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Free Speech Radio News Specials/Documentaries

09/05/05 Coalicion Presente This Labor Day documentary, features the voices of farmworkers who pick tomatoes for Taco Bell who last spring won a labor victory.

09/05/05 Emergency Coverage FSRN also produced special coverage of hurricane Katrina on Labor Day.

07/04/05 What Price Freedom?; Sexual Assault in the US Armed Forces In this 4th of July Independence Day Special, "What Price Freedom?" Free Speech Radio News reporter, Martha Baskin, takes us on a journey to the dark side of patriotism. In any war living with combat related trauma, comes with the territory. Less understood, is another kind of trauma, perpetrated by an enemy within - fellow American soldiers who commit sexual assault.

05/30/05 A Real Marine: No Place to Serve Philippe Louis Jean is a non-citizen Marine who was among the first battalions to roll into Iraq when the war was declared. On his return, this young Haitian-American was arrested by immigration authorities and spent 10 months in prison as the government tried to deport him to Haiti, a country he left when he was 5. He told his story to FSRN's Deepa Fernandes.

12/31/04 2004 Year In Review A look back at the year's news; clips from Free Speech Radio News stories throughout the year. Produced by Geoff Brady.

12/27/04 Australian Human Rights This documentary looks at some of the criticisms that Australia has faced in recent years over its approach to human rights and focuses on two aspects of current government policy - its treatment of asylum seekers and itslegislative response to the so-called "War on Terror". Civil rights activists and international law specialists maintain that Australia's policy of mandatory detention of asylum seekers and itslegislative response to the War on Terror represent violations of international law and impinge on keycivil rights. However, Government ministers remain adamant that the country has violated no international treaties and maintain that Australia has the right to protect its borders and people from terrorist and other threats. Drawing on interviews with Government ministers, civil rights activists and lawyers, refugees, Muslim Australians and academics, Erica Vowles brings you this documentary.

12/24/04 Occupationand Resistance: Stories from Palestinian Homelands In the wake of the death of Yasser Arafat, world attention is focused on what many international leaders are calling new opportunities for real and lasting peace in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are still waiting for that peace. Instead, they are facing increased pressure under the tightening grip of occupation, continued policies of land confiscation, restrictions on movement, home demolitions, and the denial of access to health care, education,and community. In this half hour documentary, Sarah Olson brings us the voices and stories of Palestinians living in the West Bank, their experience of occupation,and what they are doing to struggle and survive.

11/26/04 The PATRIOT and DREAM Acts We are high school students and during our summer internship with Radio Rootz at community radio station WBAI, we explored issues that affect us as immigrant youth and youth of color. So many of us are undocumented, yet we have been in this country for much of our lives and want to be a full part of society. We learned that the DREAM Act would lift a lot of limitations enforced upon immigrant youth who want a higher education. And in speaking with immigrant teenagers about this, we not only learned what additional struggles they have, but realized that many of us share the same concerns about our future in this country.

11/25/04 Bolivian Social Movements After a period of relative calm, a political storm is once again churning in the landlocked Andean country. In the midst of an increasingly tense situation including nearly two weeks of intermittent strikes throughout the country, we bring you a special, half-hour look at the social movements shaping one of the most politically volatile climates in the hemisphere.

09/06/04 Peleadoras: Argentina's Labor Movements Thru the Eyes of Women The 19th and 20th of December 2001 marked the end of the best concealed economic and political crisis of Argentine history. Snowballing external debt leftover from the dictatorship, combined with extreme neoliberal economic policies during the 1990s, resulted in an economic default of $180 billion dollars to the International Monetary Fund. The images of President Fernando De La Rua fleeing from office, and the death of 30 protestors was seen worldwide. With great bewilderment, the world watched the new face of Argentina - a country with more than 30 percent unemployment, with 3 million pushed under the poverty line almost overnight, and children dying from hunger and malnutrition in a massive country full of natural resources. Today, street protest in Argentina continues, and the working class are creating new ways of recuperating their way of life. Pauline Bartolone brings us this documentary on Argentina's labor movements through the eyes of women organizers.

