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1390 AM
KGNU Board of Directors more info Special meeting to consider refinancing a $500,000 debt currently held by the seller of 1390 AM, 12/19/05 6:00 PM
New Development Director more info Faye Lamb has joined KGNU as its Development Director. Joanne Cole’s title will change to Community Relations Director.
Kris Abrams resigns more info Kris Abrams resigned this week after two years of amazing work for KGNU.
Arts Calendar more info The Arts Calendar is a new feature on Fridays' "Metro Arts", hosted by Veronica Lingo. It is also a new on-line calendar.
KGNU Listeners email list more info We've set up an email list server for KGNU announcements.
Aid for quake victims more info Links to organizations assisting earthquake victims in Asia
Listening on line just got better :) more info The KGNU internet gurus just set-up a new system that will let many more people listen to KGNU on line. Thanks guys!
La Vida! health show debut more info KGNU collaborates with community groups to create La Vida!, special programs about community health issues and needs.
DJ Picks '05! more info KGNU DJs pick their favorite new music releases of 2005.
Keep Independent Community Radio on the air in Denver!
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KGNU Board of Directors more info Special meeting to consider refinancing a $500,000 debt currently held by the seller of 1390 AM KGNU Studios
Mon at 06:00 AM
KGNU Volunteer Orientation more info This meeting is your first step to becoming a KGNU volunteer. Just show up! KGNU Studios
Jan 05 at 07:30 PM
Deepak Chopra reception more info As a special benefit for KGNU, Deepak Chopra will visit with a limited number of guests before his keynote address at the World Wellness Weekend. Colorado Convention Center
Jan 28 at 05:00 PM
About us
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KGNU is the independent, non-commercial, community radio station for Boulder, Denver and beyond.
Boulder: 88.5 FM
Denver: 1390 AM
Ward: 93.7 FM
contact us
Offices: 303-449-4885
Air studio: 303-442-4242
4700 Walnut St
Boulder CO / 80301
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Medicine for Magdalena more info A Computer Fiasco Morning Magazine
Today at 08:15 AM
Jodie Evans more info Code Pink: Stories from the Anti-War Movement Alternative Radio
Today at 06:00 PM
Medicine for Magdalena more info "I asked her, 'How long do YOU want to live?'" Morning Magazine
Tomorrow at 08:15 AM
University of Colorado more info What are major issues currently confronting the University of Colorado? Thursday Call-in Show
Tomorrow at 06:00 PM
Medicine for Magdalena more info After the Heart Attack Morning Magazine
Fri at 08:15 AM
Robert Fisk more info The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East (part 2 of 2) T.U.C. Radio
Fri at 04:00 PM
Dario Rosa more info Dario Rosa live on Kabaret Kabaret
Mon at 07:00 PM
Being Caribou more info Interview with Karsten Heuer, author of the book Being Caribou. He and his wife followed the migration of the Porcupine Caribou herd in the Arctic. How on Earth
Tue at 08:30 AM
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