The Royal Australian Regiment
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The Royal Australian Regiment
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1948.11.23 The Australian Regiment
formed in Australian Regular Army by regimentation of three AIF battalions:
1949.03.10 The Royal Australian Regiment
The Royal Australian Regiment, by Ted Harris (Digger History)
The Formation of the Regiment, by Brian London [Internet Archive]
Brief History of the Regiment (RAR Association, QLD Div)
Infantry Battalions [RAR] Service in Vietnam, (Ausvets) 
Operations in Vietnam, 1965 (Ausvets)
Operations in Vietnam, 1966 (Ausvets)
Operations in Vietnam, 1967 (Ausvets)
Operations in Vietnam, 1968 (Ausvets)
Operations in Vietnam, 1969 (Ausvets)
Operations in Vietnam, 1970 (Ausvets)
Operations in Vietnam, 1971 (Ausvets)
Operations in Vietnam, 1972-75 (Ausvets)
HQ and Depot:
  1st Battalion [1945-present]
2nd Battalion [1945-1973, 1995-present]
2nd/4th Battalion [1973-1995]
  • 2/4 RAR, by Ted Harris (Digger History)
  3rd Battalion [1945-present]
  4th Battalion [1954-1957, 1964-1973, 1995-present]
  5th Battalion [1965-1973]
  5th/7th Battalion [1973-present]
  6th Battalion [1965-present]
  7th Battalion [1965-1973]
8th Battalion [1966-1973]
  8th/9th Battalion [1973-1997]
9th Battalion [1967-1973]
  ANZAC Battalion [1968-1971]
  1st Special Air Service Company [1961-1964]
Educational and Training Establishments:
Parachute Training School (Army site)
Sariwon, Yongyu, Chongju, Pakchon, Uijongbu, Chuan-Ni, Maehwa-San, Kapyong, Kowang-San, The Samichon, Korea 1950-53

Long Tan, Bien Hoa, Coral-Balmoral, Hat Dich, Binh Ba, Vietnam 1965-72

Note: 1st Bn awarded US Meritorious Unit Citation 4 July 1991 for service in Vietnam.

Presentation of Colours to 5th Battalion, 1967, by Brian London. [Internet Archive]
Presentation of Colours to 8th Battalion, 1968

1st Bn: green puggaree (1959-present)
2nd Bn: black lanyard; tartan: Australian (pipers' kilts, 2002-present)
2nd/4th Bn: tartan: saffron (pipers' kilts - Pipes & Drums uniformed as Irish Guards, 1973-1995)
3rd Bn:
tartan: Royal Stuart (pipers' kilts & plaids, 1974-present); drummers' full dress: as Scots Guards
7th Bn: tartan: Gordon (pipers' kilts & plaids, 1979-92) Australian (pipers' kilts & plaids, 1992-present)

  Honorary Colonel:
  1954? Lt-Gen. Sir Horace Robertson
  Colonel Commandant:
Lt-Gen. Sir Thomas Daly
Australian KIA List [1 RAR], 1965-66, by US 173D Airborne Brigade.
2 RAR Honour Roll
Gallant and Distinguished Service, 5th Bn, by Brian London. [Internet Archive]
Roll of Honour, 8th Battalion
8th Battalion Roll of Honour, by Barry Magor.
9th Battalion Honour Roll, by Ern Marshall.
Cpl. Henry Suttor, 5th Bn, by Brian London. [Internet Archive]
Col. John Arnold Warr DSO, by Brian London. [Internet Archive]
A Grunt's View, by Tony Blake (7th Bn in Vietnam)
Motto: Duty first
Nicknames: 7th Bn: The Pigs
Freedoms: 1st Bn: Normanton (Oct. 1973), Charters Towers (June 1977), Townsville (5 Aug. 1996)
8th/9th Bn: Brisbane (10 Oct. 1992)
Marches: 1st Bn: “The Standard of St George” (1951-55); “The British Grenadiers” (1955-62); "Waltzing Matilda" + “The British Grenadiers” (1961-ca.1972); "Waltzing Matilda" (ca. 1972- )
  4th Bn: "Inverbackie"
  5th Bn - quick: Dominique
  5th Bn - slow: Men of Harlech
  7th Bn - quick: Cock o' the North
  7th Bn -slow: My Home
Musicians: 4th Bn formed Pipes and Drums 19uu; inherited 1973 by 2nd/4th Bn; inherited 1995 by 2nd Bn.
3rd Bn formed Pipes and Drums 15 June 1969.
7th Bn formed Pipes and Drums 1969; inherited 1973 by 5th/7th Bn.
Mascot: 5th Bn and 5th/7th Bn: Sumatran Tiger (Quintus, -1985; Quintus Secundus, 1985-)
9th Bn
and 8th/9th Bn:
Ram (Stan)
Miscellaneous Tradition Links:
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1977-present
1st Bn, The Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment 1962-present
The Royal Malay Regiment 1966-present
The Brigade of Gurkhas
1st Bn:  Grenadier Guards


2nd Bn:  Coldstream Guards


3rd Bn:  Scots Guards


3rd Bn: 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars 1953-1958
3rd Bn: The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars 1958-1993
3rd Bn: The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish) 1993-present
4th Bn:  Irish Guards


5th Bn:  Welsh Guards


5th/7th Bn:   Welsh Guards 1973-present
5th/7th Bn:   Queen's Own Highlanders 1978-1994
5th/7th Bn:   The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons) 1994-present
8th Bn:  The Parachute Regiment


8th/9th Bn:  The Parachute Regiment


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Regimental Journal:
Duty first
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"History of the Regiment 1948 to 1998"  [publication details unknown]
1st Battalion:
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2nd Battalion:
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