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Iron Storm 4 State of the Party Address

post by: core_dumped on 09 Aug 2005
On behalf of myself and all of the Pittco Staff, I'd like to thank all of the gamers for an excellent LAN Party. Ultimately it's all of you that make the party worth running and I sincerely feel that this event was the best one we've had yet. You were all extremely understanding about the minor problems we had. Participation in contests and pickup games was excellent. Thank you all for coming and I hope everyone had a good time!

I'd like to send a very heartfelt thank you to all of my staff. You guys were really on the ball this time around and did an excellent job. Trying to run one of these events without good staff support is next to impossible and I learned at this event that we really have a reliable, efficient, and expert crew. Everyone showed excellent teamwork and responsibility when problems did arrive and because of this, the event ran very smooth. The energy level in all aspects was kept pretty high throughout the event as well. From contests to pickup games to tournaments, the staff was very aggressive and very involved.

At times when the staff was asked to do something, which was rare because everyone knew what to do and when without being told, I received nothing but willing and dedicated responses. This means a lot to me and I appreciate all of your hard work! Please see the Thank You thread for more personalized praises!

I've been hearing and reading that in general, everyone feels this was the best Pittco event to date. I'd have to say that I agree. I usually feel somewhat disappointed in the days immediately following one of our parties but this time I feel very positive. I feel the future of Pittco will be great and that future events will succeed this one in excellence.

While I haven't heard or read too many complaints thus far, there are a few pointed issues that I'd like to address briefly.

Counter-Strike Tournament Split

We've been splitting the CS tournament into 2 parts since Iron Storm 3. There are several reasons for doing this. The main reason is to give more time and attention to other tournaments. We're not a CS only LAN, as I'm sure you all know from reading these forums, however, no matter what anyone has said, we do treat it very seriously. Regardless of how big it is or serious, however, we make it a point run other tournaments for games that people in attendance at our lans treat with just as much importance. If the gamers in general are as serious about the other games as they are about CS, it is our duty to treat them with importance as well.

Splitting CS in the manner that we did this time allowed us to run a longer, higher quality UT2k4 tournament. So far, I've heard nothing but good things about the UT tournament this time around and that tells me that the way we're running things is working.

It also gives our tournament manager a chance to rest. If you were at IS1 and IS2, you'll remember the length of the CS tournaments. I believe they ran around 10-12 hours straight. Matt B, our tournament manager at the time was thoroughly exhausted by the time it was over. I refuse to put any staff through this type of stress again.

I have no comfort to offer those of you who disagree with the way we split the tournament. In the future, we will be using the same system.

Total Attendance

I'm not sure of the exact gamer turnout, but I'm hearing it was around 105. This is far better than I, or any of us expected. While we had to drop the total number of seats as a financial safeguard, the turnout was still almost equal to that of past events. I was both surprised and excited to see so many people signup and attend! I understand it's hard to make a definite commitment by pre-paying. It is necessary for us to get money up-front to cover the cost of rental (venue, generator, tables) though. One of the reasons this event ran so smooth is because we had the funds before the party. No one had to front the cash out of pocket as they did in previous events. In fact, I think this is the first event that we actually didn't suffer from personal monetary loss.


Our prize arsenal was very small this time compared to previous events. There are two major reasons for this. This event was held only 5 months after the previous. Our sponsors were somewhat reluctant to sponsor two events of our size in that short of a time span. In order to secure their sponsorship in the future, we need more in attendance and a longer amount of time between events. The second reason is that the sponsors aren't seeing the amount of return on investment overall across lan parites in general that they need to justify pouring money into them. Because of this, larger events are getting more attention and smaller events like ours are not.


The response from the community is that these power issues weren't that big of a deal. I still feel that an explanation is owed to all those in attendance. I already typed up a lengthy one here:

The Future

At the end of each event, after doing post-party cleanup, the staff holds a meeting. We briefly discuss how we feel the party went overall and discuss plans for the future. We have already worked out a date for the next event (STAFF YOU ARE NOT TO RELEASE ANY DETAILS) and are already planning some new ideas in areas such as advertising, which severely lacked this time around. Our goal is to boost attendance and obtain the 150 gamer mark that we've been striving for since Pittco 2. We're also working out ideas for new contests, ways of getting more and higher quality prizes, and community non-lan events. Check back frequently on the forums for discussion of ideas and more information about the next event!

Thank you all again for a great weekend and goodnight!