1London - tailor.
Saul/Sol Wellman - USA - last commissar of the Canadian bat. - Prago - born 1913 New Jersey, machine gun commander, cited for bravery at Belchete.
Major Milton Wolff of 1628 West 5th St / 74 Quentin Rd., Brooklyn - last CO of the Lincoln Bat. and the early Washington Bat. - USA - known as El Lobo, "The Wolf" by the Fascists - trained British Commandos 1939-41 and later fought in OSS in France, Italy, Burma WW2 - photo. PI LSE 25/11/99 - author of "Another Hill"
Eugene Wolman KIA July 1937, Brunete - USA - MSCW page xxviii
Jack/James Wolfe - Hillingdon, London kia Aug 1937 Belchite
Bernard G Winfield - Notts kia 19/1/38 Teruel
H Wise - London - kia 12/1/38 Las Rozas

(A group of Rumanian artillerymen at Estremadura fought in the Slav bat., and were frequently mentioned in depatches for their courage and initiative; they were all Palestinian Jewish kibbutzniks - letter from Simon Hirshman and extract from book on the Polish Battalion)

P Zachriov - London (ML) - Greek (?)

501 D. Z(S)ubchaniov - 15 Sandcroft Abbey, SE2 (ML)


The Polish Jewish Volunteers - extracted mostly from "No Passeran - Polacyw Wojnie Hiszpnskiej" ( Polish Participation in the Spanish Civil War) pub. by Ministry of Defence, Warsaw, 1963 by Simon Hirshman and DD. Other names come from Szurek's book "The Shattered Dream". The Polish battalions were the very last to leave Spain. The first Polish and Italian Jewish volunteers fought at Irun on Aug 28th 1936 (DD p33)

Four of the 22 Committee members of the surviving 500 Polish Brigade after the war, which gathered in February at the beaches of St Cyprien in Southern France, with the survivors of the IB and the Republican army, were Jews

Sgt Chaim Jungman

Capt. Julian Kirchner, kia with Polish Partisans

Capt Seweryn Sewe Kirszenbaum, kia with French Partisans

Capt. Emanuel Mundek Mink, CO of the Jewish Botwin bat. (which had its own Yiddish newspaper, flag and language of command) and French Resistance WW2. Born 23.4.1913 in Tomaszov, Poland - lived Paris after WW2.

Other ranks

Abram Abramovicz, KIA 1936 defence of Madrid, Casa de Campo

Abram "The Blockhead" - Botwins - TSD

Abram Abramovich - tank commander (Russian) KIA Brunete in 1937 with 108th Brigade (TSD).

Godel Abramovitch

Bronislaw Abramowski

Krasny Abrascha - fought with Thaelmann's (?)

Marian Abramczyk - machine gunner - TSD

Daniel Abramovicz lived in Palestine - KIA 1938 Gandesa

Joseph Adler aka Feldman - died 1955 Poland

Maurycy Adler

Maurice Aisenberg (French)

Moryc Aizenberg (French) KIA 1937

Severyn Ajzner aka "Victor" - war correspondent - TSD

Tovie "Mick" Aizen aka Tadek aka Alek Tmoasz kia Estramadura

Victor Seweryn Aizner aka "Wiktorek"

Aron Aker

Ms. Golda Akerman murdered by the Nazis

Weronika "Vera" Akerman aka Wera


Robert Akvist aka Suede

Salomon Albaum


Simcha Albert

Moise Alcobitz - Turkish - Botwins

David Aleksandrowicz KIA with Polish Partisans

Waclaw Aleksandrowicz

Jacob Aleksandrowicz

Efraim Altenberg died in Australia

Aleksander Alter

Simon Alter

Lazar Althauser

Dr Josef Altman

Ms Sara "Ala" Altman

Maurice Maryc Amtler - disappeared in Toulouse fighting Nazis

Alfred Angersztain

Anka aka Paris

Jacob Aronowicz - died Belgium

Leizor Aronowicz

Mans/Max Aronowicz aka Michel

Josef Leon Aronson

Adrian Aronson

B Aronson

Alfred Augersztajn - engineer - TSD

Chaim Augarten - France - aka Rzeszow, wia Spain and fought in French Resistance

Aaron Aumont aka Butkow

Boris Aszychmin

Edwin Bachman

Jacub Bachrach - UK

Dr "Kuba" Bachrach - TSD

Natan Badian

Josef Balcen - died in Warsaw Ghetto uprising

Isaak Szumon Bailowicz b. 1906, brother of Wolf, below, kia 1943 with Kostcinko Division

Wolf Bailowicz b. Mlawa, Poland 1902 aka Vovke - lived France, kia

Jerzy Bajer

Josef Balcerzak - shot by Nazis 1942


Pejsach Baranczuk died in Anjele sur Iller camp, France

Peissach Baranek

Stephane Barsoni

Lombard Baruach

Josef Baruak

Jacub Baruch

Abraham "Motke" Basok kia 1938 at Syre/Ebro

Leszek Eliasz Bastocki ("Red Thread") - a Commissar - TSD

Leon Baum/Boim kia Madrid

Isaak Baumel aka Lombard - shot by Nazis


Elizabeth Bekier

Szmuel Ben

Leon Liova Bengom

Josef Benda

Samuel Benmordchaj

Samuel Baumorojchaj - USA

Bengold - pilot

Samuel Ber


Alex "Ferry" Olek Bekier - Commissar 5th Corps - TSD

Mendel Berestecki

Mendel Berenstecki

Adolf Berger

Antoni Berger

Lea Berger

Rafal Berger

Rozalia Berger

Samuel Berger

Abram Berger

Mayer Berger

Samuel Berliner

Abram Bereman

Maurycy "Marek" Berman

Abram Berman

Wolf Berman

K. Bernstein

A. Bernstein

L. Bernstein

Micha Bernstein

Chaim Besser

Zygmunt Besser

Herst Henrtk Bialawaz

Abraham Bielenki/Bielinski - kia Spain

Wolf Bielowicz

Jacub Biezywski

Boleslaw "Bolek" Bilgrajer

Zysza Birencwaig

Bernard Birman

Henach Beankrot/Heinich Blankrot - kia Madrid/Zaragossa - from Kalisz, Poland.

