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Click here for the Top 25 file downloads

Latest Download!

Incoming! Issue #23
1. Horus Heresy pt. 16 - A Fall From Grace
2. Smoke’n’Mirrors - Phototricks and other fun stuff
3. Interview with Paul Sawyer
4. Epic Index Astartes
5. Games Day 2005 Review
6. The Epic Armageddon Tacticus pt.2
7. E:A Battlereport - IG vs. Harlequins
8. Mark of Malal
9. Horus Heresy - A New Comic!
10. ‘Eavy Metal - Ork Battlefortresses

Epic: Armageddon


Epic Index Astartes, by The Fifth Horseman
Kroot Mercenary List, by The Fifth Horseman
Sisters of Battle Army List v2.0, by The Fifth Horseman
Sisters of Battle Armylist 1.3, by The Fifth Horseman

Battle Reports

New Units

Adeptus Arbites Version, by The Fifth Horseman
Elysian Drop Troops, by The Fifth Horseman


Rules Version 5

NetEPIC 5 Core Rules
NetEPIC 5 Optional Rules
NetEPIC 5 Tactica

Rules Version 4.1

NetEPIC 4.1 Core Rules

Armylists for NetEPIC 5

04A Adeptus Mechanicus (Titan Legions)
04B Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines)
04C Adeptus Militaris (Imperial Guard)
04D Adeptus Ministorium (Sisters of Battle)
05 Chaos Army Book
06 Tyranid Army Book
07 Eldar Army Book
08 Squat Army Book
09 Ork Army Book
10 Slaan Army Book
11 Tau Army Book
12 OGRE Army Book
13 Alpha Complex Army Book
14 Smurfs
15 Undead Army Book
16 Eldar Exotide Army Book

Armylists for NetEPIC 4.1

Black Templar/White Scar Armylists
Chaos Armylist
Dark Eldar Preview army list
Eldar Armylist
Eldar Exotides Army List
Hordes of Evil - Undead in Netepic
Ork Armylist
PDF and Sisters of Battle Armylists
Slann Armylist
Space Marine, Imperial Guard, Tech Guard Armylists
Squat Armylist
Tau Preview army list
Tyranid Armylist

Play Aids

Basic net epic counter
Chaos counters
Cost formula for creating your own NetEPIC/SM2 units
Counters for NetEPIC
Dirtside 4 EPIC
Drop pod, Ordinatus and Imperator counters
Easy to assemble bridge
Easy to assemble Khorne monument
Easy to assemble tower
Eldar and Tyranid counters part 1
Imperator damage table
Imperator hit location template
Imperator troop and energy template part 1
Imperator troop and energy template part 2
Imperiator Template
Loyalist Bannerslours
Mega gargant Template
Mega-gargant and additional ork counters
Mega-gargant counters
Mega-gargant damage table
Mega-gargant hit location template
Mega-gargant krew and shield template
NetEPIC 4 Errata
Orc basic counters
SM2 and TL buildings
Tyranid counter part 2
Warmonger hit location template
Imperial Hardware Book, Complete list of models
Ork Hardware Book, Complete list of models



Heresy core rules
Heresy complete game system

Army Lists

Heresy Chaos army book
Heresy Eldar army book
Heresy IG army book
Heresy Ork army book
Heresy PDF army book
Heresy Praetorian army book
Heresy Sisters of Battle army book
Heresy Slann army book
Heresy Space Marine army book
Heresy Squat army book
Heresy Titan army book
Heresy Tyranid army book
Heresy Tau army book

Play aids

Heresy SOB wargear and psychic cards
Heresy psychic and wargear cards
Heresy reference sheet
Unit cost formulas
Heresy barrage templates
Heresy flame templates
Hidden counters and DR
Morale and suppression counters

