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FSRN Reporter Training Projects Across the US and the World!

Taking the vision and mission of FSRN to all corners of the world, last October FSRN launched a cutting-edge reporting and reporter training project that seeks to bring experienced reporters to parts of the world where US mainstream and independent media are sorely lacking in 'voices from the ground.' FSRN has always sought to cover issues and events from the communities effected and involved, and this innovative project aims to put microphones and minidisk recorders into hands of budding story tellers and guide them down the path of news-reporting. The areas chosen represent locations we have struggled to adequately cover for want of a reporter on the ground.

To donate to the training programs you can send checks to Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship, KPFA Radio, 1929 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Box 73, Berkeley, CA 94704. Click here for more information about donating.

October 2002 - July 2003: SOUTHEAST ASIA
India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Aaron Glantz, Miranda Kennedy and Biju Mathew: India
Perhaps our most ambitious effort! In light of the escalating India-Pakistan tensions, the push further right by the Hindu fundamentalist BJP, the Bush Administrations continuing so-called war on terrorism in which South Asian countries were playing a crucial yet under-examined role, and the fact that many of the world's poor live in the region, we undertook this nine month project to report on and train local reporters to investigate and bring these stories to FSRN audiences.

To date we have trained 2 full time Indian reporters for the newscast: Vinod Jose in New Delhi, and Binu Alex in Gujarat. We are in the process of training a third reporter in Rajasthan, which will hold state elections this year. In February, Miranda will travel to Sri Lanka to train a reporter there. It is vital to have regular coverage of the country, as peace talks with the LTTE continue to falter after 19 years of civil war.

In April, Miranda will train a reporter in the disputed region of Kashmir. After spending a lot of time searching for the right reporter, we have found an experienced, progressive Kashmiri print reporter to train in radio skills for the newscast.

Later this spring, we hope to be able to train a reporter in Nepal and one in Pakistan.

The Funding Exchange in NY and the Singh Foundation provided funds for this project.
**We are still looking for money to be able to complete the project in Nepal and Sri Lanka**

October 2002 - March 2003: UNITED STATES
Houston, Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles

Kata Mester: Houston, Texas
Kata Mester, FSRN's Interim Producer has been training new reporters at Pacifica Station KPFT, which is starting new news department.

Josh Chaffin: Washington, DC
Free Speech Radio News, lead by Josh Chaffin has partnered with community radio station WPFW, the DC Independent Media Center, and internet radio WBIX to create the Grassroots Radio Collective, a no-cost program to training local residents produce news for their community.

Los Angeles, California:
FSRN has outreached to producers at Pacifica station KPFK who now file for FSRN using material from shows they produce for their community station. This process is ongoing. We are also in the process of working with current News Director Fernando Velasquez to organize a two-week news-training workshop at KPFK.

** We are still looking for funds to be able to complete this two-week training workshop at KPFK**

New York City, New York:
At listener supported WBAI, we have been able to train multiple reporters as well as outreach to WBAI producers and give them support so they can file for FSRN using material from their existing shows. The new recruits to our NYC crew now include Fernando Romero, Willie Perdomo, Sharan Harper, William Camacaro, Leslie George, Ginger Otis, Ian Forrest, Carlos Fabara, Simba Russeau, Biju Mathew, and Dena Montegue.

Aaron Glantz, Deepa Fernandes and Kata Mester have organized training in Los Angeles and New York City.

December 2002 - March 2003: MIDDLE EAST
Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran

Aaron Glantz: Turkey, Jordan
A team of FSRN's best reporters is currently fanned out through the Middle East rpeorting on the possible US war on Iraq and training journalists to report for FSRN in the future. The team, begun by Aaron Glantz, Pratap Chatterjee, and Khaled Sid Mohand the goal of training indigenous journalists to report from every country in the region including: Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

Two reporters are currently being trained in Turkey - Ugur Iziturk in Istanbul and Esin Akgun in Diarbakkir and a broad-based with one million watt Kurdish Radio Gun in Diarbakkir being explored. Training projects in Jordan and Iran are in the exploraratory phase.

The Schooner Foundation in Boston has provided funds for the Middle East Training Project.

January 2003 - March 2003: LATIN AMERICA
Venezuela, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Deepa Fernandes: Venezuela
In January 2003 Deepa Fernandes traveled to Venezuela to train reporters and report on the current crisis. FSRN has struggled to find a reporter on the ground in Venezuela, and as the coup of April 2002 proved, it is vital to have reporters bringing our audiences the news from a community prospective. Reporters trained are Johnny Moreno, Yahaira Hernandez and Rafael Schmid.

Josh Chaffin: Porto Alegre, Brazil
During the Third World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Josh Chaffin hosted Free Speech Radio News, provided daily reports on the forum, and trained 2 reporters from Independent Media Centers in Brazil and Argentina.

Pauline Bartolone: Costa Rica
In February Pauline Bartolone, one of Free Speech Radio News' Technical Producers, facilitated a week of radio production training for Central American reporters through Radio For Peace International's Institute for Progressive Communication program. The week trained 3 reporters from the Tico Times (Costa Rica's English newspaper) as well as 9 other Central and North American and European activists. The week was also an effort to revitalize RFPI's news department as well as to kick off a program to train Latin American indigenous peoples. Pauline Bartolone will be traveling to Radio For Peace International on a yearly basis to provide training in radio in the digital age.

The Mateel Foundation in San Francisco has provided funds for the Latin America Training Project.

December 2002 - March 2003: AFRICA
Nigeria, Ghana, Congo

** We are still looking for funds to be able to complete this Africa Project**