Ernest Blank aka "Karl" German Commissar kia Granollers 1938.

Jonasz "Jonas" Blejwas/Bleisweis

Lucja Blic

Leon Blic

Blicban - aka Skorupinski - emigrated to Israel - died 1985 - TSD

Morris Blizbau - POW aged 26

Jadwiga Bloch

Michael Bron - Coy. Cmdr. - TSD

Salomon Blocian

Marcel Bociar

Marcek Boczar - murdered by Nazis in French Resistance

Jonas Brodkin - born Turkish Palestine - expelled to Austria, lived France, WIA Spain (lost a leg) - TSD.

Dr Bulka - TSD

Jeehok/Isaac Blumenkrauc/krantz

Dr Blumenstein

Marian Boben - Israel

Gerszon Dua Bogen - died Poland 1948

Jakob Bornsztajn

Leon Borenstajn

Chaim Borenstein

Marian Borenstajn

Monieck Borenstein

Lowa Borsuk

Efroim Borys

Pawel Borys

Mayer Boski

Samuel Max Bot kia Spain - from Lublin



Fanny Bre



Moryc Bresler

Josef Brikner kia Lerida, 1938, Spain

Jerzy Brin/Bron

Jonas Brodkin - b 1901, wia Ebro - died Israel 1985

Jerzy Bromberg

Zelig Bronstein - pilot

Mietek Broniatowski from Czenstochow

Josek Bruchner from Rzeszow kia

Dr Josef Bryl/Brill

Helena Brzostoska - nurse

Wincenty Brzozka

Hersz Brzustowski

Felix "Fajka" Bulinski

Boleslaw "Simon" Bulka

Ms Frida Buchbinder - murdered by Nazis in Holocaust

Szmul Buchhendler

Miguel Bukovic, labourer aged 34 - Hung.

Benjamin Burg - b. 1916 Tchernowitz - kia

Jozef Burka

Abram Bursztyn - kia Spain 1938

Jose Campillo


"Carlos" - from Argentina, a Commissar - TSD

Boris Cejtlis - Latvian kia Guadalquivir - TSD

Chaim Chari

Jaszar Chein - born Vilna, educated Berlin - Officer in German Thaelmann Brigade, 11th Coy. - TSD.

Boris Chein, brother - died 1975 Paris.

Pinkus Chaite died 1952 USSR

Abraham Chaikin

Abram Chapel

Abraham Chaskiel

Kazimierz "Winkler" Chichowski


Abram Chroskiel - Belgium

Leon Chrzastowski


Simche Cialek - died with French Resistance

Roza Cretien

Chaim Emile Cukier - b. 1919 Radom, 12 in family of 13 - kia Madrid

Fischel Cukierman

Jankel Cukierman

Tadeusz "Wladyslaw Stopczyk" Cwik

Israel Cyngiser

Zelik Cyngiser

Leon Cyngiser

Jacob Cyngiser

Natan Czak - kia 1937 madrid

Franck Czaplinski - machine gunner former French Legionnaire - TSD

Leon Czopek aged 41 - POW


Szymon Daroszewski

Julio David aged 33 - Hung.


Adam Dawidowicz

Leon Dawidowicz

Izaak Derowicz

Henri Deutsch

Henri/Henryk Deutscher - France

Moise Diner/Dines

Stanislaw Dobrowski POW

Gerson Dona

Karol Dorfman

Dorka - TSD

Elie Drabinek

Bernard Driva

Szmelke Drozkarz

Izaak Duczkin

Enzebiusz Dworkin

Grzegorz "Gricha" Dzierzgowski

Josef Edenhofer - aka Pepe - Czech ambulance driver - TSD

Jakub "Wolf Eimerl" Ehrlich/ "Karol" - died of wounds 1937 Spain

Simon Eiber

Simon Eicher - USSR

T Einhorn (Rom.)

Beniamin Ekstein kia 1938 Spain

Szloma Elbaum b. 1911 Chelm - kia Gandesa 1938

Szmuel Elbaum

Michal Eilbaum

Lipa Eiss (Pol/Fr)

Moise Estreicher

Szimen Elbaum

Ms Zofia Senia Elingen - murdered at Auschwitz

Chaim Elkon kia Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid (see Israel list)

Josef Elkon

Zofia "Sonia" Ellinger

Mattes Elman

Israel Englender

Hersz Enis

Borys Epalbaum (see Israel list)

Izrael Ekstein/Epalbaum

Pavel Epstein

Col. Josef Epsztein aka Gilles - shot by Nazis

Pinkus Erlich - died Paris

Dr Gabriel Ersler aka "Gabrish" - studied Switzerland, MO 13th Brigade - in French resistance WW2 - TSD - left Poland for Israel in 1968

Rubin Eliasz Erlich aka Elie - b. Klobuck, moved to Palestine, died of wounds Estramadura 16.2.38

S. Erlich - 3rd Coy. Mieckiewicz Bat.

Urko Erlich

Miriam Esther

Josef Faifer

Lt Henry Fajbushak

Jozef Fajtyk

Emanuel Faingelerut - died Poland

Adolf Fajerajzen

Moise Faingeld

Moniek Faingold - b. 1907 in Lodz, lived in Paris

Mojzez "Wonka" Faingold

Zsmul Fainkwas


Feliks Fajbusiak

Michal "Jaroslaw Tichy" Fajgman

Teofil Fajka

Maurice Fayuns/Fajuns/Fains

C Falk

Motel Mauryey "Schwartzer" Faltenberg Lenoir died 1959 USSR

Schmaia Feder

Shmarie-Ozias Feder

Abram Feterberg

Alter Fainzylberg

Samson Feinzilber

Fischel Fefer - killed by Nazis

Wiker Fejgin

Herman Feld

J Feld

Leon Feldmann

Stefan "Szloma Salomon" Felman

Dr Felix

David Felsaistain kia Ebro 1938


Abram Feterberg

Saloman Feuerberger

Leib Szmuel Fidel

Mieczyslaw Fiala (Fialkowski)

Leib Samuel Fidel

Koppel Fiderer

Janek Josef Figlarz

Moise Fiks

Szmul "Stach" Fidel b Stasiow 1912, lived Belg., kia Guadalajara 14.1.37

Hersz Henryk Finkestajn kia 1938

Mojzese Fisz kia 1938

Moise Fisch

Wolf Fischer

Fefer Fiszek - kia in French Partisans

Jonas Naftali Fiszek/Fiszman

Moritz Fischman

Nachman Feek/Felk - escaped internment camp at Argeles but was betrayed and murdered at Dachau

Bernard Flam

Dr Major Stanislaw (Moishe) Flato, Polish Army, later served in China and Burma against Japanese, died Berlin 1972 - TSD.

