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Nintendo DS - HomeBrew USB Power Cable
!!! WARNING !!!
Attempt the following AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you don't have a strong understand on electronics and wiring, I strongly advise not attempting this on your own. Messing with electronics can mess up you system, as well as possible yourself, if you are not careful.
How to make your own USB power cable for the Nintendo DS
I start off with a basic power adapter, and an extra USB cable I had laying around.
Then I used my wire cutters to snip off the ends of the two cables.
Now I stripped off the outer shielding for the USB cable.
USB has 4 wires. +5v, Ground, Data+, and Data-. The only wires I am concerned with are the power. Red is +5v, black is ground. I strip these two wires for preperation.
One DS power adapter side of things, I stripped it down, and found two wires, one on the inside of the green housing, and one on the out. Generally speeking, when this is done, the inside is the power, and the outside is ground. I whipped out my voltage meter to verify this, and sure enough, my theory was correct.
I then move on to stripping the wire that will be attached to the DS unit.
In the bottom left corner, you can see the wires twisted together. USB red connects to DS inside green, and USB black connects to DS outside.
I then finish up the job with some blue electricle tape, and test it out by pluging it into my keyboard's aditional USB port. The orange light on the DS lights up! SUCCESS!