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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is Judy protecting another Journalist?

Some Republicans think that Judy Miller went to jail to protect another reporter. Tucker Carlson made the claim on his show " The Situation" Thursday night.

Does the new revealtions in the NY Times prove that theory out?

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C&L ain't no monkey  

(Cross posted on Jesus General )I'll always remember my mother's words when she saw that the academically-minded Chournos boy had returned to town. "He's been excommunicated," she told me, "because he believes we're all descended from rocks."

That confirmed to me that all neighbors were right about the perils of education. Mr. Chournos could have had a big future as a Mormon sheep rancher like his brothers, but instead, he threw it all away to pursue a funny idea about rocks.

I bet he's really stewing now that the
Crooks and Liars patriot  has discovered that rocks can be used to disprove Darwinism:

Dear Mustafa Akyol
political scientist, columnist and writer
   I must admit that I have been a capacious antagonist against the ID movement. I find it a sophomoric attempt to introduce unproven religious postulation into the science curriculum of our public schools in an inane attempt to convert young impressionable minds into a sacerdotal automaton.It was only when I read your column entitled Intelligent Decline, Revisited that my interest was piqued. You stated " Many critics of ID wrongly assume that we infer that intelligence from the Bible or the Koran, but in fact we infer it solely from nature. As Mount Rushmore compels an observer to conclude that an intelligent cause was at work there, the "specified complexity" of life points to an intelligent designer"
You talked about Mount Rushmore so majestically that I looked up a picture of the secret hiding place of the courageous
Team America and low and behold it is very beautiful indeed.

A picture named rushmore1.jpg 



 So I decided to subject your thesis to the most rigorous testing platform available to us at this time. I googled it. You see to google is to be certain.
I googled images of natural beauty. This is the first image that came up and I have to say I was astonished. A picture named Rorschach_Arches-Arches_National_Park.jpg
How could anything random in nature create a magnificent form that so signifies all of life's creation in a theme park type environment like this if it wasn't intelligently designed? I hereby am a convert. I am making my way over to Kansas right now with hundred's of 8 X 10 glossies of this portraiture and I hope it will be admitted as evidence for all to see. I think we can finally tip the scales of evolution our way now.

Metrosexually Yours,
Crooks and Liars

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NYTIMES: Rove confirmed Plame as CIA to Novak too

Here's the article, now read John's analysis. ..."that Rove also confirmed to Novak that he'd heard Plame was CIA. This conversation occured, reportedly, 3 days before Rove then told TIME's Matt Cooper that Plame was CIA."

Now as far as I understand it, this shoots down all the bullshit GOP Talking points about Rove unwittingly feeding Cooper her name in passing. Thereby confirming once and for all that Karl Rove is a Turd Blossom. I think Paul Krugman agrees.

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A picture named Ricki.jpg

Santorum refuses to Apologize for his remarks against Boston -VIDEO

The news video features statements by Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank.

Frank: Well it is about the level of illogic you would expect from someone who told America that he made eye contact with video from a blind woman.

                                                         Video-WMP only

Santorum: I don't have anything to apologise to Ted Kennedy...

Of course now he says he's not blaming Boston....He's blaming liberalism in it's radical sense. Well that clears it up then. Funny how in his earlier statement:  While it is no excuse for this scandal, it is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political, and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm." Am I missing something or did he blame Boston? For some reason he just doesn't like freedom. The kind that his President is trying to spread across the world.

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 Rehnquist not Retiring

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, denying rumors of his retirement, said Thursday he will continue heading the court as long his health permits. "I'm not about to announce my retirement," he said  "I want to put to rest the speculation and unfounded rumors of my imminent retirement," Rehnquist, 80, said in a statement obtained by The Associated Press...

Let's hope for a speedy recovery.

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Protest Warriors get hacked

via Amanda:  The group has also been infiltrated by imposters. Responding to an e-mail soliciting new operations for the Spokane, Wash., area ProtestWarrior chapter, a satiric blogger known as Gen. JC Christian wrote, "When I look at our membership, I see a lot of able-bodied men and women of military age. I say we hold a rally at the recruiting station. Then, after a few speeches, we all go in and sign up. Heck, we can always fight the liberals later. It's time to take the Protest Warrior flag to Iraq." 

After the chapter's administrator discovered the general's own blog, in which he pokes fun at the president's policies with such characters as "Republican Jesus," he was excommunicated

Way to go General!

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Did Bush Admin Botch effort to thwart London bombing?

via AmericaBlog ABC News just reported that the British authorities say they have evidence that the London attacks last week were an operation planned by Al Qaeda for the last two years. This was an operation the Brits thought they caught and stopped in time, but they were wrong. The piece of the puzzle ABC missed is that this is an operation the Bush administration helped botch last on

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A picture named JusticeSUnday1.jpg

"Just Us" Sunday-II

That's right, they're back.

Check out their start-studded panel of religious zealots. Will Bill Frist's head loom over the crowd as he announces to the thrall that people of faith are once again under attack by secular heathens that want to destroy America? I guess this is what their fearless leader meant when he asked them to tone it down. As my buddy always says: Serenity Now

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VIDEO : Victims of Boston Abuse attack Santorum

Alexa: He's really waiting for quite a large number of people to come up-me being one of them-and smack him and walk away....'re going to tell me it's my fault!