Menachem Fleg/Fleck - murdered by Nazis fighting in the Resistance in France

Simon Sumon Flok/Flek

Maria Fortus (Russ.)


Leizer Frajol/Frajd

Eliezer Freid

Dr Theodore Frankel

Jacub Frankenstein

Pavel Friedman

Leon Friedman - Argentina

Abram Frizer

Leon Fritz

Bernard "Jam" Frejtkes

Herman Frogel

Gustav Frumer

Frydman living in Varsovie

Jan Gabrowski POW

Baruch Gaelet

Maksymilian Gaelet - Israel

Zygmunt Gal

Josef Galant - kia 1938

Jaime Gallego


Gayman-Tenenbaum - nurse

Anna Gecow

Jonas Gedulding aka Michele Martiniak - shot by Nazis in French Partisans 21.2.44 in Paris , buried Ivry - TSD.

Leon Cukier Geler

Josef Gelert

Maks Geller

Guta Geliebter


Gelman (Fr)

Josef Gerlach

Vida Geza - Roumanian artist - fought in French and Roumanian Resistance.

Jehuda Gilary

Maks Giller

Arnold Ginsburg

Josef Zdizslaw Kolbinsky Glazer - kia 1937 Barcelona

Jan Gluck

Michalak Gold /Sewek

Jacques Goldbaum

Josef Goldberg

David Goldberg

Emmanuel Goldberg

Jacob Goldgevicht

Lt Adolphe Goldgewicht - Belgian Resistance, deported to Nordhausen - died 3 months after liberation aged 30 years.

Leo Goldgrub

Adolf Goldhar

Szyja Goldhar

Jacub Goldricht

Abram Goldring

Henry Goldschal

Chaskiel Goldsztein

Leo Goldgrael

Eliasz Goldhamer kia 1938

Chaskiel Goldman

Jakub Goldman

Josef Fiszel Goldman

Michal Goldring

Chaskiel Goldstein


Aron Gorian

Izaak Gorowicz

Chaim Gotfeld

Joseph Gotlib

Salomon Gotlib - b. Lvov kia Jan 1938 nr. La Gariga

Iszrael Gotlieb

Chaim Gottlib kia 1938 Estramadura

Josef Gotlice

Josef "Stefan Kurt" Granas

Leib Granowitch

Herman Grant

Albert Grinbaum aka Berger ; mother lived in Palestine - murdered by Polish Fascists 1946 Kielce, Poland

Mattes Grinberg

Rachmiel Grinberg

Szaya Grinberg

Simon Griner

Jacub Grinszpan

K. Grinstajnk

Aron Grinstajn - Israel

Ber Grossman

Matias Meir Grosman - murdered by Nazis in France

Naftali Grosman

Eugenia Gross

Fernand Grossfeld - Israel

Jan "Jampoler" Grot

Abraham Ber Growajs

Jacub Gruber - died in France

Antoni Grudzieck

Dr Jacques Grunblatt b. 26.10.11, Kolonia, Poland

Ernest Gryc

Chaim Grynberg

Roman Grynberg

Alter Grynblat

Aron Grynstein

Aron Grynszpan

Shlomo Grzywacz - shot by Nazis in Polish partisans - TSD.

Hillel "Bill/Robert" Gruszkiewicz - with Polish partisans, committed suicide rather than reveal secrets under torture - TSD.

Mendel Grzye

Uszer Gruszka aka "Napoleon" because of shortness - Botwins, left Poland in 1968 purges and died Israel 1973.

Capt. Dr Kuba Grynsztajn - studied Zagreb - 13th IB, kia with 129th bat. - TSD.

Jozef Gudys

Salomea Gudys

Boris "Bob" Guimpel - CO 10th bat. "Le Marseillaise", educated St Cyr Military Academy, Paris - WIA - TSD

Dr Maya Guimpel - sister

Matyss Gosman

Ms Rachela Gunzig - Belgium

Eugenia Gurski

Zygfryd Guterman

Wlodzimierz Gutiens

Zygmunt Simon Gutt - TSD.

Hentyk Guterman kia 1938

Zystryd Feliks Guterman - murdered Buchenwald

Henryk Gutman

Josef Gutman

Simon/Solomon Gutman

Ms Zofia Sonia Gutman

Sofia "Sonia" Gutman

Daniel Haber

David Haber

Lisbeth Haas

Moise Haft

Josef Hajsler

Izrael Halbersberg b. Lublin kia Ebro 1938

Kalman Halfant kia Ebro 1938

Haller, kia Lerida

Arnold Halpen kia Estramadurs 1938

Artur "Stefan" Halpern

Boris Halpern

Berl Halpern kia 1937 Valencia

Naftali Halpern aka Stefan Hlicki - fought with Palestinian Jews

Stefan Halpern kia 1938 Estramadura

Henryka Hass-Larson

Jacub Halas

Josef Harenzlau

Piekar Hatskel - pilot

Simon Hausman-Zelman

Aron Hazenberg , France

Dr Joseph Heller aka "Rudek" - died Tel-Aviv 1976 - TSD

Leib Hecht

Dr Czeslaw Heilbrun

Jozef Hejman

Abraham Helfand kia 1938

Kalman Helfant

Celina Heller

R Hellen, Israel

Efraim Helman

Rosner Herman

Robert Herschel

General. Juliusz "Julek" Hubner

Juliusz Hibner

Scholem Hildesheim

Salomon Hildestein

Szlamek Hindelsheim

Benjamin/Benedykt Beniek Hirszowicz aka "Lasota"

Gustaw Herszkowicz

Josef Hirczowski, kia Ebro

Leopold Hofman

Chaskiel Hourfstein/Honigstein, of Lublin , died of wounds at Barcelona, battle of Ebro, last IB fighter to die manning his MG named "Leon Rubinstein", a former Botwin commander who had been kia.