07/04/04 Independance Day Documentary: Civil Liberties in the US On this special Independence Day edition of Free Speech Radio News – we bring you three segments – each focusing on the limits imposed on the independence of individuals following the attacks on September 11. We begin with an overview of the relationship between personal freedom and national security as altered by the USA Patriot Act. We will then look at one of the effects of the Patriot Act – repression of public dissent -- and the movement to counter limitations placed on political protests. And finally, we study the impact the US led war on terror has had on the independence of Australians and the increased prevalence of racism toward Arab and Muslim communities there.

05/31/04 Iraq: One Year of Occupation and Resistance More than 700 US Troops have died on Iraqi soil since George Bush made his speech declaring major combat over on May 1st 2003. During that same time, soldiers in America's "Coalition of the Willing" have killed more than 7,000 Iraqis. ... Photographs have surfaced showing severe torture in the US-operated Abu Grahib prison, where occupation forces hold some 15,000 prisoners for supporting the resistance. In this special edition of Free Speech Radio News, we'll take a look at how US occupation forces succeeded in alienating the majority of Iraq's 25 million people-- a people who overwelmingly supported the United States after the removal of Saddam Hussein. Our correspondent on the ground is Aaron Glantz. For photos from this documentary click here.

01/01/04 EZLN After Ten Years The 10th anniversary of Zapatista National Liberation Army, or EZLN, declaring war on the Mexican government. By the Chiapas Indymedia Center.

12/31/03 2003 FSRN Year in Review Put together by Geoff Brady using Free Speech Radio News stories from throughout 2003.

12/25/03 Reporters Take You Behind The Scenes A behind the scenes look at how FSRN reporters covered the news in 2003. Jackson Allers, Kata Mester and Lindsey Benedict produced this special Holiday program.

12/24/03 The Private Prison Industry in America Today The voices of African Americans, Latinos and various immigrants who have fallen victim to the present day market of prison profits and cheap labor. By Simba Russeau.

11/28/03 Venezuela's Hugo Chavez: the Poor People's President Journey into people's homes and hearts to see why, despite a coup and a 3 month long crippling shut-down of industry, President Hugo Chavez has maintained the loyalty of the majority of poor Venezuelans. Produced by Deepa Fernandes and Matt Rogers.

11/27/03 Surviving on the Stream The plight of Homeless Lakota people in Rapid City. Produced by Charles Michael Ray.

09/01/03 Working News; FSRN from the Ground Up We take you inside FSRN, bringing you the history of how we came to exist, how the worker-run collective manages itself, how news editorial decisions are made and how our many reporters do what they do. Produced by Jackson Allers, Kata Mester, Simba Russeau & Pauline Bartolone at Pacifica station WBAI in NY and KPFA in Berkeley, co-produced by Vanessa Tait.

07/04/03 Hacking Democracy: Problems With Electronic Voting A specter of voter fraud and security issues loom over proprietary software that program the machines made by private vendors. Produced by Geoff Brady.

05/26/03 A Prison Without Bars: A Ranch Where Hope Grows FSRN and Prison Radio brings you the voices of ten young men -- African American, Latino, Asian American, Samoan, Iraqi, and a Ukrainian teenager, all doing time, or who have done time at Log Cabin Ranch San Francisco's juvenile detention facility. These are boys trying to becoming men, boys who are fathers. They told us that ignoring the crisis has had deadly consequences and that they want to live. Their raps and poems document their journey-- admist the pain of poverty and profiling. Produced by Noelle Hanrahan.

03/20/03 - 04/09/03 War Headlines Free Speech Radio News produced headlines 7 times a day for 3 weeks at the start of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. Nell Abram was the Executive Producer.

01/01/03 Day Laborers to Maquiladores Join us on an odyssey that takes us from deep inside Zapatista rebel territory with the biodiversity of the rainforests of Mexico's south east, through maquiladoras in Central America and finally making the last leg of the perilous journey, illegally, crossing the US/Mexico border in search of work on the streets of San Francisco. Produced by Mariana Mora, Luz Ruiz and Tim Russo.

12/31/02 2002 FSRN Year in Review Put together by Geoff Brady using Free Speech Radio News stories from throughout 2002.

