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CSIRO: Total
Wellbeing Diet

Total Wellbeing Diet
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    The town taking the CSIRO challenge
6 December 2005

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The population of the small South Australian town of Cleve is shrinking — their waistlines, that is — and it's all thanks to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

Around one-third of the town's 800 residents are on the diet and they have lost, on average, between four and six kilos each.

Rodney Kurtzer, the town doctor, estimates around 45 percent of the population is overweight. He has recommended the diet to more than 100 of his patients and word of its success has spread like wildfire.

"People saw these obviously overweight people losing weight and people wanted to know — 'how did you do that?'; 'I'm following this diet.'; 'Which diet?' — and it's just snowballed from there," he says.

So disciplined have these country folk become that the butcher now serves particular cuts of meat in special sizes for those on the diet. Even the pub is pitching in, selling low carbohydrate beer and ordering in sugar-free soft drinks.

Since the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet book was released in June, 550,000 copies have been sold across Australia and another 100,000 have sold overseas.

Essentially, the book is a Federal Government-sanctioned weight loss program that took its creators, CSIRO nutritionist Manny Noakes and Dr Peter Clifton, eight years to develop.

The diet is high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, and the book also promotes the benefit of regular exercise. It claims to be more than just another fad diet — it's a scientifically-tested, long-term healthy eating plan.

"There's been a crying need for something like this in the community for some time. That's what this book is about — it's trying to make a healthier community," says Dr Kurtzer.

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