Ratman Honik

Aron Hozenberg


Maurice Igla


Abraham Itzig

Jacob Izbicki

Aleksander Jablkowski

Stanislaw Jablonski

Mordecai Jacubowicz

Moniek Jacubowski

Dr Maria Jacubowski

Joseph Jaques

Isaac Saloman Jecowic (Pupel)

Jacub Jusel - kia French Resistance

Leon Jurelstein kia 1936 Madrid

Jacub Jzbicki

Jacub Jacubowicz

Wolf Jacubowicz Leib, born Lodz

Feliks Jacubowski aka Strarzak

Mordechai/Mordche Jacubowski, UK

Jacub Jorosiwski

Saloman Justyn Jaczwuski/Jaszunski aka Bacewicz - kia 1938 Ebro - born 1902 and was at universities of Lvov/Krakow.

Jechok Joffe/Ioffe kia Valesquillo - from Haifa, Israel

Saloman Joffe Israel

Col Selig Joffe - chief engineer of Air Force

Samuel Jonas

Davy Jons

Josef Joskowicz

Srul Szwlul Joskowicz

Israel Joscowicz


Juliusz Joselewicz

Leib Juda

Junckrant kia Madrid

Dr Roberto Jungman - Argentina

Sgt Chaim Jaime Jungman, Israel

Abram Jurski Adam Jungstein

Towia/Tove/Tadee (?) Jungstein kia Madrid

Chaim Jurista

Josip Jusinec aged 32

Doktor Grisja Hercz Kac/Katz , USSR

General Simon Krivoshein - Russian - info. from Prof Asher Tropp- commander of Tanks.

Leon Kac, died Poland 1946

Emanuel Kacenelson

Froim Kacenelson

Emmanuel Kacy

Bernard Kagan

Saul Kalman

Dr Kalman

Josef Kalb, kia 1937 Spain

Mayer Kaliski

Zygmunt Kalicz/Koppell

Abraham Kalmanowicz kia Estramadura 1938

Dawid Kami, kia Spain

Aleksander Kaminiski

Max Kane

Marks Kaner

Zygmunt Kanner

Herszel Kanter

Kantor - murdered by Nazis WW2

Tauba Kapla - nurse

Michal Kaplan

Dr Adolphe Kapler

Abraham Karuer

Zygmunt Karlinski died 1952 - TSD

David "Dodo" Kamy - Russian adjt. to 15th brigade, via Belgium - engineer, emigrated to Palestine, served WW2 in French Army, winning Cr. de Guerre avec palme and Red Orchestra - captured and murdered by Nazis in Belgium - TSD.

Ben-Yosef Kamy - brother - kia - TSD.

Jan Kantowicz


Saloman Karnet

Isail Karas

Rafal Karas

Gedale Karawan

Karl Karmet

Abraham Karner

Dawid Karon

Chaim "Adolf" Karp, France

Laib Karp

Simon Karpinski

Abush Kartenbaum

Pinkus Andrzej Piotr Kartin aka " Szmidt"/Andrzejek - kia Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1943.

Chaim Karys

Simon Kasanowicz

Leon Katz

Max Katz

Natan Kaufman

Leon Kaufman

Josef Kawa, kia 1938 Gandesa

Josef "Gorecki" Kawa

Maks Kawa, kia France

Izaak Anton Kawenski

Izaak Kawenoki aka Anton

Bernard Kayan

Leib Ken/Keh

Salomon Kenig

G Kenig

Louis Kenigsberg


Sewek "Schepsl" Kirszenbaum - bat. cmdr. Murdered at Auschwitz - TSD

Simon Chamberlain "Boks" Konigsburg - b. 1917 Klimentov kia defending retreating comrades, Madrid Feb. 1937.

Josef Kestenberg, France

Dr Joseph Kestenberg

Szaja "Winkler" Kinderman

Julius "Julek" Kirchner, kia Spain

Jan Kirschner

Jerzy Kirchner

Julian Kirchner

Jacub Kirmayer, kia Spain

Jan Kirsz

Gedalie Klajmic

Gedale Klanjurkine

Szulim Kleiman

Scholem Kleinman

Henryk Kleinminz

Leon Kleinminz (Kolarski)

B Klain

F Klein

Natan Klein, murdered by Nazis 1944

Ignace Kliger

Moise Knal

Leon Knysz

Beniamin Benieck/Benki Kochanowicz - 2nd i/c Polish Brigade 1938

Antoni Antek Kochanek - one of first Dombrowskis KIA

Bernard Kochanowski

Mordechai "Moniek" Kociak

Jacub Kofman kia 1938 Ebro


Armand Kohn

General Waclaw Komar - TSD - comm. of 129 Brig throughout war.

Edek Koninski - Polish Army Colonel - died 1968 in Poland

Michail Koltsar - Russian war correspondent for "Pravda".

