{{cleanup-date|July 2005}} '''Digital Storytelling''' reflects both a broad reference to the emergent new forms of digital narratives (web-based stories, Interactive stories, hypertexts, and narrative Computer games) as well as the specific approach of creating short digital films developed by the Center for Digital Storytelling. As an emerging area of creative work, the definition of digital storytelling is still the subject of much debate. The broad definition has been used by inumerable artists and producers to link their practices with traditions of oral storytelling and often to delineate work from the highly produced commercial or conceptual projects by focussing on authorship and humanistic or emotionally provocative content. Some of the artists that have self-described as digital storytellers included Abbe_Don, Brenda_Laurel, Dana_Atchley, and Pedro_Meyer. The short narrated films definition of digital storytelling relates back to the development of a production workshop by Dana_Atchley at the American_Film_Institute in 1993 that was adapted and refined by Joe Lambert in the mid-1990's into a method of training promoted by the San Francisco Bay Area-based Center for Digital Storytelling. Typically, digital stories are produced in intensive workshops. The product is a 2-5 minute film that combines a narrated piece of personal writing, photographic images and a musical soundtrack. The philosophy behind this type of digital storytelling is one of using technology to enable those without a technical background to produce works that tell a story using moving images and sound. ==External links== Center for Digital Storytelling
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