Operation Carelift Becomes
Global Aid Network (GAiN) USA

Operation Carelift, a humanitarian aid ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, is changing names and gaining allies.

Operation Carelift, a humanitarian aid project started by Josh McDowell, has been taking humanitarian aid and American volunteers on bi-annual mission trips to Russia and the surrounding republics of the former Soviet Union since 1991. In that time, the mission has taken more than 9,000 American volunteers to deliver $44 million worth of humanitarian aid to places like orphanages and hospitals in eight different countries.

Campus Crusade for Christ, Operation Carelift's parent organization, saw the value in meeting both physical and spiritual needs with humanitarian aid and evangelism. They decided to designate one branch of the vast ministry to coordinate the man-power, finances, and supplies of ministries around the world. This new branch is called Global Aid Network (GAiN).

There are eight GAiN operations around the world including Canada, Germany, Latvia, Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, Russia, and the US office which was formerly Operation Carelift. Each one of these offices work cooperatively to provide hope to hurting people and help demonstrate God’s love around the world through word and deed. Each GAiN office will be known by its country location - for example GAiN Canada. The headquarters of GAiN International is in Dallas, Texas, at the GAiN USA offices.