Elie Kokotko

Eliasz Korotkie

Bernard Kon

Samuel Konski

Sholem Konsul (alias) kia in French Resistance

Moise Kohn

Michel Kohn

Josef Kolacz

Pejsach "Lechter" Kon

Szmul Koninchowski - murdered by Polish Fascists

David Korenbaum

Karl Kormes (Ukr) aged 28 years

Anna Korn

Moise Kornblit

Gabriek Kosik

Josef "Marcel" Kostecki

Izaak Kotlarz - Botwins - TSD

Kotowski aka Kac

Arthur Kowalski aka Aronson

Anna Kowalski

David Koza

Daniel Kozak

Jechiel Henryk "Henri" Krauauer kia 1938 Spain

Chil Krakauer

Ignace Krakaus - Resistance Commander, Lyon

Jospi Kraksner carpenter aged 32

Sjonka Kramsky - TSD

Sioma Kramski

Abram Abracza Krasnowicki/Krasni/Krasnobrodszki



Daniel Kraus, from Lvov

Icchak Kricjer

Kranjold - murdered by Nazis in Poland

David Kraus

Max Krautman

Sigmund Krawsyk

Dr Kreisler

Dr Franciszak Francois Hans Kriegel - 45 Div. - later went to fight in China and was in Dubcek Czech cabinet 1968 - TSD.

Ignace Krieger - Lodz

G Krantzdorf

Maurice Krempel

Ignacy Krzemien aka Feuerberg

Maks Kucmak

Jacub Kujlen

Majer Szulim Kukler

Mayer Kukles aka Scholem

Mayer Kulkes

Lt Josef Kuligowski - TSD

Samuel Kuper

Vladimir/Valdemar Kupcis aka Volodia - Lithuanian medical orderly 35th Div. - TSD

Izrael Kupferman

Israel Kuperman

Haskiel Kuperman

Marcel Kuperman

Kupice - France

A Kupiec

Issak Kupiec

Samuel Kupper

Benjamin Kur b. 1908 kia WW2 defending Moscow

Rachmil Kurc/Kurtz, kia 1937 Guadalajara

Michel Kurc

Josef Kutin - later Deputy Minister for Trade in Poland - TSD

Aleksander Kusznir

Margarite "Maia" Kutin

Josef Kutyn

Maks Kuzmak, kia Spain

Izaak Kwalwasser

Maurice Laban

Elie Lader

Eliaz Ladeon

Leon Landu

Armand Landsberg

Hirsz Lansberg

Izrael Lanje kia 1938 Estramadura

Isael Langer

Majer Langman

Borys Laskier

Majzesz Chaim Laskier

Moise Laskier

Kazimierz Lazarowicz

Sioma Szymon Lechman, murdered Auschwitz 1945

Roman Lechter - war correspondent of Polish "Naje Presse" - TSD

Moise Lechtch

Jacub Leibler

Dr Riva Leibovitch

Zygmunt Leibowitz

Boleslaw Leitmann

Josef Leitner POW aged 37

Dr Josef Domb Leitner

Hersz Lekert

Leon Lemel

Pavel "Paul" Leszak aka Peisach Kohn

Hersz Lewent

Dr Adela Lewinska

Benjamin Levinski

Adam Lewinski - 3rd Coy. Mickiewicz bat. - kia Ebro

Maurycy Leser, shot by Fascists in Spain

Benoit Leszak

Leon Lew, Israel

Maks Lewandowski POW aged 32 wia

Meir Lewi, kia Spain

Ignace Lewi

Leib Lewi

Jozef Lewicki

Dorota "Dora" Birubach Lewin


Majzesz Lewinson/Levinson

Simon Lewinson

Saloman Lewkowic, kia with French Partisans 1944

Scholem "Scholek" Lewkowicz

Szloma Liben

Salomon Liber b. Tomaszow 1902, aka Lubelski - kia

Mendel Liberman

Ignacy Liberman

Abraham Licht

Leon Lichtenstein

Samuel Gustav Szinda Lifszyc

Dr Artur Lilker POW aged 33

Zelig Limkowicz

Zelik Linkowicz


Natan Lipszyc

Simon Lipschitz

Simcha Lifszye b. Rzeszow - fought with the British

Abram Lipskind

Eva Lipszyc

Abram Lipskind

Josef Lipskind kia 1938 Lerida

Beniamin Lorento Lipszyc - Bundist kia Lerida

Barcelo, kia Spain

Natan Lipszyc

Abraham Lisner

August Lisik POW aged 31

Majer List aka Markus - murdered by the Nazis - from Argentina

Zwi Litwak - kia France 1943

Herman Litwak

Z Litvak

Michel Litwin

Stefan Litwin

Mlle G. Litynska


Basil Lobasky POW aged 32

Marcel Loewi

Szaja Lonkiewicz

Dr Laura Lorska aka Slavka

Andre Lorski

David Jacub Lotninger kia Spain

Szloma Lubelczyk

Boleslaw "Kuba" Lubelski aka Bolek Zygielman

Henryk Lubliner

Henoch Lubraniecki

Jankel Lukia

Paul Lukacz

Ms Rachela Luftig, France

Yacob Lurie

Samuel Machlewicz

Chaim Macoeki

Hersz Majenowicz

Yosef Kantor Majewssi

Josef Majzer kia Spain 1938

Chaim Makowski

Janine "Juanita" Majler

Eli Males

Ms Ruth Fideli/Maliniak

Sender Malach

Jacob Maler

Leon Mandel - kia Spain

Henryk Mandelbaum

Joseph Mandelbraut


Edmund Marciniak

Aron Moszek Manhajm

Josef Mania kia, Casa de Campo, Madrid

Josef Mansfeld

Jacub Marbach

Samuel Margulies

Leon Markowicz


Franz Masur aged 40 POW

Natan Martynowiecki

Daniel Maslicki

Josef Mateak/Matkack kia Spain

Abraham Matorin

Jacob Mauer

Emil Mayer kia 1938 Ebro

Josef "Josiek Sulinski" Mazel b. Voronej, Russia 1914 husband of Sula , kia Ebro 1938 aged 24 years - war correspondent

Leib Mazowiecki

Daniel Mazrycer

Gina Medem - war correspondent for Yiddish newspaper - TSD.

Josef Mehlman

Roman Melchior - Dombrowskis - TSD.