Incoming! The EPIC EZine


Incoming! Issue #1Including:Adeptus Administratum,Duck & Cover,Close Encounters of the Green Kind,Adeptus Mechanicus,Experience System,Mini-Campaign Rules,Eye of the Warp,Ogre Errata,More Ogres,Optional Ogre Rules,Rolling Thunder,Ogre Templates,Beyond the Astronomicon,Tactical Strike,Whispers from Slaanesh,This Sucks!,Nurgle's Laugh,Smurf Wars!,Aftershock
Incoming! Issue #2Including:Close Encounters of the Green Kind,Experience System,Mini-Campaign System,Epic Ogre,Tactical Strike
Incoming! Issue #3Including:Adeptus Administratum,Duck & Cover,Lords of the Battlefield,Adeptus Mechanicus,Titan Revenge!,Imperial,Eldar,Chaos,Orks,Tyranids,Imperator,Mega-Gargant,Titan Experience,Legator Titan,Squat Templates,Airstrike!/Flak! #2,Eye of the Warp,Alpha Complex Army List,Beyond the Astronomicon,Chronopia,Aftershock
Incoming! Issue #4Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,Titan hunting,Chaos strategies,Squats vs Slaan,Star conflict and Empire of the stars,Alternative Artillery munitions,Alternative marine chapters in Netepic
Incoming! Issue #5Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,New units,The art of war,Robots vs Stunties,Empire of the stars,Painting tips,Rot in Lemptus IV
Incoming! Issue #6Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,Painting competition,Squat tunnelling land train AKA 'The Hellworm',Battle at baena VI,Creating your own bases,Tanith first and only
Incoming! Issue #7Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,Rhino variants,Special regiments,Storm troopers,The long war - the iron warriors in netepic,Death on Rannus VII battle with Ultramarines and Chaos
Incoming! Issue #8Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,Psychic review,Orc special characters,Dark eldar preview,Tau preview,Escalating confrontation new scenario for netepic
Incoming! Issue #9Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,Prometheus: Chapter 1,New squat units,A measure of madness,Black templar/white scar armylists,Battle report
Incoming! Issue #10Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,Prometheus: Chapter 2,Environmental conditions in netepic,Hordes of evil,The space marine flying praetorian,Epic40k:Armageddon FAQ
Incoming! Issue #11Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,Prometheus: Chapter 3,Marine Chapters Part II: Crimson Suns,Epic40k Black templars,Forgeworld : Stormsword and Stormblade,Vasa Strategy
Incoming! Issue #12Including:Changes at the EpiCentre,Promethus: Chapter 4 (Final Chapter),Void Battle report: Alien Invasion,Painting Speed Freaks,Genestealer Cult List v2.1 part 1,EpicA Errata
Incoming! Issue #13Including:Editorial,Horus Heresy:- The beginning,Sisters of Battle V1.2,Eldar Exodites,Tau Battleforce Part 1,Empire of the Stars.
Incoming! Issue #14Including:Horus Heresy Part 2,The future of Epic,Modelling with Kr00za,Epic Armageddon Crucible of Champions part 1,Forgeworld Harridan
Incoming! Issue #15Including:The latest and greatest edition of Incoming! E-zine! Enjoy!
Incoming! Issue #16Including:Including: Horus Heresy - The conference,Epic Armageddon - A quick look at the release,Epic Armageddon - Battle report,Incoming! Torpedoes,Kroozas models are back!!,Tau Battle force part 3,Eavy metal - Gargants
Incoming! Issue #17Including:1. Horus Heresy - The Angelic Prophecy,2. Specialist Games release review,3. Flat Bonesinger,4. Penjakovâs Private Army - An Epic Armageddon specialist formation,5. Tuffskulls painting workshop,6. Incomings Eavy Metal page
Incoming! Issue #18Including:Horus Heresy: Abi - By Tom Webb,Specialist Games Model Review - By Douglas,Converting Warlocks - By Paul Tuffskull,SM Landing Craft Painting Guide - By Warmaster Nice
Incoming! Issue #19Including:Horus Heresy - The First Blow Lands,Gamesday UK review,Index Astartes,Tau's first Outing,Debt of Honour,Incomings Eavy Metal page - Tyranids and Tau
Incoming! Issue #20Including:1. Horus Heresy - Davin by Tom Webb,2. Index Astartes - Part 2 by the Fifth Horseman,3. Forgeworld Grey Knights & Inquisition Stormtroopers by Douglas,4. Epic Interviews by Tom Webb & Douglas,5. The HiddenGork by Warmaster Nice,6. Insanity over Skill by Paul Tuffskull,7. Incomings own Eavy Metal page
Incoming! Issue #21Including:1.Swordwind Review by Darkone26,2:Miniature Photography - A beginner’s Guide by Warmaster Nice,3:Epic Index Astartes pt 3 by The 5th Horseman,4:10 Tips when you collect Epic Orks by Warmaster Nice,5:Runic Mechanics by Mojarn Piett, 6:Nunnery Practice by Justinel, 7:The Detmarsk Slaughter - NetEpic Battlereport,8:Renegade by Warmaster Nice
Incoming! Issue #22Including:1.Editors notes by Darkone26, 2.Interview with Maksim Smelchak, 3. Epic Index Astartes: Part 4 - The Traitor Legions, 4. On Sculpting, 5. Epic Armageddon Tacticus, 6. Themed armies, 7. Double Epic:Armageddon Battle Reports - Orks vs Marines, 8. 'Eavy Metal - Scratch Builds and Conversions
Incoming! Issue #23Including:Horus Heresy pt. 16 - A Fall From Grace, 2. Smoke’n’Mirrors - Phototricks and other fun stuff,3. Interview with Paul Sawyer,4. Epic Index Astartes,5. Games Day 2005 Review,6. The Epic Armageddon Tacticus pt.2,7. E:A Battlereport - IG vs. Harlequins,8. Mark of Malal,9. Horus Heresy - A New Comic!,10. ‘Eavy Metal - Ork Battlefortresses

Proxy Counters, by The Fifth Horseman

Imperial Allies Counters

Imperial Guard Counters

Catachan Command Squad
Catachan Fire Support Squad
Catachan Heavy Squad
Catachan Tactical Squad

Marine Counters

Blood Angel Hunter
Blood Angel Land Raider
Blood Angel Predator Annihilator
Blood Angel Predator Baal
Blood Angel Predator Destructor
Blood Angel Razorback
Blood Angel Rhino
Blood Angel Vindicator
Blood Angel Whirlwind
Dark Angel Assault Marines
Dark Angel Command Squad
Dark Angel Devestator Squad
Dark Angel Tactical Marines
Imperial Fists Assault Marines
Imperial Fists Tactical Marines
Ultramarine Terminator Marines

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