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Mrs. Jones
Lakeview Kindergarten!

Mrs. King
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Our Class News

Decorate the House for the Holidays
Slide the ornament to the right to add decorations.

 Snow at Lakeview School on 12/06/05  
The First Snow on 12/04/05

We enjoyed having our Grandparents and Special Friends visit on Wed!
Thanks to Mrs. Savinese, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Wesolek, Mrs. Miller
and Mrs. Behrle for getting the refreshments ready for our guests!
Thanks to Mrs. King for leading the songs and "The Turkey Pokey"
and for helping the children make the gifts for our Grandparents!

The Lakeview School community will be collecting new hats,
gloves and mittens for needy families in the Ridley area.
You may send in your donations until Friday, Dec 9.

Kindergarten tells how to make Thanksgiving Dinner!
Mrs. Jones' AM Class   Mrs. Jones' PM Class   Mrs. Kane's Class

Mrs. Brooks, our Reading Teacher, discovered that
Kindergarten Likes Letters!
Morning Class    Afternoon Class

Find out all about us!
Mrs. Jones' AM Class   Mrs. Jones' PM Class   Mrs. Kane's Class

Do the right thing. Treat people right.
Lakeview's Life Skills and Guidelines
Lifeskill of the Week

Mrs. Kane
Mrs. Kane's
Class News

Mrs. Johnson

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Reading is FUNdamental: Parent's Page
Here is the list of all the books we've made so far.
How many are there?

We read a book called Reindeer School made by Mrs. Jones.
A small reindeer is attached to the book with yarn.
We can move the reindeer as he learns to fly and land!
It was a funny ending when the reindeer fell in the snow!

We made an easy funny book called I Like Dogs.
The word pattern is: I like _____ dogs.

We made an easy-to-read book called The Christmas Tree.
We practiced recognizing and reading the Word of the Week "are."
We used the picture clues to help us read the words we didn't know.
The word pattern is: Here are the _____.

In our small group, each child reads each book out loud using strategies
to figure out the words such as, getting your mouth ready, using picture clues,
looking for little words in big words, and remembering sight words.
At home, your child should read each book out loud to a grownup
then should add the title to our monthly Read-To-Me form.
Keep all the books we make in your "Book Treasure Box"
so your child can practice reading anytime!

Why Your Child Should Read for 20 minutes Every Day
From the US Dept of Education:
Helping Your Child Become a Reader
Put Reading First   Teaching Our Youngest   Helping Your Child Series

Main Menu
Mrs. Brooks is our Reading Teacher.
We learn that letters make sounds and pictures give us clues.
We play with the letter sounds and learn how to rhyme words.
We learn how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h words to help us spell when we write.
We read books with Mrs. Brooks in our Reader's Workshop!

Mrs. Brooks

Mrs. Whitehead

Mrs. Brooks' Lakeview Photo Albums
Choose a photo album, click on "slideshow" and hit the "play" button.

Past News and Photos
05-06    04-05    03-04    02-03    01-02    00-01

Ew! See why you should cover your sneezes?!

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Meet Mrs. Jones' Pets
Pompay   and   Nemo   and   Roscoe

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Important Dates

05-06 Elementary School Calendar
Lakeview December Calendar
December Lunch Menu

Monday Morning Meeting
First thing on Monday (or the first school day of the week)
the whole school assembles in the Gym Room. Please try to be on time.

Wed, Dec 21 - Greeting Cards are due.
Thurs, Dec 23 - Holiday Party
Fri, Dec 23 to Mon, Jan 2 - Winter break
Tues, Jan 3 - Return to School

What time is it in Ridley Park?
What was happening on the day you were born?
Today in History
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December Themes
Lifeskills   Bears   Holiday Activities

Need Something to Do?
Printable and Online Activities for Kids
Coloring Pages     Design an Animal     Crafts     Craft a Day
Find It!    Sand Art    Online Games    Lite Brite
National Gallery of Art Paintbox    Play What's in the Bag?
Reading and Writing Activities

Sing Along Song Menu

Singing is a fun way to learn!
The Sing Along Songs were written by Mrs. Jones
to help children practice making the letter sounds in a fun way!
Try some Learn to Spell Word Songs!

Practice your reading skills and play some word games online!

The Letter of the Week
Dec 12-21
Ee is for red and green
Sing Along: I've Got the Letter Ee
The Long Ee Song
To help your child learn
the letter names and
letter sounds check out
Learn the Letters and
Fun With the Alphabet
Main Menu
The Words of the Week
he   she   me   we   red   green   white
An Environmental Print Project
Please send in any packaging that has words beginning with
The Letter of the Week or The Word of the Week.
Also collect food boxes, packages, or labels with words and pictures
and save logos or packages from stores, toys and household products.
Send them in anytime with your child's name on them. Thanks!

We would love your help collecting Campbell's Labels,
Boxtops for Education, Ridley Park Acme Receipts,
Springfield Genuardi's Receipts and aluminum can pull tabs.
Click here for more info and to find out who is helping us collect labels!

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