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Gold farming on new servers

For weeks now, you have been harvesting the level 60 raid instances to pop that sweet new BeastStalker Belt, but to no avail. Finally as you are reaching the end of your rope, the latest pickup raid group pops your belt! Everyone passes the roll and then it is decided it is down to you and another hunter to roll for it.  The other hunter doesn't speaky english, so you are getting a little nervous. Next thing you know the other hunter has snagged the belt and hearthed away. You have just been ninja'd by a Gold Farmer.

This is the first time I have started a new character on a new server in a long time, so I was curious to see how this gold buying works.  I went to check out Favgames and IGE today because I was curious how the economy of this new server would compare to my old.  Lo and behold, the new server is not even listed! I realize it is fairly new, but how long does it take for the Gold Farmers to move in to a new server? Stay tuned as we will unveil the server names soon for our shiny new WoWInsider guild!
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Can you say "kek"?

BabelOne of the fundamental truths in WoW is that Horde and Alliance can't communicate, as any attempt to speak comes out as gibberish, and any use of the /me custom emotes results in indecipherable motions. However, there's method to the madness of cross-faction communication, and the Project Azeroth language wiki helps to break down some of the language barrier.

For example, we all know that "lol" (spoken in Orcish) is "kek" (in Common), but did you know you can say "ee oo d a p" to a Tauren to profess your undying love? Or that the common Orcish phrase "Zug Zug" can be heard by a gnome if you say "101"? The system is designed so that very little communication can take place between the factions, but it's nice to know your enemy sometimes--and that includes their language.
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How to enjoy WoW the Something Awful way

Female Night Elf PSTThose sarcastic Something Awful folks have published a brilliant list of suggested ways to "properly enjoy World of Warcraft". Including such gems as "If they can't type out your name, they can't add you to their ignore list" and "Play as a girl. Do not ever, EVER, even hint that you are male unless you dislike getting free gold from desperate nerds", it's full of useful tips that it seems far too many WoW players abide by.

The girl thing's a bit of a misleading point, though -- free gold seems pretty rare (a friend of a friend got some once), although suggestive /tells certainly aren't.
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Blizz on 1.8.4 "ten minute" BG rule

When Blizzard released the 1.8.4 patch yesterday, it introduced a controversial change to how Battlegrounds works. Briefly, in v1.8.4, battles in BG need to last more than ten minutes to gain a Mark of Honor.

Suffice it to say, people didn't like this change and Blizzard has posted an official response in their forums explaining that this rule change is a mistake:

The ten-minute rule had been implemented as part of 1.9, and was set to be removed from 1.9 as the Deserter debuff was put in place. Unfortunately, because 1.8.4 was developed simultaneously with 1.9, the ten-minute rule had actually made its way into 1.8.4 too (which was tested and signed off upon some time ago, around the time this change was being implemented). As such, the ten-minute rule mistakenly went live.

This was not intended by our development team, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The ten-minute rule does not exist on the patch 1.9 test versions that have been on the test realms for some time now (with the exception of Warsong Gulch, which is being fixed), reflecting the fact that the Deserter debuff was intended as a replacement rather than an addition to this mechanic. We intend to fix this bug in a server-side hotfix soon.

So there it is. Blizzard will be fixing this change soon.
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WOW Insider Flickr Group

wow insider flickr
Josh set up a WOW Insider Flickr group for us earlier today and membership is open to the public, so get in there, join up, and start sharing your favorite shots of Azeroth with us. Don't forget that Josh started another Flickr pool for your custom UI in WoW.

Also, if you happen to have shots of your most embarrassing death, we'd really love to see those too.
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The breakfast topic: Flight Paths

flightpathToday's topic is flight paths! My group found itself needing to get to Desolace but none of us had the flight path there and so we asked around for a mage to portal us there instead.

Is this a common occurance for players coming up through the ranks? One of my coworkers is in a large raiding guild and his alt is now level 40, so I asked if perhaps he could have someone in his guild help us out by giving us a portal to the new flight path.

Do you guys abuse guildmates in this way? Do you consider this cheating? I personally don't because I feel it is relying on the good nature of your guildmates to help yourself go further in the game.

A portal is also a much faster way to get from Theramore to Auberdine, a flight path so long I can watch an episode of Wonder Showzen and still make it back in time to land.
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Has WoW ruined your life?

World of Warcraft
You've all heard the stories. People have died from exhaustion from playing video games too much. People have started affairs and ruined marriages in virtual worlds like World of Warcraft.

If this sounds familiar: here's your chance to share. It's Jerry Springer on WOW Insider time: Has your devotion to the world of Azeroth ruined or negatively impacted your real-world life? Give us all the dirt.
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Your custom UI

wowuiYou like to tweak, admit it! We all do it to an extent, so why not you too? I know that when I play WoW on someone else's computer it makes me ill. I feel so disoriented when I am missing all my information that I usually have right at my finger tips. You can't see it very well in the pictures, but I am using Bibmod, Discord Unit Frames, and Titan Panel.  I would highly recommend all three for your UI needs. Bibmod is very straight forward and it allows you to take away most of the non-essential stuff in the UI. Titan Panel is a hot mod that is *highly* customizable, you can add all kinds of cool little "plugins" for it, and it displays all the info in one nice spot. Discord Unit Frames is not for the faint of heart - It is heavily customizable, and you can tell from a 10 second glance at the config window! Feel free to discuss your UI mods here, but I am also starting a flickr tag (wowUI) for each of us to post high quality pics under. Share your uber setup with all of us.