Maria "Maryska Jonasowa" Melchior

Hersz Leib Majerowicz, kia France 1941 with partisans

Simon Melikin

Jan Melerovicz



Isak Merovici (Ukr.) aged 35, carpenter

Horst Chanan Meyer b. 16/2/12 - to Israel

Seweryn "Gold" Michalak

Arnold Michelson

Motel Mielnickier

Szymon Milgram

Szymon Milikin

Abram Millerman

Michal "Stefan" Mielzynski - Polish partisan kia Warsaw.

Michel Mielzynski

Mieczyslaw Mietkowski

Jozef Miler

Zacher Miler

Frumka Miller

Abram Milman kia Ebro 1938

Abraham Millerman

Emmanuel Millenbank

Abraham Mine/Minc

Chaim Minkes aka Mietek Fiala

Hersz Minkowski

Daniel Minarski

Ferder/Feodok Misner

Natan Mitnowiecki

Rebele Moche (Le petit Rabin)

Dawid Mondszaju

Jakub/Mospan Jacubi Filip Mopan

Matias Morgenstern

Szmul Morgensztern

Elie Moses (Schmidt)

Isaak Moszew

Maria Mota

Stefan Motyka - TSD

Josef Mozart

Eliasz "Elek" Mozes

David Mundstein

Pinkus Muszkat

Efraim Mylen

Albert V. Nachumi aka Arie Weitz - pilot (KIA)


Josef Najder aka Mickew kia 1937 Cordoba

Moris Najman (KIA)

Foma Najszaler - TSD.

Elzbiets "Liza" Namiot-Hollender

Naratszki - pilot

Chaim Narocki

Liuba Naskatir - nurse

Jan Navrotzki

Wolf "Bruno" Nerger

Lazar Niemand

Loar Niemard

Ivan Nikiforovich aka Nesterenko - Ukrainian Commissar - TSD

Regine Ninkler - nurse

Feliks Nisenholc

David Noitlender

David Notlaender

Dawid Notlaemoler

Antony Nowakowsky

David Nowosielewski

Baruch Bobrus Nysenbaum kia 1937 Villamajor de Gallago

Maurycy Ochshorn

Piotr Oduszewski

Mojzesz Oestreich

Jacub Okonski

Israel Oksenberg

Aisik Olek Olejar

Orzek "Olek" Hercel Nuss b. Siedlice 1912 wia - composed the Botwin Hymn - murdered by Nazis WW2

Tadeusz "Tadek" Opman - husband of Jeanette - one of Chiefs of Staff of Polish Brigade - lawyer, WIA, French Resistance - died 1958 in Paris - TSD.

Roman "Orlov" Orlovski

Moise Orlowski

Dawid Ostrowski

Menachem Ott

Sender Pachter

Seweryn Pachter

Rozalia "Angele" Paiwa

Leon Pakin, murdered by Nazis, Paris 1942

Francisek Palko

Jacub Paluskiewiecz

Eliasz Panas

T.M. Pangalos/Panoglas (Greek)

Felix Pankovski

Abraham Pantfil

Mateuss Pastor

Max Pawel POW aged 33

Feliks Pfefer kia with partisans, France

Josef Pfefer

Sgt. Lejzor Piecznik, Argentina - Pole serving with the Thaelmann's.

Herman Piecznik

Pierre (?)

Hersz Pimerman

Herman/Henryk Pisarz

Herman Pitar

Chaim Pletnicki


Israel Platkiewicz

Jacub Platkiewicz

David Hersz Plomik - married a Spanish girl and kia aged 35 years leaving a child

Lt. Chaim Harry Poncz/Pencz aka "Chari" - wia.


Aisik Poszt

Henry Potasz

Nathan Poutfil

Maks Preszow

Jan Primus


Leon Wolf Propper

Artur/Aron Projekt, Israel

Motel Prymerman

Zygmunt Przygoda

Josef Rabinowicz

Chaim Rachelbaum

Leon Racher

Natan Radzitirski

Abram Raiter, kia 1939 Catalonia

Zygmunt "Zach" Rafalovitch

Isydore Rafalowski

Czeslaw Rais

Abram Rajter

Hersz Rajzman

Gustaw Rajcher (Rwal)

Dawid Ralicki

Abram Rapoport

Adam Rapoport POW aged 34

Hersz Rapoport, kia crossing Wisla River with Polish Army

Jonasz Rapaport

Liliane "Rilka" Ras

Jakub Rasner

Chaim Raczelbuch


Dawid Rawicki

Marian-Leon Rawicz

Michal Rawicz

Israel Yehuda Rechter

Micha Reger aka Szyr Gerson - Commissar of the Palafox


Yakub Reich

Heinz Reich

Dr Rachel Reich b. Varsovia, Poland

Simon Rejzman - TSD.

Izrael Juda Reicher

Gusrav "Rwal" Reicher murdered by Stalin 1940's

Leopold Reicher

Fiszel Reichman, Israel

Adolf Redig/Radig POW aged 39 wia

Leon Reiss

Gil Richa

Marek Richter

Leon Ringelbaum


Joel Riterski

Ritter, kia 1937 Jarama

Charles Rochman, murdered by the Nazis in Belgian Resistance

Marian Rogosz

Daniel Roman

Jacob Romer

Victor Rosen

Leib Rosenblum

Leon Rosenblut

Lawrence Rosenkrantz - nurse

Ernest Meir Rosental

Majer Rosner

Michal Herman Rosner from Kalisz - TSD

Michael Rosner

Markus Rot

Dawid Rogovski Rotenberg

Lt Gerszon Rothalc, kia 1938 Gandesa - machine gunner - member of Poale Zion.

Hersz Rozenberg

Izrael Rosenberg

Maurycy Rosenberg

Szlama Rozenberg

Leon Rosenbilt kia Jarama

Leib Rosenblum

Fajwer Rosengart

Mojzez Mende Rosenhalc (Ukr.??), shoemaker aged 25 POW

Emanuel "Mundek" Rozenholc - b. 26.5.19 - nurse?