                                                    Video-WMP only

Alexa: ...My parents chose to live in Boston so this is what I deserve? I didn't deserve that.

Santorum has started a firestorm with his moronic rhetoric and I hope he goes down in flames. Just try to imagine the mindset of a man that would say: While it is no excuse for this scandal, it is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political, and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm." Even the usual apologists have the decency not to defend this  dimwit.

A note to Michelle: There is no way an apology from Rick can correct the record on what he put in print. His new book only confirms the deranged thinking that goes on in the gray matter just located underneath his head of hair.

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Quote of the Day

 "I think he should resign," said Jim Holt, a GOP state senator from Arkansas who is running for lieutenant governor. He joked, "I hope Karl Rove doesn't come gunning for me."

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Arthur digs into the Sidney Blumenthal article and the smearing of Josesph Wilson.

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A picture named cnn_lt_schumer_wilson_press_conf_050714-01a.jpg Senator Schumer/Joe Wilson press conference

(Hat Tip-David sent this video over)


Apparently Rush Limbaugh is losing it over Rovegate/TraitorGate/Turd Blossom. Bradblog  has the latest on it. "Rush's final words at the end of the show (referring to the Press Conference scheduled by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) to happen shortly): "Chuck Shumer is Joe Wilson's 'handler' in this agency plot to bring down the President."

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Chertoff doesn't seem to mind if our trains are attacked

"The truth of the matter is, a fully loaded airplane with jet fuel, a commercial airliner, has the capacity to kill 3,000 people. A bomb in a subway car may kill 30 people. When you start to think about your priorities, you're going to think about making sure you don't have a catastrophic thing first," Chertoff said.

If we fully funneled our resources into DHS,  we might not have to substitute one for the other. I understand that it's virtually impossible to guard against every type of threat, but the focus on invading Iraq instead of protecting ourselves at home has seriously weakened us to the point where we have to choose the less of two evils.

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 De-Spinning the Save-Rove Spin

via David Corn : I do wish I could keep track of all the bad info being peddled by Karl's Keystone Kops. But then I'd probably end up needing a nice room in a on 

The Left Coaster has a response to the GOP Talking Points on Treasongate:  A number of rebuttals have been provided around the liberal blogosphere to the fakery from the GOP and their media arms about the Valerie Plame expose. Here's a on 

The Rude Pundit has a series on Rove.:"Which means, of course, that with NBC's David Gregory and ABC's Terry Moran discovering that they do, indeed, have spines that allow them to walk upright, is laying waste to the GOP talking points on Rove, leading us to...

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Net "outing"

Mykeru has some interesting encounters with Steve Crager here.

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 Sen. Tom Coburn challenged the accuracy of Terri Schiavo's autopsy

Did anyone really think wingnut Republican doctors would let his one go?

Cole says So the Republican party is hemorrhaging moderate and independent support. This will probably help a lot

      "U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn challenged the accuracy of Terri Schiavo's autopsy Thursday, saying he has a copy of the Florida woman's medical file. I have on my desk a complete medical file of Terri Schiavo, and I would challenge the accuracy of many of the statements by people involved in that case in terms of her medical condition, and I would also challenge some of the autopsy findings based on what I have on my desk in Washington," Coburn said.  Coburn is an obstetrician and gynecologist and is not trained as a pathologist or medical examiner. He said he had reviewed Schiavo's medical file but had not examined her body"

Many thanks to Bill Frist for creating a new form of medical diagnosis.

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A picture named nbc_today_wilson_interview_050714-01a.jpg NBC Today: Joe Wilson says Rove "should be fired"

Wilson went on the offensive this morning on the "Today Show" and asked that the President stick to his word.



Raw Story has the GOP attack talking points as the smear campaign goes on to discredit Joesph in an effort to protect Rove. The RWNM has been  on high alert and is actually trying to make Karl Rove the victim in all of this. How did Rove even know that Valeri was a NOC?

AmericaBlog has the transcripts and some more on Wilson.

BuzzFlash has an interview with James Moore, author of Bush's Brain.

Josh Marshall asks a legal question.

The CarpetBagger Report Playing to the base:One interesting part of the Rove defense strategy is its similarity to the approach Rove used during the presidential election: Play to the base. When it was Bush on the campaign trail, that meant ignoring outreach to anyone who wasn't a Republican, creating a partisan bubble around the president, and rallying the hard-core sycophants. The past couple of days, I think we're seeing something similar in defending Rove in the Plame scandal.

Talk Left wants to know:  Where Does Ari Fleischer Fit In? Jeralyn does extensive research as she tries to connect the dots.

World O' Crap delves into the Wingnut universe in the Ultimate Wing Nut Challenge  As always there really isn't anyone quite like her. She takes apart  Ann Coulter!  Rush Limbaugh!   Bill O'Reilly!  Michelle Malkin!  G. Gordon Liddy!  And last and least, Sean Hannity!

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A picture named Bush_no-Rove.jpgBush and Laura leave Karl spinning in the wind

President Bush finally answered a question about Rove's involvement in the Plame case and left him hung out to dry. Or as Kelly puts it. "No Rove endorsement"

                                      Video-WMP QT coming

Even Laura didn't back him.

Laura:Karl Rove is a very good friend mine--I've known him for years and I'm not going to speculate on any other part of the case.

Laura, how is Karl being your friend part of the investigation?

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