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The Maranatha Project

In history there have been those whose lives were devoted to holding safe valuable secrets, and there are those who have devoted theirs to revealing these prizes.

The main author of the Maranatha series would have stood in neither gathering when his work began. In his youth, he enjoyed the historic myths of Arthurian legend and the curious ideology of ancient cultures. As he grew older, his childish enjoyment grew to a desire to learn and understand. The 'Fairy-tale' texts and reference books were replaced with original translations and doctorate papers. His interests widened, privately studying ancient theology and researching the origins and meanings of individual historic artefacts. As he began to formulate his own work, his research was deposited in private libraries and collections, and it was during this period when his work became a greater interest to others.

In time, the serious implications of his endeavours aided his membership into different secret societies and prestigious guilds, and it was within these groups that his efforts became more directed than driven. Until, one evening, whilst working over a copy of a historic artefact, he discovered more than he was searching for.

Through the following years he, and his colleagues, were exposed to a flood of information that was produced by his innocent discovery. Together the dedicated team, containing diverse representations from across the religious community, constantly strove to constructively correlate his work, but the range of material, and the value of such that was being revealed was beyond that of an ordinary book. In the end the content of the intended work was not suitable for a practical publication.

Eventually, with guidance from the tutors who had verified the work, it was concluded that instead of simply revealing the secret, could a book encourage others to discover it for themselves.

So a series of puzzles were devised, each holding a piece of the Great Work. Each puzzle could be solved by logic, allegory or study, giving the opportunity for everyone to discover the secrets that had been hidden by both Masters and Priests for centuries.

Eventually the company Priory Publications (GB) Ltd was formed, an institution dedicated to releasing the secret information in the most productive and informative manner. This specialist team that were not only experts in their professional business fields, but were also fully familiar with the implications of releasing such historic and dangerously controversial prizes.

Headed by the author, and guided by the sponsors, the company developed the series of puzzles, puzzles which also included one million pound rewards, as a further incentives to release the truth and to quell sceptics opinions that the project was simply a 'money-making' scheme.

The books were developed so that they could be completed by any individual, even with no prior knowledge or understanding, from the comfort of their own home, no matter where they might be across the electronic world. To ensure that the series would be released swiftly, over a period of no more than three years, it was devised that each puzzle would be produced after the previous one had been solved, and if it appeared that the puzzles, for some reason, proved too difficult, Priory Publications (GB) Ltd would release clues to eventually assure that the puzzles would be solved and the prizes won.

Again to assure the sincerity of the motives of Priory Publications (GB) Ltd, and the intent, and meaning, of the 'Maranatha' project, one third of all the company's net profits will be donated to national and international charities, as declared in the books Terms and Conditions , and the company's 'Charity Declaration' .

Years have been devoted to making this project possible. The puzzles are designed to be solved. So, will you be the one? Will you release the secret and enter history?

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