Marian Mojzesz Rosenknop

Moise Rosenknop

Mieczyslaw "Emil Vedin" Rosenstein

Mietek Rozenstein

Ernest Majer Rosental

Abraham Rozencweig

Joseph Rozmaryn/Rosmarin - pilot

David Rothberg

Lt. Gerson Rotholz b. Varsovie 1917, kia Pradel 18.10.38

Abraham Rotman

Saul Rozanski

Scholek Rozanski

Wincenti Rozen

Joel Rozental

Maurycy Rozental

Zelman Rozman

Aron Renka Rozowski

Josef Rozowski kia 1938, Spain

Lew Rubin

Izidor Rubinstein

Josef "Gruby Le Gros" Rubinstein kia 1937 Saragossa

Leon Rubinstein died Poland 1961

Josef Juda Leon Rubel, kia Spain

Szymon Rudzik murdered at Buchenwald

Moniak Rusinek POW aged 30

Jan Rutkowski - aka Simon - QMS Polish Brig. - French Resistance.

Abraham Ryezkin

Maurycy Rygielhaupt

Joel Ryteski

Fred Rzepkowicz - wia Lerida - TSD

Adam Rzepkowicz

Joseph Rzepkowicz

Leo Sadowski

Majzesz Moshe "Michel" Safir/Sapir

Bruno Salomon

Rachel Sapir aka Vilner-Fanstein, sister of Moshe above - died of illness after Auschwitz

J. Salzman

Leon Samet

Samuel Sarnik

Manes Sarkowski

Abraham Schaffel

Chiel Scharin

Abraham Shapira

Naftali Scheinberg

Naftuli Scheiberg


Andrzejek Shuviut (?)/Schmidt POWkia Warsaw Ghetto uprising


Kalman Schel

Saloman Schif

Osee Schiffman

Elie Schiffman

Uscher Schiffman

Schiller/Schilleng - Hungarian

Lena Schir - nurse

Josef Schitzer kia 16.2. 1938 Estramadura - b. Aleandria Egypt 1917 when Polish parents Joshua and Ursula fled Palestine from Turks

Saloman Bruno Schleien, carpenter aged 34 (Ukr.) POW

Charles Schmidt

Eliasz Schmidt

Scholem Schnitz

Moritz Marycy Schneebaum/Schnobaum

Wolf Schneiderman

Josef Schoenbach kia Aragon 1938

Paul Schonfeld

Bernard Schobaum

Szulim Schnitzer

Scholem Schnitzer

Chaim Schummacher

Chaim Schuster

Schniel Kopel Schwarz

Max Schwartz

Hania Schwartz aka Faltenberg

Rachel Schwartzman

David Schwartzstein

Michal Segal

George Seldes

Josef Seidel

Shalom Shilom

David Sieradzki

Solomon Siff

Boris Sikora

Epstein Silverstein - nurse

Michal Singer

Maurice Skalka kia

Srulek Skiersabolski, of Kalisz, kia

Salomon Skirbolski

Zelig Skorecke

Zelig Skroniecki

Sender Skrzynia

Micha Skorupinski

Wolf Slodki

Jacub Sobkor

Basil Sobaski, farmer aged 34 - Ukr.

Leon Sobkowski

Kalman Sobol

Nachum Soifer

Tader/Tadee Sokol

Stefan Solibera/Solibieda

Majer Solman

Stefan Sosnowski

Joel Spatz

Israel Speiser

Izaak Sperber

Samuel Spielman

Samuel Spilman

Jozef Spira

Karol Spiro

Jesel Spotz

Richard Springer

Martin Sramek

Eugene Stark b. 5.9.09 - nurse

Hersz "Maks" Stark

Robert Steck

Sygmunt Stein

Natan Steinberg

Rudolph Steinberg

Emil Steingold

Lazar Sterheim


Dr Henryk Sternhel

Dr Henryk Stern

Marcel Sternzis

Samuel Stolar/Stolarz

Stanislaw Stolar


Feliks "Jacubowicz", Felek" Straszak

Ephraim Striker

Ignace Sukiennek

Henryk "Largo" Sulewicz - TSD

Sulinski - war correspondent KIA.

Jose Soler Sturtiwanti - Argentina POW

Gerszon Strupiechowicz

Ms Roza Susman

Jacques Sypkin

Abraham Szafel

Maurice Szainbaum

Mieczyslaw Miteke Szafram

Mojzesz Szafran kia Ebro 1938

Chaim Zelig Szajnfaber

Willi Szajewicz

Dr Ilja Szapiro (Vilna) kia Spain

Stanislaw Szefer


Adela Szerman, Belgium - Polish nurse

Albert Szerman, Belgium/Polish

Alter Szerman, Belgium/Polish - from Anvers - Botwin commander

Karol Szeferowicz

David Szeradzki

Tadee Szlachter

Salomon Szlamowicz

Andrzej Szmidt

Dawid Eugeniusz Dawidek Szmulewski - escaped St Cyprien and survived Auschwitz.

Jan Szmulewski

Kalman Sznajder

Izrael Szpajzer

Gedale Szpiro

Charles Szpiro

Ryszard Szpryngier

Pawel Szpyrka

Chil Szraga

Josef Strzelczyk aka Jan Barwiniski - TSD

Jacub Aron Sztajner

Sameli Sztamler, kia Aragon

Isaak Szreiber

Bernard Sztern kia 1937 Spain

Leon Szterenzys

Abram Sztokstil, died in French camp 1939

Dr Emmanuel Sztokman

Efraim Sztriker

Norbert Szulklaper

Samuel Szumik, kia 1938, Spain

Josef Szplat

Franciszek Szubert

P. Szwarc

Szmuel Kopel Szwarc

Hersz Szwarcberg

Jakub Szwarcberg

Pinkus Szydlowar, Belgium

Marcin Szymanski - TSD

Jan Szymkiewicz

Eliasz Szyfman

Gerson Szyr

Mieczyslaw "Mietck" Szleyen - editor of Dombrowski newspaper - died 1955.

Zosia Szleyen - wife

Nurse Rachel Szwarcman aka "Angele" - from Bialystok - French Resistance - left Poland 1969, died Israel 1973 - married to Communist Paraguayan Indian Paiva, killed by Nazis in France - TSD.