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Level 60 Battleground experience

bgToday brought our first day of readers and with it, a whole slew of comments! Keep 'em coming in guys, we love the conversations that are going on. One conversation in particular has piqued my interest (probably because it was my post getting flamed). That being said, here is what came of the constructive conversation.  The talk was about level 60 players and how they are expected to be lumped in with better equipped level 60 players (tier-2 epics) when the little guy barely has time to earn all of those rare pieces of equipment that he is polishing.  Here were the top 3 posted by Chris Gardener.

1.) If a team queues up, they should face another team, not a group of pickup players. This would encourage more skilled players to compete against one another.

2.) Battleground queues, in general, should organize games based on rank. Currently, a rank 14 (the highest level) can be put against a rank 1 (just starting). A better system would try to match rank 14s against other rank 14s, similar to how they do it in Warcraft 3 and Halo 2.

3.) There should be tournaments so the best teams face each other. As it stands right now, it's like the Yankees competing against T-ball.

We would love to hear more thoughts on this matter from you guys - tell us your BG experiences!
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A rogue's paradise: Tyr's Hand

I knew they were there, the enemy rogues. They glided all around me, the "whoosh" of their fading back into the shadows betraying their presence. All around me too were the elite troops of the Scarlet Crusade.

I had no quarrel with the Crusade at this point, though doubtless in the future I would have some dealings with them. No, today my mission was to interrupt the supply chain of gold being filched from the Scarlet Crusade by Alliance rogues and then funneled to vast, shadowy organizations in the Far East, laundered, and then used to resupply the Alliance efforts against my Horde.

We're talking gold farmers working the plough nonstop in Tyr's Hand, turning around selling the gold for real cash on any one of several world markets -- eBay, IGE, etc. On my server, Frostwolf, it was just nuts at Tyr's Hand. I could go there with my Horde rogue and see 15-25 Alliance players, most of them rogues, killing Scarlet Elite mobs non-stop. These were the killing fields.

Continue reading A rogue's paradise: Tyr's Hand

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WoW Insider Exclusive! New Reindeer Mount!

reindeer mount

We're not sure what this fella's name is -- Prancer or Dancer or Comet and Blitzen -- but we'll just call him Cool Beans!

Thanks to Blizzard for these exclusive screenshots of a reindeer mount players can get in the game. How great is that!

Click on the Continue reading link below to see a few more screenshots of this handsome mount. We have no idea what players will have to do to obtain this "pimp ride", but we're sure everybody will want one.

Thanks again Blizzard!

Continue reading WoW Insider Exclusive! New Reindeer Mount!

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The breakfast topic: WoW lanparties

soga-lanEach morning my coworkers and I have breakfast down in our cafeteria at work. Most of us play WoW, so it is a natural topic of conversation. I shall try to bring you these topics every day and today's topic is WoW lanparties. I used to run a 120 person lan in my area, but it ended up dying off because most of us were playing WoW - those who didn't just were annoyed with the WoW players. Since our interest in the game has turned to battlegrounds recently, we have been discussing a get together to lay down some BG smackdown.  Battlegrounds seems much more suited for a lanparty because of the level range requirements and the need for cohesive teamwork.  Do any of you get together to have a large battleground lanparty? Or do you prefer to just have guild BG sessions where you use teamspeak or ventrilo?

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To Guild or not to Guild?

I have a level 54 dwarf paladin character that has never been part of a guild. There was a time when I couldn't walk through Ironforge without being asked a dozen times if I wanted to join a guild, especially as my character reached higher and higher levels.

For that particular character (my main), the goal has been to get him to level 60 without the the help of guildmates. Explaining to this politely to a few people who've asked me to join their guilds has been met with some puzzled replies.

Being part of a guild can be beneficial. Guild members often give lower members gold and appropriate items to help them get started. Guildmates often help each other out in solving or completing quests, or defending against a ganker. But being part of any group also has disadvantages. My very first WoW character joined a guild and it was very poorly run with infighting, disrespect, and an extremely chatty guild channel.

We'll be forming a guild related to WoW Insider for readers to join if they'd like. We've selected two servers (one Horde, and one Alliance) to build characters on. Once all WoW Insider bloggers have created characters on these servers, we'll have a post with their names as well as which servers (realms). Stay tuned!
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Most Irritating Quest

My vote for the most irritating quest is "Deep Ocean, Vast Sea" in Darkshore. First, I hate fighting in the water...battle in a 3D environment just doesn't work as well in WoW as it does on land (a more 2D environment). Plus it's a quest done in the teen levels where most players are still getting used to their new character and skills. Add to that the fact that the quest rewards suck and you have a quest that begs to be abandoned.

Another vote would be the druid Sea Lion form quest. I swam around for ages looking for the second half of the pendant off the coast of Westfall. I finally had to look online for help.

What's your vote for the most frustrating quest in the game?
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WoW Student Ethnographies

wow ethnographyIs the general population of WoW sexist or gender-biased? Are there way more fanboys than fangirls playing the game?

If your answer was: "Who cares?" Then you may want to skip this post. Otherwise, check out this group of student blogs from a class called "Games for the Web: Ethnography of Massively Multiplayer On-line Games." [Side note: why didn't they offer courses like this when I was going through?] The blogs don't just cover sexism, as each blog details a different student's progress in a research project and paper examining ethnographies in World of Warcraft. Pretty cool stuff.

[via BoingBoing]
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