12/25/02 The Lives of Iraqi-Americans Explore the trials and tribulations of being an Iraqi-American. Produced by

12/24/02 Luring Africa's Youth Toward Lung Cancer Explore the issue of transnational tobacco companies trying to get African youth hooked on cigarettes. Produced by Sam Olukoye.

11/29/02 Life on the US-Mexico Border The stories of people living on the hidden side of America - in places known as "colonias" where they pursue their own vision of the American Dream. Kent Patterson in El Paso, Texas takes us on a journey to hear the stories and disappointments of communities old and new.

11/28/02 Ex-offenders Get Back on Their Feet Journey with several ex-offenders as they battle the odds to get back on their feet after periods of incarceration. This story of hope comes from the streets of Harlem, where one group, the Fortune Society, is working hard to salvage lives that society has given up on. Produced by Dread Scott Keys.

09/11/02 The Justice Department's Detention Secret Since 9-11 the Justice Department has authorized the sweeping up of thousands of Muslims, Arabs and South Asians. These thousands of detainees are the disappeared victims of the Bush Administration's so-called War On Terror at home--listen their stories. produced by FSRN host Deepa Fernandes.

09/02/02 Welfare Here and Around the World Look at welfare states and the state of welfare, both in the US and around the world. We'll travel from Canada to Argentina and hear how both have progressively dismantled their social safety net. From the Occupied Territories, FSRN correspondents will take us through daily Palestinian life when their government’s assets are frozen. And in the US, we’ll travel from Florida where low income housing is disappearing, to NYC where people on welfare are demanding the right to education, while in New Mexico we'll take a look at a welfare-to-work program. Produced by Aaron Glantz, Deepa Fernandes and Jade Paget-Seekins.

07/04/02 Collateral Voices: A Report from the Frontlines of Iraq The effects of US policy and military actions on Iraqi citizens. Produced by award winning journalist Jeremy Scahill.

05/27/02 The Voices of HIV Positive African Women It's estimated that 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS around the world, of them over 28 million are Africans. Last year alone there were an estimated 3.4 million new HIV infections in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over 55% of these were women. Corespondent Rupert Cook is one of the only Western journalists to travel throughout Africa talking to HIV positive women. We bring you their voices.

01/01/02 The Groveland Rape Trials On the night of July 25, 1949, outside the small town of Groveland Florida, a white farmer named Willie Padgett and his wife Norma were driving home from a dance when their car broke down. Hours later, Padgett reports to the Lake county sheriff that four black men stopped to help, then abducted his wife and raped her. A posse is organized and three black men are arrested for the crime. Sally Watt tells the story of the Groveland Rape Trials.

12/31/01 2001 FSRN Year in Review Put together by Geoff Brady using Free Speech Radio News stories from throughout 2001.

12/25/01 Daily Life in the Gaza Strip The realities of daily life in the South of the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees live in Gaza, a twenty-five mile strip of land on the Mediterranean. Every day holds the potential for conflict, not only with the Israelis who live nearby in highly fortified settlements, but with the major Israeli military presence deployed to protect those settlers and quell protest. Produced by Rafael Krafft. (This documentary was first aired on the July 4th, 2001 edition of Free Speech Radio News.)

11/23/01 The Other War in South Asia: India and Pakistan Battle Over Kashmir The Kashmiri people have paid a heavy price for the right to self-determination - there have been too many deaths, too many children orphaned, too many women widowed. Many feel that they are caught between the guns of the Indian security forces and those of the militants, a pawn in the power game between Delhi and Islamabad. 12 years of conflict have sapped the life force of the people of Kashmir, the cradle of Sufi Islam in India. They want the guns to fall silent and the and the right to live in dignity and security. Produced by Sputnik Kilambi

11/22/01 Interview with Arundhati RoyArundhati Roy is author of the Booker-Prize winning "God of Small Things." She spoke with Correspondent Sputnik Kilambi about her article "Brutality Smeared in Peanut Butter," published by the Guardian of London, but rejected by every major US daily newspaper.

09/03/01 Globalization Unplugged On September 11, 2000, more than 10,000 protesters took the streets of Melbourne, Australia to take on the World Economic Forum. Produced by Rachel Maher and Juliette Fox at 3CR Community Radio.