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Happy Holidays!

December 7th, 2005

It appears the Holiday Season is upon us. However, here in southern California, it isn’t the weather that helps bring about the Christmas feel. It’s the crazed hustle and bustle of consumers ransacking local malls that really brings the cheer! You know it’s Christmas when you drive by all the freeway onramps to the malls and they’re jam packed so heavily you swear they’ll give way any moment. I’m not pulling a scrooge on you all, but I am ashamed of how we all scurry about like ants to push ourselves only further in debt. I was watching CNN on Black Friday, and I was astonished to see how Walmart shoppers were reacting to severely marked-down laptop computers. Sometimes, I’m so embarrassed to be American. Especially lately, with our stance in Iraq.

My photoshoot with Cameron Frost has been confirmed for the weekend of December 17th. These photoshoots sure keep me out of trouble! When I know I’m shooting soon, I keep the parties and drunken debauchery to a minimum to get the maximum out of my appearance. I just want you all to know how serious I take this. This is a business, and I run a tight fucking ship.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


December 5th, 2005

I had a few really special favors done for me in the last few days. I’d like to highlight those people who, in some cases, went out of their way to accommodate me.

First, I want to outwardly thank those who have donated money. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate their help. Times are tough, and you all make it that much easier for me. So thank you: Mathieu C., Robert J., Grant R., Matthew S., Christopher B., and Stefan L. You know who you are!

Second, I would like to thank Roger and Nick for providing the venue for this past weekend’s shoot. They trusted us with their home and allowed my entourage and me to invade. And no, we didn’t damage anything ;) Except, I did have a little too much fun on Roger’s bed, we got some great shots there. Roger, as soon as the photographer has the shots back to me, I’ll have a nice little personalized gift for you.

Nick is a very good friend of mine, who started an outstanding magazine called Xodus. He started it pretty much the same way I’m starting this site and company, so he can relate to the position I’m in. I did a shoot for them ( see Xodus Magazine here ) a while back, and you can find me in their current issue. I’m on the centerfold; you can order one online on their webpage.

Third, I want to thank Dylan, my photographer. He spent all day with me Saturday. On top of the work he does for us, he too works a 9-5. I mean it when I say without him; none of this would be here.

Stay tuned for the new shots! The holiday pictures should be along shortly!

UPdate YOUR ASS ;)

December 5th, 2005

New pictures for the Holiday season will be up shortly. My techy’s computer is down, which hopefully will not delay the arrival of the pictures too long.

I keep getting these comments that beg me not to become too “big”. I promise all of you, this will not happen. I’m not even capable of it. I eat and eat and eat all day long, and work out about 2 hours daily. I’ve been doing this for nearly 9 months now and have only put on less than 15 lbs (I was 120 when I started and 115 when shooting Every Poolboy’s Dream). I have a fast metabolism, so I need to eat enough to cancel that out, plus feed my growing muscles. Frankly, it’s slow coming and I’m getting a little impatient. This is why when I hit 132 lbs, I was so excited about it. So, as you all can see, with my frame and body fat percentage (or lack thereof), “big” will not be a word to describe me any time soon. Don’t worry, I won’t pull a Falcon on you all ;) . My only aim is to make a great thing even better. Besides, I got a little tired of blowing away every time wind speeds reached 15 mph ;)

I’m happy in the twink genre, I think I’ll stay here.

Lately, I’m focusing much effort toward finding new models. I’ve been talking to a few good names and recognizable faces. I’m not going to spew off anything until we’re a little more set with it, so stay tuned. I’m finding out more and more that I have a fairly large fan base of peers! I encourage these boys to apply and come work with us (me). Right now my impending legal issues will not allow me to work, but this is always subject to change. Send applications to and see below for more information regarding this.

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for unique attributes to include on the website, so if any of you have any great ideas don’t hesitate to run them by me (

132 lbs!

December 1st, 2005

Hey everyone! I’m really excited this week. More things are coming together on the site. Also, I hit my weight goal; I’m 132 this week ;) Back when I first appeared in Every Poolboy’s Dream, I was 115 lbs. Sometimes I feel like putting on weight is much harder than most people think it is (for boys like me at least). Halfway through last summer, I weighed slightly more than I do now. However, because of some of the stress of late I put off a few pounds. I suppose I was distraught at first, but the stress has slowly melted away and now I’m almost utterly confident.

I have a shoot this weekend for Holiday pictures, and the following weekend I hope to be shooting with Cameron Frost. I am so very excited to work with Cameron again; he’s my all-time favorite photographer. No one has ever produced such masterful work with me. No one!

I understand we’re on the eve of the release of the next Cobra Video production. I’m calling on all of my serious fans and supporters to boycott this production. There are viable and real reasons to do so:

• Cobra Video’s business practices are not 2257 compliant.
• They accepted scanned images of ID’s for a model shoot, when 2257 clearly states you must physically inspect all identification.
• They requested and obtained 2 illegal screening tapes in late 2003 of me when I was 17, without confirming any identification.
• Bryan Kocis is attempting to smear my image and degrade me while capitalizing off of it.

Don’t cater to a business that resorts to such petty and lowly tactics that hinder others. It’s the same as mudslinging politics. The only difference is Cobra Video has no limits and they will only continue to get worse. The choice is ultimately yours. I truly hope that people want to support great and just causes (even if it is the adult industry). Cobra video stands only to ruin me; there is no just cause there. Don’t aid him in achieving this diabolical plan of his.

I can’t justify what I did. Although, when I attempted to change it and set right what was wrong, I was only met with hostility.

I know that this video will be the only work released of me, if it debuts with my scenes intact. Please be patient and wait until our legal stance allows us to release better, 2257 compliant work. You will not regret it!

Models Needed

November 28th, 2005 is looking for new models to work with in the upcoming months. This could be your chance to work with or in close proximity with Brent Corrigan.

Please note, this is adult oriented work.

DISCLAIMER: Brent Corrigan will not proceed with adult work until matters of existing contracts allow him to do so.

If this is of interest to you, send an e-mail to with “MODEL APP” IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Please include recent, full body pictures and specify the following:

Dick Measurements:

Please! Serious applicants only. We are looking for outstanding, outgoing, attractive boys to work with. Don’t hesitate!