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Edward Taylor Lufkin
(Founder of the E.T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Manufacturing Co.)
(Which today, is the Lufkin Rule Company)

1. EDWARD TAYLOR LUFKIN (MOSES C.7, NEHEMIAH6, STEPHEN5, JEREMIAH4, THOMAS (LOVEKIN)3, THOMAS (LOVEKIN)2, THE FAMILY1)1,2,3,4 was born 06 Feb 1848 in Cleveland, Ohio5, and died 13 Oct 1921 in Los Angeles, Calif5 of Diebetes Mellitus. He married ALIDA A. MOORE5 15 Feb 1876 in Cleveland, Ohio6, daughter of UNKNOWN MOORE and UNKNOWN SISLER. She was born 10 Sep 1842 in Cleveland, Ohio, and died 02 Sep 1935 in Los Angeles, Calif7.

Ref.#0594: He served with the Ohio Volunteers in the Civil War, enlisted 31 Mar 1864 at Oberlin, Ohio to 11 Jul 1864. He was discharged at the Army Hospital, Washington, D.C. He lived in Joliett, Illinois, Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, N.M., and Calif. Ref.#0292, Ref.#0454 and Ref.#0662: He founded the E.T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Manufacturing Company in 1869, Cleveland, Ohio. The Lufkin log rule was made of flexible hickory and, contained scales that provided quick board-foot calculations. In 1883, a group of four men purchased half of the company, forming a corporation under the name of E.T. Lufkin Rule Manufacturing Company. Within two years, they bought the remaining interest from E.T. Lufkin. The company was reorganized and renamed Lufkin Rule Company. Edward T. Lufkin then moved to Chicago to start another business.

Due to failing health, he moved to New Mexico for one year and then to Los Angeles where they lived for nine years before his death. EDWARD TAYLOR LUFKIN was buried on 15 Oct 1921, Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, Calif. His wife, ALIDA A. MOORE was buried on 04 Sep 1935, Hollywood Cemetery, Calif.

2. i. FLORENCE L.9 LUFKIN, b. 31 Dec 1877, Cleveland, Ohio.

2. FLORENCE L.9 LUFKIN (EDWARD TAYLOR8, MOSES C.7, NEHEMIAH6, STEPHEN5, JEREMIAH4, THOMAS (LOVEKIN)3, THOMAS (LOVEKIN)2, THE FAMILY1)8 was born 31 Dec 1877 in Cleveland, Ohio. She married (1) JAMES SHAW. He was from Cleveland, Ohio. She married (2) LOUIS P. WALTER. He died 04 May 1914 in Los Angeles Calif.


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