Capt Aleksander Ilya Davidovitch Szurek aka "Alek" - born 3.8.1907 in Kalisz Poland, died March 1978 USA - author of "The Shattered Dream"- TSD - adjt. to Gen. Walter Swierczewski of Polish Brigade, and then Gen. Boleslaw Moloja - served Polish Army WW2, POW, French Resistance, fled Poland 1968; family murdered in Holocaust - hus. of Berta.

Icchok Szynbach

Chaim Szyster

Marcel/Mendel Szterenzys/Sterenzy aka Kot

Tabacznik - kia Aragon

Boleslaw Taichman

Alter Tajtelbaum

Dawid Taneletnik

David Tandetnik

Dr Victor Taubenfligel - later Prof of Medicine at Univ. of Gdansk - TSD

Maurice Tauber

Aron Tenenbaum - murdered at Auschwitz

Chaskiel Tenenbaum - murdered by the Nazis in Paris in WW2, cousin of Janina Hochland, Manchester.

Dawid Tenenbaum, kia Jarama

Isaak Tenenbaum

Izaak Tenenberg

Bernard Tiszler

Szmul Todres/Tudres

Simcha Todres

Abram Tomaszewski

Leon Tomaszewski

Izaak Tomaszuk

Henryk Tragibetregier, kia Spain

Henryk Tracki aka Anton Muller

Hersz Trocki kia France

Saul Trocki , murdered by Gestapo Berlin 1943

Trojan aka Adler

Jakub Trojnacki

Yosef Trojnacki

Gerszon Trupiechowisz


Aleksander Turkieltaub

Victor Tulman - Hungarian and later the "Red Rabbi" of France

Leib Tygier

Nathan Ulman

Arie Weitz / Wajc aka Albert Nachumi , pilot , kia 1936, Madrid

Israel Wachter POW

Don Wagman-Grott

Jacub Wajman

Eliasz Wajnberg

Jozef Waidberg


M. Wajnberg

Herman Wajnberger, died 1943 in Kirgizia, Russia from wounds recieved in Spain

Herman Waingeber

Henryk Wajngart

Guta Wainsztajn

Saloman Wajngart

Aron Wajngart

Nachman Wajnrit

Jan Wajntraub

Saul Wajntraub

Stanislaw Waintraub

Z Wais

Eliasz Wajsband

Eliasz Wajsberg

Josef Wajsberg, POW Spain and perished

Lejzor Wajsberg, kia Spain

M. Wajsberg

Salomon Wajsberg

Josef Mendel Wajsblum

Mordechaj Wajsbort

Karol Waks

Scholem Waks

Lucien Walach

Jacques Wallach

Antonio Wanslag

Chaim Warszawski, kia with French Maquis

Mieczyslaw Warszawski

Dawid Warszawski kia France 1942

Szlama Warszawski, kia in Paris Resistance laboratory making grenades

Nachman Gerszon Wasermann

Szulim Waserbach, carpenter aged 33 POW

Faivel Wasserman


Mendel Weichenberg

Dr Zalman Wabery/Weinerman aka "Zenek" - TSD

Eliasz Weinberg, kia French Resistance 1944

Saloman Rysiek "Rubio" Weinberger - TSD.

Rucio Richek Weinberg

Samuel Weinberg

Abraham Weinrot

Saul Weinrot

Zenon Weinerman

Jacob Weinman

Szolek Weinrib

Nachman Weintit

Majer Weintraub

Abram Weintraub

Salomon Weintraub

Micha Werter

Israel Weisberg, kia in Paris Resistance

Salomon Weisberg

Elie Weisband

Weiss - Hungarian in Polish bat. - cartographer kia Polish Partisans WW2 - TSD

Marek Weissenberg

Helene Weissman - nurse

Abram Weitman kia Teruel 1937

Mojzesz Josef Weitman, brother of Abram

Moise Weisman

Roman Weintrych

Samuel Weinberg

Hersz Weksler kia Spain 1938

Josef Welker

Jerzy Welikanowicz

Dr "Wiska" Welikanowicz

Jakub Wegman

L. Wielopolski, Israel

Abram Wien

Abram Wiener

Mendel Wien

Aleksander Wierkila

Kalman Wigdorowicz

Iser Wilf

Pawel "Paul/Pol" Wimia

Jozef Winklef

Regina Winkler

Leon Winter aka Zagorski - partisans, sent to Siberia, Polish Govt. official till 1968 pogroms - died West Germany 1984.

Dr Erwin Wolf

Karol Wolf

Tomaz Wozniak

Ms. Celina Wolfzahn

Isydor Ernest Wolfzahn

Eliasz Wolkowicz

Pavel Wultz

David Wurzel/Wirsztel

Froim Eduard Wuzek

Jan Wyka (poet)

Jan Wyka

Szulim Wyszogrodzki, Israel

Josef Zajdel

Szaja Mojzesz Zajderman

S. Zajdman

Dr Alexander Wojnarek Zajdorfa, murdered by Nazis in France 1943

Dr Dora/Dorota Zajdorf b. 11.7.13

Szymon Zajdorf, Canada

Kazimierz Zajdenstrumf

Abram "Antoni" Zajoutz

Izydor Zalzman died 1963 Poland

Jacob Zavidovicz

Sonja Zaydman - nurse b. 1.10.10

Samson Zeidenstadt

Meier Zeller, murdered in Auschwitz

Ozjasz Zellermayer

Ilya Zelmanowicz

Hersz Henryk Zimmerman/Cymerman, kia with French Resistance 1942

D Zimmerman

Andrzej Zmijewski

Janos Zsiros metallurgist aged 28 - Hung.

Awin Zundel

Josef Zylberman

Abraham Zylberstein, kia Spain 1937

Lipman Zyngierman

Kopel Zyskind

Aron Zysman

Schepsl Zyngerman

Joseph Zyngier

Moise Zyngier

Salomon Zysman

Marian Zysman

Szulim Icchok Zysman


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Source: Martin Sugarman, Reprinted with permission.