November 30, 2001


He's concerned about the quality of drinking water

By Mark Atkinson

Kevin Clarke’s platform hasn’t changed much since he ran in the East York civic byelection three years ago, and in the more recent Toronto mayoral contest.

The candidate, who runs his campaign out of the homeless shelter that he uses every night, believes that his positions on keeping our water and streets safe is his key to victory.

“Our mayor isn’t pressuring the province to make sure that we have safe drinking water,” he said. “Look at Walkerton. So many people died and got sick. That can happen here.”

Clarke also wants to tackle what he calls East York’s growing drug problem by building more shelters and “safe havens for the addicts.”

Children weigh heavily in his view of Toronto’s future, and he wants to ensure that they’ll be treated with the respect they deserve.

“They’re our greatest resource,” he said. “We must teach them well, inspire hope in them and get back activities for them so that they do not get hooked on drugs or alcohol, or become violent.”

Clarke also feels that Toronto's poverty and homelessness issues must be addressed.

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