IRAS Minor Planet Survey

IRAS Minor Planet Survey (IMPS)

Supplemental IRAS Minor Planet Survey (SIMPS)

Version 6.0 of this data set contains the Supplemental IRAS Minor Planet Survey (SIMPS), presenting additional and revised diameters and albedos for asteroids detected by the 1983 IRAS mission. SIMPS is considered to supersede the diameters and albedos of the original 1992 IRAS Minor Planet Survey (IMPS), which was represented by the previous versions of this data set.

Tedesco, E., G. Veeder, J. Fowler, and J. Chillemi, The IRAS Minor Planet Survey, Phillips Lab PL-TR-92-2049, Hanscom Air Force Base, MA, 1992.

Tedesco, E.F., P.V. Noah, M. Noah, and S.D. Price 2002. The Supplemental IRAS Minor Planet Survey. Astronomical Journal 123, 1056-1085.

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Ephemeris Table 2 Data Table Label
Ephemeris Table 3 Data Table Label

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