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Musing with Mac

The Pyramid Remembers

It's a Great Pyramid.

"I am the Sun's rays incarnate, a fertile mountain cradling the seed of immortality. My allies are the butterfly and the phoenix, chrysalis of metamorphosis and fire of renewal.

"For the Pharaohs, I was a launch pad to the stars. A flight simulator in life, a transporter beam for the soul after death.

"Many have sought my secret. Emperors and generals. Engineers and geometricians. But none know me. I am Mystery. Now and ever more.

Seal goes on the dollar - 1935 "I helped seal your Independence on a midsummer's day between your Declaration and your Constitution. But then was hidden away, until a deep Depression when I joined the Eagle on the green back of your business card.

"I am strength and duration. Your foundation for elevation. Your connection to past and future direction.

"Peering out from my capstone, his Eternal Vigilance sees all. Together we are a more perfect union. A reminder that Providence is on your side. Your higher side."

Musing with Mac
©2004 John D. MacArthur